SCT '61 Photo Index
Preston Corporation
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1. ARN394
Samuel Ledgard ARN394, a Leyland Titan PD1A with Alexander H32/26R body, new in 1946 to Preston Corporation (52) and acquired by Ledgard in 1961.
Photo taken October 1967, Otley Bus Station
2. CRN79
A rear view of Preston 74, CRN79, an East Lancs bodied Leyland Tiger PS1 dating from 1947.
Photo taken Sunday 24 April 2011, Brough
3. CRN79
Preston was very much a double deck operator prior to the advent of one man operation. In post war years just two Leyland Tiger PS1 chassis were run and suprisingly both are still in existence. 74, CRN79, and 75, CRN80, both carry rear entrance East Lancs bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 24 April 2011, Brough
4. CRN80
Cumbria Classic Coaches ex Preston Corporation 75, CRN80, a 1946 Leyland Tiger PS1 with an East Lancs B34R body at Brough during the Brough & Kirkby Stephen Rally following it's recent starring role in 'Call the Midwife'.
Photo taken Saturday 19 April 2014, Brough
5. CRN80
Cumbria Classic Coaches operates "Rosie", former Preston 75, CRN80, a Leyland PS1 with an East Lancs (Bridlington) B34R body of 1946.
Photo taken Friday 4 July 2003, A1, Leeming Bar Services
6. CRN80
CRN80 is a Leyland PS1 with East Lancs B34R bodywork. It was built for Preston Corporation in 1946 and commissioned by them in June 1949. It was withdrawn by Preston in 1968 and preserved by three consecutive enthusiasts over the next ten years. Between 1978 and 1999 it was stored in a garage at Leyland before being bought by Cumbria Classic Coaches.
Photo taken c.2007, West End, Hawes
7. BCK621
Acquired by Ledgard, Armley in 1961 from Preston where it had been number 71, BCK621, which was a Leyland PD1 new in 1947 with a Leyland H30/26R, later modified to H32/26R body, is seen behind Otley garage.
Photo taken Saturday 7 October 1967, Otley Garage
8. BCK621
Samuel Ledgard BCK621, a Leyland PD1A with Leyland H32/26R body, new in 1947 and bought by Samuel Ledgard in 1961 from Preston Corporation
Photo taken Saturday 12 August 1967, Ledgard Otley Depot
9. BCK633
BCK633 was a Leyland PD1 new in 1947, and was acquired by Ledgard, Armley in 1961 from Preston, where it had been number 99. It had a Samlesbury  H30/26R body (built under sub-contract from Leyland), later modified to H32/26R and is seen behind Otley garage alongside ARN393 and BCK415, together with LAE12 which had an Eastern Coachworks body.
Photo taken Saturday 7 October 1967, Otley Garage
10. BCK633
Samuel Ledgard BCK633, a Leyland PD1A with Leyland H32/26R body, new in 1947 and bought by Samuel Ledgard in 1961 from Preston Corporation and behind BCK421, identical spec to BCK633 but ex-Ribble, also in 1947
Photo taken Saturday 1 July 1967, Otley
11. PRN761
Former Preston 2, PRN761, now owned by Dreadnought coaches of Alnwick. It started life with Preston in 1952 as a Leyland PD2/10 with Leyland L55R body, registration ECK509, but was rebuilt by Preston Corporation in 1961 to PD3/6 with a front entrance H38/32F body - a rarity, a 7'6" wide PD3.
Photo taken Wednesday 20 May 2009, Alnwick Castle Gardens Car Park, Alnwick
12. FRN736
Preston Corporation Leyland Titan PD2/10 53, FRN736, dates from 1954 and carries Leyland bodywork
Photo taken August 1973, Preston Bus Station
13. NCK741
Preston 9, NCK741, a Leyland Titan PD3/6 rebuilt in 1959 with Leyland/Preston CT H41/32F bodywork. Formerly registered FRN731 and an all Leyland PD2/10 from 1954.
