SCT '61 Photo Index
Merseyside PTE
Merseyside PTE came in to existence on 1st December 1969 taking over the fleets of Liverpool, Birkenhead and Wallasey. This index just shows vehicles new to the PTE; those taken over by the PTE at formation are shown under the municipal fleet where they entered service.

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1. UKA568H
Merseyside Transport 1117, UKA568H, a Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 built in 1969/70 with Alexander L H47/32D bodywork.
Photo taken August 1979, Pier Head, Liverpool
2. MBG371H
Merseyside 171, MBG371H, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 built in 1970 with Northern Counties H44/27D bodywork.
Photo taken March 1970, Woodside, Birkenhead
3. OBG496J
Merseyside PTE 96 OBG496J, a Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 built in 1970/1 with Northern Counties B40D bodywork.
Photo taken August 1977, Central Bus Station, Liverpool
4. UKA600H
Isle of Man Passenger Transport Board 41, W848MAN, a Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 built in 1970 with Alexander AL H47/32D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1985, Market Place, Ramsey
5. UKD532J
Merseyside Transport 2038, UKD532J, a Bristol VRT/LH6G built in 1970 with East Lancashire H49/31D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1975, Derby Square, Liverpool
6. XKC800J
Merseyside PTE 1173, XKC800J, a 1970 Atlantean/Alexander body on service between Lime Street Station and the Isle of Man terminal adjacent to the Pier Head.
Photo taken Monday 19 September 1977, Liverpool Steamer Terminal
7. XKC292K
Merseyside Atlantean PDR2/1 with Alexander H49/31D body 1202, XKC829K, heads into Liverpool City Centre on Edge Lane with the giant Littlewoods factory, echoing the architect of the waterfront buildings, in the background.
Photo taken Thursday 8 September 1977, Edge Lane, Liverpool
8. XKC778J
Merseyside PTE 1151, XKC778J, a Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 with Alexander H47/32D body, new in 1971.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1971, Pier Head, Liverpool
9. XKC830K
Bus meets steam at Douglas Station, in the foreground former Merseyside PTE XKC830K, a Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 with Alexander H49/31D body, new in November 1971.
Photo taken Monday 30 May 1983, Douglas Station, Isle of Man
10. YKB369J
Merseyside Transport 2094, YKB369J, a Bristol RESL6L built in 1971 with ECW B44F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1979, St Johns Lane, Liverpool
11. CKD415L
Merseyside P.T.E. 4015, CKD415L, a Scania BR111MH with a Metro-Cammell-Weymann B44F body seen at the R.T.I.T.B. at High Ercall.
Photo taken Sunday 30 September 1973, High Ercall
12. RKA437N
Merseyside Scania /MCW 4037, RKA437N, at rest at the Seaforth terminus of the 61 service behind Atlantean L680. Either there was more than one service terminating here, or ample layover time was provided on the then north-south route.
Photo taken Thursday 12 May 1977, Seaforth Terminus, Liverpool