SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. LNY361
F Lockey, St Helen's Auckland, LNY361, a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/13 built in 1952 with Weymann B44F bodywork. This had been new as Rhondda 320.
Photo taken Mid 1960s?, Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland
2. TTX984
Rhondda 406, TTX984, was an AEC Regent V with MCW body of 1956.
Photo taken 1966, Porth Depot
3. TTX987
Taylor Woodrow TTX987, an AEC Regent V MD3RV built in 1956 with Weymann H33/28R bodywork.
Photo taken July 1970, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station
4. VTX444
Rhondda Regent 464, 464KTG, in all her original glory, parked at Porth depot along with earlier sister 444, VTX444, in June 1970. 444 was an LD3RA with a Weymann body whilst 464 was a 2D3RA with a Metro-Cammell body. The main differences relate to the AEC front and I think that was more related to age than the chassis designation.
Photo taken Sunday 21 June 1970, Porth Depot
5. 379GNY
Rhondda 379, 379GNY, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with Metro-Cammell DP41F body at Victoria Coach Station claiming to be operating a ‘Hindhead Tour’.
Photo taken Monday 22 May 1961, London Victoria Coach Station
6. 456KTG
Charlton-on-Otmoor Services 456KTG, an A E C Regent V 2D3RA built in 1961 with Metro-Cammell H39/31F bodywork. This had been new as Rhondda 456.
Photo taken Depot, High Street, Charlton-on-Otmoor
7. 457KTG
Rhondda 457, 457KTG, was an AEC Regent V 2D3RA with MCCW H39/31F bodywork, one of a batch of twenty which were delivered in 1961.
Photo taken 1969, Cardiff Bus Station
8. 464KTG
Kowloon Motor Bus of Hong Kong 2A10, BD6780, an A E C Regent V 2D3RA built in 1961 with MCW H39/31F+19 bodywork.
Photo taken July 1981, Jordan Road Bus Station, Kowloon
9. KNY494D
Rhondda H6266, KNY494D, an AEC Regent V with NCME H37/28F body, new as 494 in late 1966
Photo taken Cardiff Bus Station
10. VTG505G
Rhondda 505, VTG505G, was a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Northern Counties H42/31F bodywork and had been new in July 1969. The Rhondda company was acquired by Western Welsh in December 1970 and 505 subsequently became HR3169 in the Western Welsh group which adopted a variation of the wonderful Red and White numbering system.
Photo taken 1969, Cardiff Bus Station
11. VTG508G
Rhondda took delivery in 1969 of ten Northern Counties H42/31F bodied Leyland PDR1A/1 and 508, VTG508G, is seen in Cardiff bus station
Photo taken Saturday 6 September 1969, Cardiff Bus Station
12. YTX324H
YTX324H was a Leyland PSU3A/4RT Leopard with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C49F body which had been new in 1970 as Rhondda 324. By the time of this photograph it had passed into the Western Welsh, Cardiff fleet as number 109.
Photo taken Monday 29 May 1972, Ebury Street, London Victoria