SCT '61 Photo Index
Mexborough and Swinton
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1. WW4668
The oldest trolleybus in the collection at Sandtoft is Mexborough & Swinton 34, WW4668. It was part of an order for six Garrett O types with Garrett B32C bodywork and was completed on 31 December 1927, entering service in February 1928; a further nine Garretts entered service in 1928 followed by twelve more in 1929 and a final three in 1930. All thirty Garretts were similar although all but the first six were delivered with front bumpers. 42, the last to be withdrawn, survived until 1950 although it had been out of service for some years during its years of service due to an accident and subsequent rebuilding.

Photo taken Saturday 25 July 2015, Sandtoft
2. EWT479
Doncaster Corporation 394, EWT479, was an ex-Mexborough Sunbeam W of 1943, rebodied by Roe in 1955.
Photo taken 1963, Beckett Road, Doncaster
3. GUF667
Mexborough and Swinton 15, GUF667, a Leyland PD1 with Park Royal H32/26R body which started life in 1946 with Southdown as a 54 seater. In 1963, it was bought by Mexborough and Swinton who added four more seats before entering service.
Photo taken Friday 6 August 1965, Greasbrough Road/Bridge Street, Rotherham
4. FWX892
Mexborough and Swinton 8, FWX892, was the second of the 1947 batch of post war fleet renewals. Having the more rounded bodywork than the 1943 deliveries, it was still on the Sunbeam W chassis rather than the later F4, one of which can be seen following. At the closure of the system this vehicle's chassis appears not to have been sold for further use elsewhere.
Photo taken Saturday 20 August 1960, Rockingham Road, Swinton
5. FWX894
Mexborough & Swinton 10, FWX894, a Sunbeam W with Brush B35C body dating from 1947.
Photo taken Saturday 9 January 1960, Welfare Avenue, Conanby
6. FWX912
Bradford 842, FWX912, a Sunbeam F4 with East Lancs H37/29F body. New in 1948 as a single decker to Mexborough and Swinton, the chassis was brought by Bradford in 1961 and the new double-deck body added before entering service.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1964, Bank Street/Broadway
7. FWX917
Mexborough and Swinton replaced almost their entire trolleybus fleet post war with 39 similar single deckers. The first 6 were delivered in 1943 to a utility design, the remainder between 1947 and 1950 having more rounded styling. 33, FWX917, is a 1948 Sunbeam F4 with Brush bodywork, seating 35 (32 when delivered).
Photo taken Saturday 20 August 1960, Church St., Swinton
8. FWX919
Mexborough & Swinton 35, FWX919, a Sunbeam F4 with Brush B32C body new in 1948, seen a month before the system closed.
Photo taken February 1961, Conisborough High
9. JCD39
Mexborough & Swinton Training Bus 39, JCD39, a Leyland Titan PD2/1 with Leyland H28/26R body, new in 1948 as Southdown 339.
Photo taken September 1968, Mexborough & Swinton Depot, Rawmarsh
10. JCD39
Mexborough and Swinton 20, JCD39, a Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland H54R body, new to Southdown in 1948 (numbered 339 in their fleet) and sold to Mexborough in late 1964.
Photo taken Friday 6 August 1965, Frederick Street, Rotherham
11. KUF723
Mexborough & Swinton 24, KUF723, a Leyland PD2/12 with Leyland H32/26RD body of 1951, was ex-Southdown 723.
Photo taken 1966, Rotherham Bus Station
12. MWU141
Mexborough and Swinton 41, MWU141, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1 with Weymann B44F body, new in 1954
Photo taken Wednesday 5 August 1964, Frederick Street, Rotherham
13. LUF639
Mexborough & Swinton former 104, LUF639, a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 with Leyland C41C body, new in 1952 as Southdown 1639. It passed to M&S in 1964 and was converted into this towing vehicle in 1966.
Photo taken September 1968, Mexborough & Swinton Depot, Rawmarsh
14. 7004WU
Mexborough and Swinton 4, 7004WU, one of a batch of 14 Leyland Atlantean PDR1 with Weymann L39/33F bodies, bought between 1960 and 1962 to replace their famous single deck trolleybuses.
Photo taken Friday 6 August 1965, Greasbrough Road/Bridge Street, Rotherham
15. 7011WU
Former Mexborough & Swinton 11, 7011WU, was a Weymann-bodied Atlantean PDR1/1 from 1960, seen following the takeover by NBC Yorkshire Traction.
Photo taken 1972, Rawmarsh Depot
16. YWT57
Mexborough & Swinton 57, YWT57, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1 with Weymann B42F body, built in 1960.
Photo taken Friday 6 August 1965, Bridge Street, Rotherham
17. TDO294
Baddeley Bros., Holmfirth, TDO294, a Bedford SB1 with Yeates Pegasus DP44F body. New to Camplin, Donington in 1961 it surprisingly passed to Mexborough & Swinton and lasted until the merger with Yorkshire Traction. Acquired by Baddeley's in 1969, it was withdrawn in 1973.
Photo taken February 1971, Crowedge