SCT '61 Photo Index
Plymouth City
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1. DR9851
New in August 1932 as Plymouth 162, DR9851, this Leyland TD2 had a Mumford L24/24R body. In 1945 it passed to Crosville to become number L82 in their fleet and the body was rebuilt by Eastern Coachworks in November 1945. It was fitted with a Leyland 8.6 litre oil engine in December 1946 and was then renumbered to M238.
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 1957, Bridge Street Car Park, Leeds
2. JY5025
JY5025, a Leyland TD4 new in April 1935 as Plymouth 107 was acquired by Alexander, Falkirk in November 1945 and was transferred to Highland in February 1952, becoming J161. It had an Alexander L27/26R body new in February 1946 and a Leyland 7.4 litre engine fitted at the same time and is seen at Farraline Park Bus Station, Inverness.
Photo taken Friday 24 July 1959, Farraline Park Bus Station, Inverness
3. ADR813
Theobald's had two ex Plymouth Leyland TD5s, built in 1938 as TD5c (torque converter transmission) with Weymann lowbridge bodies. Of the original total of 50, eight were rebodied, most unusually by Leyland Motors in 1953, and given conventional clutch and gearboxes at the same time. (see pg161 The Leyland Bus by Doug Jack for a picture). ADR813 of the first registration batch was Plymouth 213, renumbered as 141 in 1953, was bought by Theobald's via London dealer Lansdowne in 1959
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1965, Hartest Field
4. BDR269
Theobald's second 1938 TD5 was BDR269, new as Plymouth 231 from the second registration batch; it became 143 on rebodying in 1953. It served in Suffolk from 1959 to 1966 in green and cream livery.
Photo taken Thursday 26 November 1964, Little St Mary's, Long Melford, Sudbury
5. CDR679
This utility Guy Arab II of 1943 has a most interesting history. It was one of over 100 Arab utilities delivered to Plymouth City Transport during the war years, CDR679 with fleet number 249. The whole batch featured lowbridge bodies built by Roe. After withdrawal in 1957 it was sold to Grenville Motors of Camborne. Eventually it was sold to an Essex farm who removed the body and converted it into a flat truck to move bales of hay.
Photo taken Sunday 27 March 2005, Kirkby Stephen Rally
6. CRD748
Premier Travel, Cambridge 111, CDR748, was a Guy Arab II with a Roe L27/28R body which had been heavily rebuilt. New as Plymouth 268 in 1944, it was acquired by Premier Travel in May 1958 and was withdrawn n April 1962, being sold to Cowley (dealer), Salford.
Photo taken Sunday 5 July 1959, Depot, Camps Road, Haverhill
7. CJY299
Two former Plymouth C.T. Leyland Titan PD1's. On the left is 114, DDR414 of 1947 with Weymann L27/26R body. On the right is 89, CJY299 of 1946 with Roe L27/26R body.
Photo taken early 1974, WETC, Winkleigh, Devon
8. DDR414
Plymouth 114 DDR414 is a 1947 Leyland Titan PD1A with unusual lowbridge Weymann bodywork. This body design was one of the most attractive examples of the coachbuilders art.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 2010, Chatsworth
9. DDR414
DDR414, ex-Plymouth 114, seen at Winkleigh, was a Leyland PD1 with a Weymann L27/26R body.
Photo taken Sunday 7 October 1979, Winkleigh
10. DDR414
Two former Plymouth C.T. Leyland Titan PD1's. On the left is 114, DDR414 of 1947 with Weymann L27/26R body. On the right is 89, CJY299 of 1946 with Roe L27/26R body.
Photo taken early 1974, WETC, Winkleigh, Devon
11. DJY962
Say, Gloucester acquired two Crossley H30/26R bodied Crossley DD42/7 from Plymouth and DJY962 is seen at Say's garage in Gloucester
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Gloucester
12. DJY949
This Plymouth towing wagon is operating on trade plates 520DR and is only identifiable by the number 2 on the bonnet. It was converted in 1963 from bus 319, DJY949, Leyland PD2/1 Leyland L27/26R one of thirty new in 1948.