Photo taken September 1971, Preston Bus Station
14. PRN761
Preston 2, PRN761, one of the Leyland PD2/10s with Leyland L27/26R bodywork rebuilt to PD3/6 standards and converted to H38/32F seen here at the garage. It had been new in 1952 as ECK509 and was rebuilt in 1961 retaining its original fleet number.
Photo taken Sunday 18 April 1971, Preston
15. PRN808
Preston 16, PRN908, a 1961 Leyland Titan PD3/4 with MCW front entrance body
Photo taken August 1973, Preston Bus Station
16. TRN386
Preston Corporation 84, TRN386, a 1963 Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with front entrance MCW bodywork.
Photo taken 1977, Lancaster Road, Preston
17. ARN657C
Taylor Woodrow ARN657C, a Leyland Titan PD3A/1 built in 1965 with Metro-Cammell H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken September 1981, Heysham
18. ARN658C
Preston 73, ARN658C, a 1965 Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with front entrance MCW bodywork reverses out of Preston bus station on a baking hot day in August 1973.
Photo taken Wednesday 22 August 1973, Preston Bus Station
19. FCK453E
A rear view of the last of the eight Preston rebuilds from PD2/10 to PD3/6 in Preston Bus Station shows the increasing width from top (7' 6") to bottom (8' 0"). FCK453F was previously H30/26R, becoming H38/32F as a result of the rebuild.
Photo taken Saturday 15 April 1972, Preston Bus Station
20. FCK453F
Seen at Wembley Stadium with Downtown Restaurants, London S.E.16 is one of the variable width ex-Preston Corporation buses, still carrying its Preston fleet number 59. FCK453F started life in 1954 as FRN739, a Leyland PD2/10 with a Leyland H30/26R body and was rebuilt by Preston to 30 feet long and converted to front entrance with the seating capacity of H38/32F.
Photo taken Saturday 9 August 1980, Wembley Stadium
21. HCK204G
Seen at this years Kirkby Stephen rally is Preston 204, HCK204G, a Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1with MCW bodywork. This preserved bus was making its debut on the rally scene. Preston were one of Leyland's loyalist customers for the unpopular Panther chassis.
Photo taken Sunday 31 March 2013, Brough
22. KRN221H
Isle of Man Passenger Transport Board 7, C58MAN, a Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R built in 1970 with Marshall B49D bodywork. New as Preston 221, KRN221H, and this had an unladen weight of 8466Kg.
Photo taken July 1985, Station Yard, Port Erin
23. AUE309J
Preston 237, AUE309J, one of a batch of Marshall Camair bodied Leyland Panther buses ordered by Stratford Blue but delivered to Midland Red who sold them unused. Note Preston's use of letters instead of route numbers.
Photo taken July 1973, Preston Bus Station
24. AUE310J
Preston were quick to snap up a batch of Marshall bodied Leyland Panthers that came to Midland Red from an order placed by associate company Stratford Blue in 1971. Seen amid the concrete brutalism of Preston's famous bus station is Preston 238, AUE310J.
Photo taken Wednesday 22 August 1973, Preston Bus Station
25. AUE313J
This is the rather restricted view a party of enthusiasts had of Preston 234, AUE313J, when visiting the depot on 17th October 1971, having arrived there in Blackburn Guy Arab III 131. These buses were freshly painted in Preston livery and had yet to enter service.
Photo taken Sunday 17 October 1971, Preston Depot
26. RTF431L
New to Preston in 1972 as their 231, RTF431L, this was one of the last Leyland Panthers built; it carries a Seddon body.
Photo taken 1986, Douglas Station, Isle of Man
27. RTF434L
An earlier shot of a Seddon bodied Leyland Panther in service with Preston shows 234, RTF434L, of 1972 in Preston town centre.
Photo taken Friday 25 March 1977, Fishergate, Preston
28. RTF435L
Preston persevered with the Leyland Panther for far longer than most buyers of the chassis. They bought their first examples in 1968 and one of the last operators to take delivery of some when a batch with Seddon Pennine body entered service in 1972. Delivered to Preston as their 235, RTF435L, this example lasted long enough to run in the early days of deregulation.
Photo taken Thursday 18 September 1986, Piccadilly, Manchester