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Another Daimler demonstrator to Portsmouth was KKV700G, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX/Willowbrook B43D which was brand new when it was with Portsmouth from 14/8/69 to 27/8/69.
Also inspected (but not demonstrated as such) around August 1969 were Daimler Roadliner/Plaxton DP53F KKV800G and Bristol RELL6G/ECWB35D LAE770E. The AEC Swifts were being delivered in August/September 1969. As frequently happened with Portsmouth, the demonstration did not result in any orders, but perhaps it did influence Portsmouth towards single deck bodies on nominally double deck chassis as they did receive single deck bodied Atlanteans in 1971 and 1972. From 1976 onwards they took Leyland Nationals, this time after apparently successful demonstratons of DRM589K in 1972 and RRM128M in 1974.

Photo taken by PJ Snook (the late Roger Janes Collection), 14 to 27 August 1969, The Hard, Portsmouth

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