SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. ENY65
23, ENY65, was an AEC Regal with a Strachans FC35F which was a significant vehicle in the Neath & Cardiff fleet as the first of many AECs to be purchased.
Photo taken 1939
2. KCY492
The first new vehicles bought after Neath & Cardiff went under BET control comprised this batch of six Guy Arab LUF chassis with Park Royal C41C bodies. They had 6HLW engines and six-speed gearboxes and were well-suited to Neath & Cardiff's operations. KCY492 was first registered on 4th June 1954 and as well as the six in this 1954 batch (KCY 488-493) another six followed in 1955 (LCY 778-783).
Photo taken May 1958, Cardiff Bus Station
3. NCY866
I think of these as typical Neath & Cardiff coaches but in fact they only bought this batch of three new. However, they did also buy six secondhand examples from SUT in 1966/67 which is probably what what created that impression. NCY886 was the middle one of its batch, which were AEC Reliance MU3RV chassis with Burlingham Seagull C41C bodies, and it entered service on 19th May 1956.
Photo taken Jun 1968, Swansea, off Plymouth Street
4. NCY885
Neath & Cardiff 45, NCY885, was an A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance with a Burligham Seagull C41C body new in May 1956.
Photo taken Tuesday 6 June 1967, Cardiff Bus Station
5. NCY887
Neath & Cardiff 47, NCY887, was an A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance with a Burlingham Seagull C41C body new in June 1956.
Photo taken Tuesday 6 June 1967, Cardiff Bus Station
6. 3281WB
Neath & Cardiff 3281WB, a Burlingham C41C bodied AEC Reliance, new in 1958, was acquired from Sheffield United Tours in November 1966 and was withdrawn in May 1970.
Photo taken Saturday 6 September 1969, Swansea
7. RCY804
Former East Midland D122, WAL122, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Weymann Orion L35/32RD body, new in 1957. On the right is former Neath & Cardiff RCY804, an AEC Reliance MU3RV with Weymann Fanfare C41F body, new in 1958, passing to South Wales Transport in 1970 as its 102.
Photo taken Summer 1972, North's Yard, Sherburn-in-Elmet
8. RRC238
To replace the Guy Arab LUFs, Neath & Cardiff bought secondhand Reliances from other BET operators. Two (RRC 237/238) came from Trent in which fleet they had been new as 237 and 238 (later 37 and 38) and ran at first in Trent livery before receiving N & C's distinctive brown and red livery.
Photo taken Saturday 20 June 1970, Western Welsh depot, Penarth Road, Cardiff
9. TWN558
A much loved operator in South Wales was Neath & Cardiff Coaches, whose AEC coach TWN558 is seen here. It was an AEC Reliance with Park Royal C41F bodywork, new in September 1959 for use on its Swansea-Cardiff express service.
Photo taken Fitzhamon Embankment, Cardiff
10. RRC237
RRC237, an AEC Reliance with Weymann Fanfare body new to Trent in May 1960. Withdrawn in 1966 and sold to Neath & Cardiff, it then passed to South Wales Transport in 1971, before being sold to W North, dealer, in October 1971.
11. WWN191
In 1960 Neath & Cardiff bought three AEC Reliance 2MU3RVs with Harrington Cavalier C41F bodies (WWN189-191), with this one WWN191 entering service on 29th July 1960.
Photo taken Sunday 24 June 1979, Museum Avenue, Cardiff
12. HTG602D
Neath & Cardiff HTG602D, seen in Cardiff Bus Station, was an A.E.C. 4MU3RA Reliance with a Duple Northern Commander C51F body new in April 1966.
Photo taken Tuesday 6 June 1967, Cardiff Bus Station
13. PTX830F
Neath & Cardiff PTX830F was an AEC Reliance 6MU4R with Plaxton Panorama I C41F body and the sole new purchase in 1968, entering service on 1st February.
Photo taken Sunday 7 August 1994, Red Rose Steam Centre, Astley Green