SCT '61 Photo Index
Rochdale Corporation
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1. ADK283
When new in 1935, Rochdale 121, ADK283, an A.E.C. O661 (preselector) Regent, had a Metro Cammell H28/24R body. It is seen here with the Samlesbury H31/26R, 7’ 9” wide, body fitted in 1951.
Photo taken Monday 29 April 1957, Smith Street, Rochdale
2. DDK117
Former Rochdale 147, DDK117, a Leyland TD5 with ECW H30/26R body new in 1938, withdrawn in 1954 and in use as a mobile canteen.
Photo taken 1960s, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester
3. EDK802
Passing Martin’s Bank in Rochdale, on a rainy day, Rochdale 192, EDK802, operates to Broad Lane. It was a Daimler CWA6 with a Northern Counties H30/26R body new in 1944.
Photo taken Monday 29 April 1957, Yorkshire Street, Rochdale
4. EDK921
Seen in Glasgow Paddocks in Doncaster is Leon, Finningley 42, EDK921, a Daimler CWA6 with a Massey H30/26R body which had been new in 1945 as Rochdale 21.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1957, Glasgow Paddocks bus station, Doncaster
5. FDK334
New in 1947, Rochdale 34, FDK334, was an A.E.C. 0961 Regent III with a Weymann H30/26R body, the seating later being increased to H31/26R and it was seen in Smith Street.
Photo taken Sunday 14 October 1956, Smith Street, Rochdale
6. GDK401
Samuel Ledgard's former Rochdale 201, GDK401, was an AEC Regent III with East Lancs H33/26R body dating from 1948. It was acquired by Ledgard in 1962 and saw service until the demise of the company in 1967.
Photo taken c.1966, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds
7. GDK401
Ledgard, Armley GDK401, seen in Otley Bus Station, was the first of five A.E.C. O961 Regent IIIs acquired from Rochdale in 1962. They had East Lancs H33/26R bodies and had been new in 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 7 October 1967, Otley Bus Station
8. GDK401
Samuel Ledgard GDK401, an AEC Regent III with East Lancs H31/28R body, new to Rochdale Corporation in 1948 and one of five acquired by Samuel Ledgard in 1962.
Photo taken Saturday 1 July 1967, Crossgate, Otley
9. GDK404
Samuel Ledgard GDK404, an AEC Regent III with East Lancs H31/28R body, new to Rochdale Corporation in 1948 and one of five acquired by Samuel Ledgard in 1962.
Photo taken Monday 9 August 1965, Wellington Street, Leeds
10. GDK405
Samuel Ledgard GDK405, an AEC Regent III 0961 with East Lancs. H33/26R body, new in 1948 to Rochdale Corporation (205), and acquired by Ledgard in 1962. One of a batch of five, this one was withdrawn in 1966 and passed to Jackson's of Bradford for scrap.
Photo taken August 1966, Chester Street Bus Station, Bradford
11. HDK703
Rochdale 303, HDK703 was an A.E.C. 9821E Regal IV with an East Lancs B42D (rear entrance, front exit) body new in 1951 seen on The Esplanade in Rochdale.
Photo taken Sunday 14 October 1956, The Esplanade, Rochdale
12. HDK835
Rochdale Corporation 235, HDK835, a 1951 East Lancs H33/26R bodied AEC Regent III 9612E pictured at the Dalton Lane Campus display area at the Keighley Bus Museum's Festival Of Transport
Photo taken Sunday 7 July 2013, Dalton Lane, Keighley
13. HDK836
On the left Rochdale Corporation 236, HDK836, an AEC Regent III with East Lancs H33/26R body, new in 1951. On the right Ledgard GDK401 another Regent III/East Lancs but H31/26R and originally new to Rochdale Corporation as 201 in 1948.
Photo taken mid 1960s, Rochdale Corporation Depot
14. HDK835
Newly restored Rochdale AEC Regent III / East Lancs of 1952, 235, HDK835
Photo taken Sunday 28 October 2012, Piece Hall, Halifax
15. HDK835
Rochdale 235, HDK835, already appears on the site, but now final finishing touches have been applied such as fleet numbers I thought it worth submitting another. It is an AEC Regent III 9612E with East Lancs H33/26R body and just as nice inside as it obviously is outside.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2016, Heaton Park, Manchester
16. HDK837
Rochdale 237, HDK837, and 229, HDK29, seen on the parking area in Smith Street, Rochdale, were A.E.C. 9612E Regent IIIs with East Lancs H31/28R and Weymann H31/28R bodies respectively, new in 1951 and in 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 14 October 1956, Smith Street, Rochdale
17. JDK740
SELNEC 6140, JDK740, a Daimler CVG6 built in 1953 with Metro-Cammell-Weymann H31/28R bodywork.
Photo taken ca 1972, Smith Street, Rochdale
18. NDK975
Rochdale 275, NDK975, a 1956 AEC Regent V with Weymann body and unusually a Gardner engine passes Leeds 29, TUA29, a 1955 Leyland Tiger Cub with Roe centre entrance standee body. The Leeds bus is on an enthusiasts tour.
