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Hunter, Seaton Delaval
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A photo of one of Hunters of Seaton Deleval pre war Leyland TS7s rebodied by Chas Roe with Darlington style centre entrance bodies, possibly either 10, JR 4901, a Leyland TS7 new in 1936 with a Burlingham C33F body and rebodied with a Roe B39C body in 1953, renumbered 20 and withdrawn in June 1961 or 11, JR 6600, a TS7 with Burlingham C33F body from 1937 and rebodied Roe B39C in 1954, renumbered 21 and withdrawn in 1962.
Photo taken 1962, Seaton Delaval
2. JR6600
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 21, JR6600, seen outside the offices of Roe at Manston Lane, Crossgates before delivery in its rebodied form, was a Leyland TS7. It had been new in 1937, as number 11, with a Burlingham C32F body and was withdrawn in 1954 and rebodied with a Roe B39C body to become fleet number 21.
Photo taken 1954, Roe Works, Manston Lane, Crossgates
3. DJR681
One of Hunter's immaculate all Leyland PD2s, 17, DJR681, about to to depart Northumberland Square for Seaton Deleval. The profile of the "Backworth Bus" standing behind the PD2 seems to have improved from a Bristol K5G to a Bristol FLF6B.
Photo taken 1962, Northumberland Square, North Shields
4. ETY912
Spotless as it approaches its twentieth birthday without even stains below its diesel filler, Hunter of Seaton Delaval 18, ETY912 leaves Whitley Bay town centre for its home village. The all-Leyland PD2/12 H32/28R was new in December 1951 and gained platform doors at unknown date.
Photo taken Saturday 3 July 1971, junction of Oxford Street & Whitley Road, Whitley Bay
5. ETY912
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 18, ETY912, seen at North Shields was a Leyland H32/28RD bodied Leyland PD2/12 new in 1951.
Photo taken Saturday 5 August 1967, North Shields
6. EJR791
OK Motor Services, Bishop Auckland, EJR791, a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15 built in 1952 and rebodied with a Plaxton Panorama C43F body in 1966.
Photo taken Sunday 12 April 1981, Lockey's Garage, St. Helen Auckland
7. EJR791
EJR791, seen here at Seaton Delaval, had been new in 1952 to Hunter, Seaton Delaval as number 19 with a Burlingham Seagull C41C body, The Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger was rebodied in 1966 with a Plaxton Panorama C43F body and was renumbered 27 still with Hunter.
Photo taken 1972, Westbourne Terrace, Seaton Delaval
8. LJR425
With green light for home village, Hunter of Seaton Delaval 23, LJR425 leaves Whitley Bay town centre on the stage service from North Shields. The AEC Reliance MU3RV carries Plaxton Consort C41F body, its new date June 1957 is as amended in news sheet 808.
Photo taken Saturday 2 August 1975, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay
9. LJR425
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 23, LJR425, was an A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance with a Plaxton Consort C41F body, new in May 1957.
Photo taken Northumberland Square, North Shields
10. VTY360
Hunter, Seaton Delaval, 26, VTY360, an A E C Reliance 2MU3RV built 1962 with Plaxton Highway B45F bodywork. Working the route to North Shields via Whitley Bay.
Photo taken mid 1960s?, Seaton Delaval
11. DBC189C
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 37, DBC189C (formerly Leicester 189), an AEC Renown 3B3RA with East Lancs. H44/31F body, new in 1965.
Photo taken Summer 1977, Oxford Street/North Parade, Whitley Bay
12. LJR749E
Hunter, Seaton Delaval LJR749E, an AEC 6MU4R Reliance with Plaxton Panorama I C43F body.
Photo taken Saturday 2 August 1969, William Street Coach Park, Scarborough
13. LJR749E
To the left Hunter, Seaton Delavel, 28, LJR749E, an AEC Reliance 6MU4R with Plaxton Panorama 1 C43F body, new in 1967 and to the right their PCN348R, a Leyland Leopard PSU3 with Plaxton Panorama Supreme body, new in 1976.
Photo taken Summer 1977, Hunter's Depot, Seaton Delaval
14. WTY843J
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 30, WTY843J was a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Roe H43/29D body which replaced Titan 17, DJR681 when new in January 1971.
Photo taken Saturday 2 August 1975, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay
15. WTY843J
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 30, WTY843J, a Leyland PDR1A/1 Atlantean with a Roe H43/29D body new in January 1971, was seen in North Shields.
Photo taken Friday 10 August 1979, Upper Norfolk Street, North Shields
16. WTY843J
Hunter of Seaton Delaval 30, WTY843J, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 built in 1971 with Roe H43/29D bodywork.
Photo taken March 1971, Northumberland Square, North Shields
17. GNL117L
Hunter, Seaton Delaval 31, GNL117L the second order with bus grant contrasted with Atlantean 30 by purchase of the popular combination of Leyland Leopard PSU3B/4R with Plaxton Panorama Elite Express body.
Photo taken Saturday 2 August 1975, Park View, Whitley Bay