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1. DBU246
Oldham Corporation 246, DBU246, a 1947 Leyland Titan PD1/3 with Roe bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 13 August 1995, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield
A pair of unidentified former Oldham Corporation Crossley SD42 single deckers with Roe B32F bodies, dumped awaiting eventual breaking in the top corner of Autospares' premises on the hilltop above Bingley one late afternoon in the winter of 1970.
Photo taken Early 1970, Autospares' premises, in a quarry above Bingley
3. DBU273
Former Oldham CT 272 and 273, DBU272 and DBU273, Leyland Titan PD1/3s with Roe H31/25R bodies, new in 1948.
Photo taken March 1968, Oldham Corporation Garage
4. DBU295
Oldham 295, DBU295, a Crossley SD42/3 with Roe B32F body, built in 1948 with similar 293 (or possibly 298) behind.
Photo taken 1963/64, Oldham Corporation Depot
5. EBU914
Oldham 314, EBU914, a Daimler CVD6 built 1948 with a Roe H56R body. How I wish I had taken a pic of the one next to this.
Photo taken 1963/64, probably at the rear of the Oldham Corporation Depot
6. FBU827
The recent discussions about Derby 27 have prompted me to submit the above photo. The occasion was the collection of Derby 111 for preservation.
Photo taken Sunday 29 November 1970, Derby Corporation Depot, Ascot Drive
7. FBU827
Oldham 368, FBU827, was a Crossley DD42/8S new in July 1950. It had a Crossley H30/26R body and lasted to become Oldham's last non-Leyland bus at the end of 1967. It was the subject of an early preservation project and passed to the Buckley Wells Bus Enthusiasts (later the Crossley Omnibus Society) after withdrawal.
Photo taken Sunday 14 June 1970, Rochdale Town Hall
8. FBU827
Oldham CT 368, FBU827, a Crossley DD42/8 with Crossley H30/26R body, new in 1950.
Photo taken March 1968, Oldham Corporation Garage
Oldham crest, probably on a PD2.
10. NBU494
Oldham Corporation 394, NBU494, a 1957 Leyland Titan PD2/20 with Roe bodywork
Photo taken 2000, Piece Hall, Halifax
11. NBU499
"Oldham" 399, NBU499, seen here on learner duty in Mersey Square, Stockport, was a Leyland PD2/20 with a Roe H33/27R body.
Photo taken Thursday 13 August 1970, Mersey Square, Stockport
12. NBU502
Oldham 402, NBU502, a Leyland PD2/20 built in 1957 with a Roe H60R body.
Photo taken 1963/64, probably at the rear of the Oldham Corporation Depot
13. NBU512
Oldham 412, NBU512, was from a batch of five Crossley-bodied PD2s bought by Oldham Corporation. They were attractive buses, even more so when new as they carried poppy red lining. However, the body design was susceptible to corrosion and after the problems overhauling the first, the cost of doing the others was deemed prohibitive and they were withdrawn.
Photo taken Wednesday 4 February 1970, Wallshaw Street Garage
14. PBU925
PBU925, former Oldham Corporation Metro-Cammell bodied Titan PD2/30 initially fleetnumber 425 and new in 12/58, by then working for SELNEC as 5325 heads for Chadderton Hall Park on Route 4.
Photo taken Friday 16 October 1970, junction of Burnley Lane and Broadway, Chadderton, Oldham
15. PBU931
Most of Oldham's PD2s that received the SELNEC orange livery were from this batch of Roe-bodied PD2/30s, but only about half of the batch of 24 were done before the decision was made to not fully re-certify them. Most then received a partial repaint in the old livery like 5359 in the background which features in another photo. By the date of this photo Oldham 431, PBU931, has become SELNEC 5331. It was withdrawn by GMPTE in July 1975.
Photo taken Sunday 16 May 1971, Wallshaw Street Garage
16. PBU932
Oldham CT 432, PBU932, a Leyland Titan PD2/30 with Roe H37/28R body, new in 1958.
Photo taken March 1968, Town Hall, Yorkshire Street, Oldham
17. PBU942
Oldham 442, PBU942, a Leyland PD2/30 with Roe H37/28R body new in October 1958. This is strange ground for this bus, at the rear of the Hyde road depot of Manchester Corporation on the famous skid pan, having been transferred to SELNEC and gained a green southern division logo.
Photo taken Friday 5 July 1974, Hyde Road Depot, Manchester
18. PBU945
Oldham 445, PBU945, was a Leyland PD2/30 with a Roe H37/28R body new in 1958 which is seen entering Cannon Street Bus Station in Manchester.
Photo taken Sunday 8 February 1959, Cannon Street Bus Station, Manchester
19. PBU947
Oldham Corporation Passenger Transport Department PBU947 (Fleet No.447) was new in 1958 and was a Leyland PD2/30 with H37/28R Roe bodywork.
Photo taken 1966
20. PBU949
PBU949 former Oldham Corporation Roe-bodied 449, Titan PD2/30, now SELNEC 5349 and one of 44 of the chassis type new between 7/58 and 1/59, heads for Manchester on the 90 express route, which linked Rochdale and Manchester.
Photo taken Friday 16 October 1970, Junction of Burnley Lane and Broadway, Chadderton
21. PBU959
Oldham bought 90 PD2s with tin fronts. They had a variety of bodies, Roe being the favoured builder, but two orders featured Northern Counties bodies, such as PBU959. These didn't quite have the elegance of the Roe body and, when new, suffered by comparison as they weren't lined out, but they were attractive buses. This vehicle has just come back from overhaul at Stockport who made a very nice job of it and it retained many more original features than it would have done if overhauled at Oldham. Because it wasn't a full five-year recertification it has retained Oldham livery as more coats of paint would have been required to ensure the orange and white livery covered the old scheme.
