SCT '61 Photo Index
Mansfield District
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1. CAL194
1936 AEC Regent Park Royal, CAL194 had been Mansfield & District's 94. It then served Essex Police as a mobile road safety exhibition for nearly ten years: its condition belies its age, 30 years when this picture was taken. The front door is not original but an adaptation for its new role.
Photo taken Sunday 17 July 1966, Gt Waldingfield, Suffolk (about six miles outside Essex!)
2. FVO762
The Weymann trailer of one of the ex-Mansfield and District articulated buses, FVO762/3. The buses passed to the electricity supply part of Balfour Beatty and then to the East Midlands Electricity Board after nationalisation; seen here in a field and apparently used as a site hut (or derelict!).
Photo taken Wednesday 4 January 1967, near Ibstock
3. FVO762
This is a mystery shot and a most unusual vehicle. FVO762 was a Commer Superpoise of just pre-war or just post-war vintage and is seen here with a trailer of utility appearance. It seems to be a posed shot and not a wartime one, but what was its intended use? The ensemble was accredited to Mansfield & District, which I'm sure it's not, although it does seem to be registered in that area.
Photo taken 1943/4
Mansfield District Traction radiator plate fitted to AEC Regent III type.
5. GRR351
Mansfield District 65, GRR351, was one of twenty-five A.E.C. Regent IIs delivered in 1946 wth Weymann H30/26R bodies.
Photo taken Wednesday 30 September 1959, Mansfield Market Square
6. HVO931
Seen at the garage in Mansfield was Mansfield District 120, HVO931, one of fifteen A.E.C. Regent IIs delivered in 1947 with Weymann H30/26R bodies.
Photo taken Saturday 24 August 1963, Mansfield Garage
7. HVO937
At the end of the depot, I found HVO937 an AEC Regent II with Weymann H30/26R body. New to Mansfield District in 1947 as their 126, it was withdrawn in 1966.
Photo taken Sunday 1 September 2013, Midland Railway Centre, Swanwick
8. PNN769
Mansfield District 200, PNN769, was the first of six Eastern Coachworks C39F bodied Bristol LS6Gs new in 1954. This one was rebuilt to DP41F in 1967 and is seen outside the garage in Mansfield.
Photo taken Sunday 17 August 1969, Mansfield Garage
9. SNN72
New in 1955 as Mansfield District 210, SNN72 was the last of five Bristol LS6Gs with Eastern Coachworks DP43F bodywork. In July 1969 it, along with 207, was transferred to the Midland General Tuition Vehicle fleet as number T2 in which guise it was seen outside the garage in Mansfield.
Photo taken Sunday 17 August 1969, Mansfield Garage
10. SNN73
SNN73 was number 505 in the Mansfield District fleet and was a Bristol LD6G with an Eastern Coachworks H33/25RD body new in 1955. It was seen on a visit to the garage in Mansfield.
Photo taken Sunday 17 August 1969, Mansfield Garage
11. SNN77
Fok Lei, Macau, M-87-60 Bristol LD6G built in 1955 with ECW bodywork and modified for tropical operation in Macau.
Photo taken July 1981, Macau
12. WAL440
Mansfield District 513, WAL440, was one of three Bristol LD6Gs (513-515) with Eastern Coachworks H33/25R bodies delivered in 1958. A further three, 510-512, were also delivered in the same year but with H33/25RD bodies. 4513-515 were fitted with platform doors in 1964 as seen here at the garage in Mansfield.
Photo taken Sunday 17 August 1969, Mansfield Garage
13. 562ERR
United AS 228, 562ERR, a Bristol Lodekka FS6G built in 1960 with ECW H33/27RD bodywork.
Photo taken July 1976, Park Street, Middlesbrough
14. 242MNN
One of three Bristol FLF6Gs with Eastern Coachworks H38/32F bodies new to Mansfield District in 1962 as number 546, 242MNN, by now renumbered to B546.
Photo taken Friday 14 April 1972, Chesterfield Road, Pleasley
15. 246MNN
United AS 545, 246MNN, a Bristol Lodekka FLF6B built in 1963 with ECW H38/32F bodywork.
Photo taken March 1978, Site of Bus Station/Park Street, Middlesbrough
16. 375RNN
New in 1963 as Mansfield District 621, 375RNN, a Bristol FLF6G with an Eastern Coachworks H38/32F body is seen at the garage in Mansfield.
Photo taken Sunday 17 August 1969, Mansfield Garage
17. DNU18C
United AS 2795, DNU19C, a Bristol MW6G built in 1965 with ECW DP43F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1976, Bishop Auckland Market Place
18. FNN161D
Mansfield District 689, FNN161D, a Bristol Lodekka FLF6G with ECW H38/32F body, new in 1966.
Photo taken 1972, Meden Square, Pleasley, near Mansfield
19. FNN161D
Former Mansfield District Bristol Lodekka 689, FNN161D, seen here in later life, in the Netley rally of 13 July 1986, as a training vehicle for a drving school in Gosport.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1986, Netley Rally
20. FRB214H
A line up of VRs, from left to right Mansfield 315, FRB214H, and 313, FRB212H, and Southdown 512, UUF112J.
Photo taken Thursday 12 August 1982, Rougier Street, York