SCT '61 Photo Index
Kippax Motors
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1. YG2465
Kippax & District 11, YG2465, a petrol engined AEC Regal dating from 1932, was fitted with this Roe B32F body in 1938 and is in a tight spot at Leeds Central Bus Station.
Photo taken Thursday 5 April 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
2. AWT128
Kippax and District bought their first double decker in 1935, a Leyland Titan TD4 with an early metal framed Leyland body. Numbered 8, AWT128, it gave eighteen years service being withdrawn in 1953.
Photo taken early 1950s, Leeds Central Bus Station
3. BWR98
Kippax & District 9, BWR98, seen in Leeds Central Bus Station, was a Leyland TD4c with a Leyland H28/26R body new in 1936.
Photo taken Saturday 22 October 1955, Leeds Central Bus Station
4. ASD121
Kippax Motors ASD121, seen in Leeds Bus Station awaiting its next journey, was a Daimler CWA6 with a Massey H30/26R body which had been new to Western S.M.T., Kilmarnock in 1943. It was acquired in June 1956 and withdrawn at the end of October.
Photo taken Friday 13 July 1956, Leeds Bus Station
5. EWU247
When new in 1944 as Kippax & District 12, EWU247 had a Roe H30/26R body. It was rebodied with a new Roe H31/25R body in 1953 and numbered 16.
Photo taken Saturday 21 July 1956, Leeds Bus Station
6. EWU247
Kippax & District EWU247 was a Daimler CWA6 of 1944, rebodied with a Roe H30/26R body in 1953.
Photo taken 1966, Ring Road, Whitkirk
7. LNW869
Kippax & District LNW869 was another of the former Wallace Arnold Daimler CVD6's coaches rebodied by Roe in the mid-1950s.
Photo taken 1966, Leeds Central Bus Station
8. LNW869
Kippax & District LNW869 is seen here running "light" into Leeds to take up the evening peak service back to Kippax.
Photo taken 1966, Selby Road, Whitkirk
9. LNW869
Second shot from the rear of Kippax & District LNW869, one of the former Wallace Arnold Daimler CVD6's coaches rebodied by Roe in 1957, that had come to minor grief on exiting the bus station after trying to avoid a car.
Photo taken 1966, Leeds Central Bus Station
10. LNW869
The famous Roe waistband is lined out to good effect in this view of Kippax & District Daimler LNW869 and Leyland PD3/1 6237 UB.
Photo taken 1966, Donisthorpe Street, Leeds
11. GWX823
Kippax & District GWX823, one of the two all-Leyland PD2s, was on borrowed time when seen at Wallace Arnold's new workshop, just months before withdrawal.
Photo taken 1967, Wallace Arnold's Gelderd Road Workshops, Leeds
12. GWX823
Kippax & District 14, GWX823, was one of two Leyland H30/26R bodied PD2/1s new to this fleet in 1948. Seen here in Leeds Central Bus Station, it had passed to Wallace Arnold when the Kippax company was taken over in June 1956 but had yet to be repainted in the new colours. Both vehicles remained in service until 1967.
Photo taken Saturday 4 August 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
13. GWX824
Kippax & District GWX824, a Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland H30/26R body, new in 1948, was transferred to Farsley Omnibus (a fellow Wallace Arnold subsidiary) to cover a temporary vehicle shortage for their service between Pudsey and Horsforth on the ourskirts of Leeds.
Photo taken 1965, Richardshaw Lane Garage, Pudsey
14. GWX824
Kippax & District Motors GWX824, a Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland H30/26R body of 1948, had just had a chassis steam clean and maintenance at Wallace Arnold's Hunslet Road workshop when seen on a short test run before returning to Kippax.
Photo taken 1965, Knowsthorpe Lane, Leeds
15. GWX824
Kippax Motors GWX824 was one of their two all-Leyland Leyland PD2/1s dating from 1948.
Photo taken 1965, Donisthorpe Street, Leeds
16. GWX824
Kippax & District had become a Wallace Arnold subsidiary, using the name Kippax Motors, by the time of this photo of 15, GWX824, a Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland H30/26R body, new in 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1959, Leeds Central Bus Station
17. MUM461
Kippax & District Motors MUM461 was a Daimler CVD6, originally with a Wilks & Meades coach body built in 1949 for Wallace Arnold. In 1956 it was fitted with this Roe H33/28R body for operation with sister company Farsley Omnibus.