Photo taken Sunday 16 May 1971, Wallshaw Street Garage
22. PBU960
This Leyland PD2/30 with Northern Counties body and with its distinctive grille was new as Oldham Corporation 460, PBU960, but by January 1972 had reached Paton Brothers, Renfrew via SELNEC PTE 5360.
Photo taken February 1972, Paton's Depot, Tower Garage, Ferry Road, Renfrew
23. PBU960
Oldham 460, PBU960, was a Leyland PD2/30 with a Northern Counties H37/28R body, one of ten new in 1958, which is seen in Cannon Street Bus Station in Manchester.
Photo taken Sunday 18 January 1959, Cannon Street Bus Station, Manchester
24. PBU961
Oldham 461, PBU961, a Leyland PD2/20 built in 1958 with a Northern Counties H37/28R body.
Photo taken 1963/64, probably at the rear of the Oldham Corporation Depot
25. 203FBU
I, and two friends discovered this vehicle at Moss Hey Vehicle Dismantlers at Shaw, near Oldham, in November 1979. 203FBU was new to Oldham Corporation as a Non-PSV in 1963. In 1973, it was sold on to the 2/230th Johnson-Hewlett Scouts of Droylesden, Manchester.
Photo taken Moss Hey Vehicle Dismantlers, Shaw, near Oldham
26. 106HBU
106HBU was a H41/32F Roe-bodied Titan PD3/5 new to Oldham in 5/64 as part of a batch 101-110.
Photo taken Friday 6 September 1968, on Broadway at junction with Burnley Lane, Chadderton, Oldham
27. 110HBU
Oldham C T 110, 110HBU, a Leyland PD3/5 built in 1964 with a Roe H41/32F body seen here in Rochdale at the terminus of the 24, which ran from Rochdale to Manchester and was joint with Rochdale and Manchester.
Photo taken 1965, Smith Street, Rochdale
28. 101HBU
Oldham CT 101, 101HBU, a Leyland Titan PD3/5 with Roe H41/32F body, new in 1965.
Photo taken July 1970, Rochdale
29. 115JBU
GMT 3730, BND730C a 1965 Leyland PDR1/2 with Metro-Cammell H43/32F bodywork originally Manchester 3730, 5015, 115JBU Leyland Tiger Cub - 1965 despite the registration? with Pennine B41D bodywork originally Oldham 115 and 4188, DDB188C a 1965 Daimler Fleetline with Alexander H44/31F bodywork, originally North Western 188 and one of those that had a wide window pillar towards the rear downstairs for an experimental heating/ventilation system.
Photo taken Wednesday 17 May 1978, Charles Street depot, Stockport
30. CBU121C
A number of years ago I purchased a quantity of photographs in a photo album. Amongst them were these two photographs showing Oldham Corporation Passenger Transport Department Leyland Atlantean CBU121C with Roe body, when new in Wallshaw Street garage.
Photo taken 1965, Wallshaw Street garage, Oldham
31. GBU142D
Oldham had a distinctive and quite attractive design of Roe body fitted to most of their Atlanteans. This photograph was taken in quite early SELNEC days and it was, at that time, quite unusual to see four buses in the new orange and white livery.
Photo taken Saturday 15 August 1970, Wallshaw Street Garage, Oldham
32. GBU144D
Scarlet Band, West Cornforth, GBU144D, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 built in 1966 with Roe H43/34F bodywork. Formerly Greater Manchester PTE 5144 but new as Oldham 144, parked at the depot next to a couple of ex-Bolton Atlanteans (GBN246D & GBN250D).
Photo taken Sunday 12 April 1981, West Cornforth Depot
33. LBU150E
GMT 5150, LBU150E, a 1967 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1/Neepsend H43/34F originally Oldham 150, seen here after transfer to Bury garage and fitted late in its life with a replacement Roe windscreen.
Photo taken Friday 14 March 1980, Market St, Bury
34. LBU153E
Oldham 153, LBU153E, part of the third batch of Roe-bodied Atlanteans numbered 153-160 new in 3/67, is heading for Chadderton Hall Park on the 4 route.
Photo taken 1969/70, Junction Burnley Lane and Broadway Chadderton, Oldham
35. OBU163F
Oldham Coporation switched to Leyland Atlanteans in 1967 but continued to specify Roe bodywork. 163, OBU163F, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 shows of the unusual shade of red employed by Oldham.
Photo taken Sunday 19 June 2011, Rowsley
36. OBU163F
Oldham 163, OBU163F, a 1967 Leyland Atlantean with Roe bodywork to Oldhams own specification.
Photo taken 2003, Piece Hall, Halifax
37. OBU173F
Keiraville m/o6209 was a Leyland PSUR1/1R Panther with a Marshall B48D body which started life as Oldham 173, OBU173F in 1968. It passed to Selnec on 1st November 1969 and to Greater Manchester P.T.E. on 1st April 1974 as 5023.
Photo taken May 1976
38. OBU174F
SELNEC Southern 5024, OBU174F, a Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R with Marshall B48D body, new to Oldham Corporation (174) in 1968.
Photo taken Saturday 31 March 1973, Uppermill
39. SBU180G
Greater Manchester Transport 5180, SBU180G, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Roe H43/31D bodywork built in 1969 and originally Oldham Corporation 180.
Photo taken mid 1976, Walshaw Street Garage, Oldham
40. ABU195J
When the PTEs were formed in 1969 they inherited a wide variety of vehicles from their constituent members. In addition some of the former operators had vehicles on order to their own specification which went direct to their new owners. One such bus was SELNEC 5195, ABU195J, a 1971 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Oldham's standard Roe bodywork although the engine shrouds had been dropped by the PTE.
Photo taken Friday 23 July 1971, Mersey Square, Stockport