SCT '61 Photo Index
A.Mayne, Manchester
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1. AUM407
Mayne AUM407, ex-Leeds 164, was an AEC Regent with a Roe H30/26R body and was one of five dating from 1935. The body, fitted in 1946, replaced the original English Electric H30/26R body and it is seen here operating the service to Kershaw Lane, Audenshaw having been acquired by Mayne in August 1950.
Photo taken Thursday 10 April 1958, Newton Street, Manchester
2. CNB1
Mayne CNB1 was an A.E.C. Regent which had been new in March 1936 with a Park Royal H33/29F body. It was rebodied in 1945 with an East Lancs H30/28F body and is seen here at the garage.
Photo taken Monday 26 May 1958
3. CUS818
Mayne CUS818 was one of two A.E.C. Regents with Weymann H30/26R bodies acquired from Glasgow in January 1953. This one, which had been new as Glasgow 653 in 1939, is seen at the garage.
Photo taken Monday 26 May 1958
4. KNA876
Mayne KNA876 was an A.E.C. Regent III with East Lancs H33/26R body new in August 1949. After serving as a driver training vehicle it passed in to preservation and is seen at Belle Vue, Manchester at the start of the 1973 Trans Pennine Run.
Photo taken Sunday 5 August 1973, Belle Vue, Manchester
5. KNA876
Mayne KNA876 was an A.E.C. Regent III with East Lancs H33/26R body new in August 1949 which is seen in Stevenson Square, Manchester on service 46 to Sunnyside Road, Droylsden operated jointly with Manchester Corporation.
Photo taken Saturday 3 May 1958, Stevenson Square, Manchester
6. UNF10
Mayne UNF10, an A E C Regent V LD3RA built in 1957 with Park Royal H41/32R bodywork.
Photo taken June 1973, Stevenson Square, Manchester
7. 6973ND
6973ND, a 1961 AEC Regent MK V with Park Royal body new to A Mayne & Son Clayton Manchester, one of a batch of three delivered in 1961 (6972/3/4 ND). This bus survived converted to a semi open top tourist sightseeing bus but looking nothing like the original vehicle.
Photo taken Stevenson Square, Manchester
8. 9085ND
Wolsey, Stockton on Tees, 9085ND Bedford SB5 built in 1962 with Plaxton Embassy C41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1974, West Cliff, Whitby
9. 8859VR
Preserved A Mayne & Sons 8859VR, an AEC Regent V with East Lancs Neepsend H41/32R body, new in 1963.
Photo taken Sunday 5 April 2009, Wisley Aerodrome
10. 8860VR
Mayne were for many years the only small independent to run into Manchester on a joint service with Manchester Corporation. In contrast to Manchester's allegiance to Leyland and Daimler products, Mayne was an AEC fan for many years. Typical of their later Regents is 8860VR a 1963 AEC Regent V with East Lancs bodywork.
Photo taken 1998, Halifax
11. 8859VR
Mayne 8859VR, the first of two Neepsend H41/32R bodied A.E.C. 2D3RA Regent Vs new in January 1964, is seen in Stevenson Square, Manchester on service 213 to Sunnyside Road, Droylsden.
Photo taken Saturday 30 March 1968, Stevenson Square, Manchester
12. 8859VR
8859VR, a 1964 AEC Regent with East Lancs body, new to A Mayne and Son of Clayton, Manchester and restored to working order by Maynes seen here taking part in the Maynes 75th anniversary running day.
Photo taken Sunday 15 October 1995, Lever Street, Manchester
13. CXJ522C
Mayne eschewed early rear-engined double-deckers and went straight from AEC Regent Vs to bus grant Plaxton coaches after a gap of several years. Final Regent CXJ522C is seen a few minutes out from its city centre terminus on the Ashton New Road trunk route 213, amongst WWII damage and later neglect.
Photo taken Friday 17 August 1973, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester
14. CXJ522C
Mayne CXJ522C, an A E C Regent V 2D3RA built in 1965 with Neepsend H41/32R bodywork.
Photo taken April 1974, Stevenson Square, Manchester