Photo taken 1965, Selby Road, Halton, Leeds
18. SUA296
Kippax Motors SUA296 was a Leyland PD2/12 with a Leyland H30/26RD body seen in the Central Bus Station in Leeds.
Photo taken Monday 31 July 1967, Leeds Central Bus Station
19. SUA296
Kippax & District SUA296, an all-Leyland PD2/12 with H30/26R body of 1954, was transferred from fellow Wallace Arnold subsidiary Hardwicks in 1967.
Photo taken 1967, Ninelands Lane, Garforth
20. 6237UB
Kippax & District 6237UB, a Leyland PD3/1 with Roe body of 1960
Photo taken Monday 9 August 1965, in front of the Quarry Hill Flats, outside Leeds Central Bus Station
21. 6237UB
Kippax & District 6237UB was a Leyland PD3/1 with a Roe 41/32R body dating from 1960. It is seen about to make the sharp right turn into Leeds Road at the Cross Hills roundabout having come from Ledston Luck.
Photo taken Saturday 6 March 1965, Cross Hills, Kippax
22. 6237UB
Kippax & District 6237UB, a Leyland PD3/1 with Roe body of 1960, makes one of its last journeys before the takeover of its routes by Leeds City Transport.
Photo taken March, 1968, Selby Road, Halton Hill
23. 6237UB
The former Kippax and District Leyland PD3/1 / Roe 6237UB spent its later years with the Londonderry and Lough Swilly company, from whom it was repatriated in 1983 as a candidate for the West Yorkshire Transport Museum. It was stored for a while outside a shed in the Carlinghow Mills complex at Batley along with a number of other unrestored vehicles, there only being enough undercover space for a few fully restored ones.
Photo taken October 1983, Carlinghow Mills, Batley
24. 556DUA
Stoniers became part of the Berresford's operation in 1978 but is kept as a separate entity. 556DUA is one of a pair of ex Wallace Arnold vehicles, in this case from the Kippax Omnibus operation, a Leyland Titan PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32RD bodywork.
Photo taken Saturday 12 May 1973, Hanley Bus Station
25. 556DUA
556DUA was number 10 in the fleet of Stonier, Goldenhill and was a Leyland PD3A/1 with a Roe H41/32RD body which had been new to Kippax Motors, Leeds in October 1962, being acquired from them in April 1968.
Photo taken Sunday 20 June 1971
26. 556DUA
Kippax & District 556DUA, a Leyland PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32R body of 1962.
Photo taken 1966, Main Street, Berwick-in-Elmet
27. 556DUA
Kippax & District 556DUA was a Leyland PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32R body of 1962.
Photo taken 1966, Barwick Road, Garforth
28. 556DUA
Kippax & District 556DUA, a Leyland PD3A/1 with Roe body of 1962 makes the once a year service between Garforth and Barwick on the specially-licenced shuttle operation for the annual Barwick Maypole Day.
Photo taken 1966, Long Lane, Barwick-in-Elmet
29. DUG166C
Kippax Motors DUG166C, a Leyland PD3A/1 with Roe H41/32R body from 1965.
Photo taken 1967, Selby Road, Whitkirk
30. DUG167C
When Wallace Arnold sold its bus operations in Leeds and district to Leeds City Transport no vehicles were involved. The last buses delivered new to Kippax Motors were a pair of Leyland Titan PD3A/1s with Roe bodywork new in 1965. These went to the Blue Line company of Armthorpe near Doncaster. DUG167C stands at the Christ Church terminus in Doncaster, the home to many of the independent services in the town
Photo taken 1972, Thorne Road, Doncaster
31. KTD551C
Second shot of Leyland Atlantean demonstrator KTD551C while on hire to Kippax & District in 1965.
Photo taken June 1965, Ledston Luck, near Kippax
32. KTD551C
Leyland demonstrator KTD551C was the Park Royal-bodied Atlantean seen on loan to Kippax & District Motors.
Photo taken June 1965, St Peter's Street, Leeds
33. KTD551C
Leyland Atlantean demonstrator KTD551C on hire to Kippax & District, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Park Royal H41/33F body, new in January 1965
Photo taken June 1965, Leeds Central Bus Station