SCT '61 Photo Index
Newport Corporation
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1. DDW34
DDW34 was a Guy Arab I with a Weymann H30/26R body new in 1943 as Newport 98. It was acquired by Morgan, Armthorpe in October 1953. The body was originally intended for a Manchester Daimler COG5 the chassis of which was destroyed when the Daimler factory was bombed. It is seen at the Christ Church terminus in Doncaster.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1957, Christ Church, Doncaster
2. GDW98
Newport CT 31, GDW98, was a Leyland PD2/3 with a Bruce H56R body. By the time of this view it had been withdrawn from service and was used as a staff room.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 March 1972, Dock Street, Newport
3. JDW89
Newport ran some Dennis Lancets and here is seen 37, JDW89, the only one with front vertical engine. It was new in 1954 and carried D.J. Davies FB38F bodywork remaining in service until 1967.
Photo taken Thursday 16 August 1962, Skinner Street, Newport
4. KDW259
Former Newport Corporation 39, KDW259, a Dennis Lancet UF with Davies B44F body, new in 1954.
Photo taken September 1968, Blacker Hill, near Barnsley
5. NDW606
Glen Taxis, Shipley NDW606, a Daimler CVG6 with Longwell Green H33/28R body, new to Newport Corporation as their 155 in 1957.
Photo taken summer 1970, Shibden Hall Top Car Park, off Shibden Hall Road, Halifax
6. LDW501
Newport’s underfloor engined Dennis Lancets are represented by 43, LDW501, one of eight such vehicles with a D.J. Davies B42R body new in 1956.
Photo taken Thursday 16 August 1962, Dock Street, Newport
7. LDW502
Newport 44, LDW502, an underfloor engined Dennis Lancet with D.J. Davies B42R bodywork. This view shows the unusual arrangement of the rear entrance.
Photo taken Thursday 16 August 1962, Upper Dock Street, Newport
8. PDW484
Preserved ex-Newport Corporation 178, PDW484, a Leyland PD2/40 with Longwell Green H30/28R body, new in 1958.
Photo taken Friday 26 August 2005, Blaenavon
9. PDW484
Second shot of preserved ex-Newport Corporation Leyland PD2 PDW484.
Photo taken Friday 26 August 2005, Blaenavon
10. SDW133
Newport 57, SDW133, was a Leyland PD2/40 with a Longwell Green H30/28R body dating from 1959.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 March 1972, Hove Avenue, Newport
11. HDW774E
Alexander H43/31F bodywork was carried by Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean 74 in the Newport fleet, HDW774E, new in 1967
Photo taken Saturday 6 September 1969, Upper Dock Street, Newport
12. JDW304F
Newport Bristol RESL6L 104, JDW304F, carried ECW B42F bodywork and was new in 1967.
Photo taken Saturday 6 September 1969, Upper Dock Street, Newport
13. PDW97H
Newport Transport 97, PDW97H, was a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Alexander H43/31F bodywork, new in January 1970. Although gleaming in the sunshine, it isn't immediately apparent that it's on the joint service 30 between Cardiff and Newport.
Photo taken 1970, Central Bus Station, Cardiff
14. VDW431K
Looking slightly better than the photo of 44 on this site, Newport 31, VDW431K, showing the near side arrangement leaving Newport bus station.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 August 1974, Newport Bus Station
15. VDW444K
Newport 44, VDW444K, was one of their early, and short-lived, Metro-Scania single-deckers.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 March 1972, Newport Bus Station
16. VDW424K
Jaronda Travel of Cawood, VDW424K, a Metro-Scania BR111MH built in 1972 with Metro-Cammell B40D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1984, Saint Denys Road, York
17. VDW436K
Newport Corporation 36, VDW436K, was a comparatively rare single-deck version of the Metro-Scania (Scania/MCW), with a B40D body dating from 1972.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 March 1972, Usk Way, Newport
18. GKG36N
Newport 115, GKG36N, a Scania with MCW H44/29F body new in December 1974.
Photo taken Newport Bus Station