Photo taken Royal Parade, Plymouth
13. HJY297
Preserved Plymouth Corporation 397, HJY297, which was seen at Winkleigh is a Leyland PD2/12 with a Leyland H30/26R body new in late 1953 showing the modifications to the rear platform area. Note also the opening ventilation windows in the rear emergency exit and the rearmost upper deck side window which has been panelled over. This shows also the rear dome rain guttering fitted to Leyland bodies to minimise rainwater from the roof dripping on to the platform entrance area. It is now registered ADV852A.
Photo taken Sunday 30 September 1984, Winkleigh
14. LCO845
Former Plymouth City Transport No. 45, LCO845, is seen here in subsequent service with Advance Coaches (C.A.Whiteley Ltd.) of Maltby, West Yorkshire. It is a H30/26R Metro-Cammell bodied Leyland PD2.
Photo taken Saturday 20 February 1971, Depot, Maltby
15. MCO658
Plymouth Citybus preserved Leyland Titan PD2 / Metro Cammell 358, MCO658, has been an open top bus in the fleet for many years, and worn a number of different liveries, but has somehow eluded us on this site.
Photo taken Sunday 10 July 2016, Poole Quay
An unidentified former Plymouth C.T. Leyland Titan PD2/12 with Metro Cammell body seen being given an airing at Winkleigh in early 1974. It is most likely OCO502, although it could be MCO669.
Photo taken early 1974, WETC, Winkleigh, Devon
17. TCO537
Plymouth City Transport were early users of the Leyland Atlantean. 137, TCO537, is a 1960 PDR1/1 with MCW bodywork which is now preserved.
Photo taken Sunday 8 April 2007, Brough
18. WJY758
Former Plymouth Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 no. 158, WJY758, now operated by Keighley Bus Museum Trust Ltd as No. 59, a 1962 model bodied by Metro-Cammell.
Photo taken Sunday 10 April 2005, Riverside, Dalton Lane, Keighley
19. WJY759
Plymouth 159, by this time renumbered 459, WJY759, and converted to open top, in the City Centre on the 54 City Centre-Sea Front Circular in summer 1986.
Photo taken Summer 1986, Plymouth
20. WJY759
Guide Friday, Stratford upon Avon, WJY759, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1962 with Metro-Cammell O44/33F bodywork.
Photo taken Stratford-upon-Avon
21. WJY760
A reminder of sunny summer days in Scarborough as Applebys open top Leyland Atlantean WJY760 picks up passengers on the south bay promenade. It was new as Plymouth's 160 in 1962 and carries MCW bodywork
Photo taken 1998, Foreshore Road, Scarborough
22. WJY760
Plymouth 160, by this time renumbered 460, WJV760, and converted to open top, at the Bovisand terminus of the 53 City Centre-Bovisand in summer 1986.
Photo taken Summer 1986, Bovisand, Plymouth
23. WJY760
Plymouth were early users of Leyland Atlanteans. 160, WJY760, dates from 1962 and carries a MCW body on a PDR1/1 chassis. The bus ran for some years in open top guise for Applebys of Scarborough.
Photo taken June 1991, Foreshore Road, Scarborough
Plymouth Corporation depot Milehouse during a bus strike c.1972. Mostly Atlantean PDR1/1 Metro Cammell H77F types . The newest I can see are members of the 1967 FJY906-920E batch with a slightly 'sculpted' MCW front panel rather than the flat fronts of earlier years. Also a Titan trainer and not forgetting, a Vauxhall Viva.
Photo taken 1972?, Milehouse Depot, Plymouth
25. FJY909E
A pair of Plymouth Corporation Atlanteans, 209, FJY909E, a MCW H77F of 1967 and 222, JJY622G, a Park Royal H75D of 1968.
Photo taken 1984, Milehouse Depot, Plymouth
26. FJY911E
Plymouth Corporation Atlantean 211, FJY911E of 1967, with the 'sculpted' MCW front panel. The bus looks scruffy on a dull day at Bretonside bus station, Plymouth about 1973.
Photo taken c. 1973, Bretonside, Plymouth