SCT '61 Photo Index
Notts and Derby
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1. HNU970
Bradford 592, HNU970, an AEC 661T with East Lancs H35/28R body. New in 1942 to Notts and Derby, into service with Bradford in 1954 and rebodied in 1958.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1964, Hall Ings, Bradford
2. NNU234
The entire fleet of Notts & Derby trolleybuses was bought by Bradford in 1952 prior to the closure of their system in 1953. This view shows NNU234, a 1949-vintage Weymann-bodied BUT trolleybus clearly showing traces of the original Notts & Derby logo.
Photo taken early September 1971, approach road to Thornbury Works, Bradford
3. NNU234
Ex Notts and Derby and Bradford trolleybus NNU234 while in the care of Bournemouth Heritage Transport Association, is undergoing restoration at Shamrock Buses, Dorset.
Photo taken Sunday 28 October 2007, Shamrock Buses, Dorset
4. NNU234
The latest addition to the trolleybus fleet at Sandtoft is former Notts & Derby 353, NNU234, a Weymann H32/26R bodied BUT 9611T dating from 1949 which has been purchased by the Museum from the West of England Transport Collection (with whom it had resided since 2011) and arrived at Sandtoft on 25 April, 62 years to the day from the closure of the Notts & Derby system. The entire N&D fleet was sold to Bradford for further service and 353 re-entered service as BCT 770 on 1 July 1953. It was withdrawn on 31 October 1963 contemporaneously with the withdrawal of trolleybuses from the section beyond Saltaire to Nab Woods, Bingley and Crossflatts.
Photo taken Saturday 25 July 2015, Sandtoft
5. SRB529
Notts & Derby 301, SRB529, the second of a batch of fifteen Bristol KSW6Gs with Eastern Coachworks H32/28R bodies new in 1953 is seen in Nottingham. These were the first post-war motorbuses in the fleet, the immediately preceding ones being five T.S.M. B60A6s with Weymann H26/24R bodies in 1932.
Photo taken Saturday 6 October 1962, Mount Street, Nottingham
6. SRB536
Notts & Derby 408, SRB536, seen at the garage in Ilkeston was a Bristol KSW6G with an Eastern Coachworks H32/28R body, one of fifteen dating from 1953. Withdrawn later in the year it was not traced further.
Photo taken Sunday 28 April 1968, Midland General Garage, Ilkeston
7. SRB542
AA Motor Services (Tumilty), Ayr, SRB542, a Bristol KSW6G built in 1953 with ECW H32/28R bodywork.
Photo taken June 1971, Irvine Depot
8. 13DRB
Seen outside the garage in Ilkeston is Notts & Derby 464, 13DRB, the sole Bristol LDL6G in the fleet. New in 1957 with an Eastern Coachworks H37/33R body, it was fitted with platform doors in June 1964 and passed to South Wales as number 906 in September 1971.
Photo taken Sunday 28 April 1968, Midland General Garage, Ilkeston
9. DNU685C
DNU685C, a 1965 Bristol FLF6G was delivered as 637 in the Notts and Derby fleet. It is seen here working for Midland General. Notts and Derby were a Midland General subsiduary.
Photo taken 1972, Mount Street Bus Station, Nottingham