Photo taken 1968, Rochdale Town Hall
19. NDK980
Rochdale switched to Daimler for its new bus requirements in the early fifties; however in 1956 it returned to AEC buying Regent Vs albeit with Gardener engines, a most unusual combination. 280, NDK980 dates, from 1956 and carries a Weymann body to a style the was superceded by the Orion design.
Photo taken Saturday 4 December 2010, Manchester Museum of Transport
20. NDK986
Rochdale 286, NDK986, one of thirty AEC Regent Vs with Gardner 6LW engines and preselector gearboxes new in 1956 and fitted with Weymann H33/28R bodies.
Photo taken Sunday 14 October 1956, Packer Street, Rochdale
21. ODK701
SELNEC Northern 6201, ODK701, an AEC Regent V D2RA6G with Weymann H33/28R body, new to Rochdale Corporation (301) in 1956.
Photo taken April 1973, Cannon Street, Manchester
22. ODK702
One of Rochdale's Gardiner engined AEC Regent Vs 302, ODK702, a 1956 example with stylish Weymann bodywork plies its trade in Rochdale town centre in the twilight of its career.
Photo taken 1974, Packer Street, Rochdale
23. ODK704
There seems to have been some sort of vehicle crisis at GMT’s Oldham depot in the winter of 1974/5 as a lot of unfamiliar vehicles appeared in service. One of the most surprising, given that Oldham’s fleet was all-Leyland at the time of the formation of SELNEC, was a group of ex-Rochdale Regent Vs. 6204, ODK704, was one of these and is seen in the lay-by at the then fairly new bus station at Oldham Mumps on a very murky January day. Behind is one of Oldham’s once-elegant Roe-bodied PD2s. 6204 was one of ten Rochdale Regents that had Gardner 6LW engines and Monocontrol transmission.
Photo taken Wednesday 8 January 1975, Mumps, Oldham
24. ODK705
This sorry looking bus is an ex-Rochdale AEC Regent V with Weyman bodywork. Formerly 305, ODK705, in their fleet, it is a rare Gardner engined example and is now owned by Tony Blackman's Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company. Under restoration, it currently carries the remnants of SELNEC PTE livery
Photo taken Sunday 8 June 2014, Keighley Bus Museum
25. RDK409
Former Rochdale 309, RDK409, was an AEC Regent V with a Weymann H33/28R body of 1957, wearing SELNEC colours and fleet number 6209.
Photo taken 1974, South Parade, Rochdale
26. RDK412
Rochdale 312, RDK412, was one of eleven A.E.C. D2RA Regent Vs with Weymann H33/28R bodies new in 1957 and was seen almost in Cannon Street Bus Station in Manchester on the 17 service to its home town.
Photo taken Sunday 8 February 1959, Cannon Street Bus Station, Manchester
27. TDK320
Rochdale 320, TDK320, an AEC Regent V with Weymann H33/28RD body, new in 1958
Photo taken probably 31 May 1966, Stevenson Square, Manchester
28. TDK322
Rochdale Corporation 322, TDK322, a 1959 AEC Regent V with Weymann H33/28RD body of a style that dates from the early fifties.
Photo taken Sunday 11 September 2005, Sheffield Bus Museum
29. TDK322
Rochdale Corporation bought several batches of AEC Regent Vs in the mid fifties, all were fitted with Weymann bodywork but rather than the ubiquitous Orion bodywork, they were fitted with a body that had more in common with early post war styling. The near vintage curve on the rear dome is seen in this rear view of 322, TDK322, a 1959 AEC Regent V D2RA
Photo taken Sunday 1 August 2010, Harrogate
30. TDK322
The Rochdale coat of arms on preserved AEC Regent V 322, TDK322, a 1959 example with Weymann body. The prowling cat is a reflection and not part of the colour scheme!
Photo taken Sunday 3 August 2014, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
31. TDK322
In scanning this image for submission, I think I am seeing it as a positive for the first time since I took it. It shows SELNEC Northern 6222, TDK322, which had been originally Rochdale 322 new in 1959 and was one of a batch of four AEC Regent V D2RAs with Weymann H33/28RD bodies, only these four in the fleet having rear doors.
Photo taken Sunday 6 August 1972
32. GDK325D
New to Rochdale in 1966 as their 25, GDK325D, this AEC Reliance had a 45 seat Willowbrook body. It is seen wearing PTE livery and numbered 6025 in central Rochdale.
Photo taken Wednesday 25 June 1975, The Esplanade, Rochdale
33. MDK736G
Rochdale's last new buses were a quartet of AEC Swifts with uncommon Pennine bodywork delivered in 1969, the year the PTE was formed. Seen in Rochdale town centre is 36, MDK736G.
Photo taken Thursday 25 May 1972, Rochdale Town Hall
34. TDK544K
Berresfords continued purchasing vehicles from GM Buses, including TDK544K one of three AEC Swift 2MP2R with Pennine B42D bodywork acquired in 1981.
Photo taken Saturday 10 January 1987, Longton