SCT '61 Photo Index
Hedingham & District
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1. PHN847
Hedingham & District PHN847, Bristol LS / ECW, ex-United Auto.
Photo taken June 1971, Colchester Bus Station
2. TWL59
MacGregor, Sible Hedingham L64, TWL59, was a Bristol LS6B with an Eastern Coachworks DP39F body acquired in March 1969 from Thames Valley S319.
Photo taken Saturday 19 April 1969, Wethersfield Road, Sible Hedingham
3. BDV264C
Ex-Western National Bristol FLF/ECW BDV264C, now Hedingham & District L92, arrives at Hedingham school ready to take up a school working. This carries the red and cream livery as it was normally applied to double deckers.
Photo taken Hedingham School
4. MVX878C
This ENOC FLF made it into the fleet and elegant livery of Essex independent Hedingham & District. New in September 1965 as 2841, MVX878C was sold to Hedingham upon withdrawal from ENOC in February 1981. Hedingham operated it until the end of 1988, then sold it on to Thorne, Bromsgrove as a driver trainer.
Photo taken June 1988, North Weald
5. OPU822D
Seen at a Southend Bus Rally in the early 1980s is OPU822D, former Eastern National 2857. New to ENOC in February 1966, OPU was withdrawn in 1980, then in February 1981 was sold on to Hedingham and District whose livery it wears in this shot.
Photo taken Southend
6. LFS292F
Hedingham & District L104, LFS292F, ex-Eastern National 3043, acquired by EN from Eastern Scottish (AA292) in November 1973 via Eastern Counties.
Photo taken June 1982, Southend
7. PPU783M
Hedingham & District PPU783M, a Bedford YRQ with Willowbrook B47F body, new in 1974, with Eastern National MW 1361, OWC610 alongside.
Photo taken October 1974, Colchester Bus Station
8. VWC477L
Rear view of VWC477L, a Bedford YRQ with Marshall DP45F body in use with the Stronghold Tug-of-War Club, new to Sible Hedingham & District in early 1973.
Photo taken Sunday 27 September 1992, (probably) Great Wakering
9. VWC477L
Hedingham & District Bedford L77 VWC477L at the Great Yeldham terminus of route 89. This carries the cream with red trim version of the livery used on single deckers.
Photo taken Great Yeldham
10. RGV284N
Hedingham Omnibuses Leyland Leopard L84, RGV284N, with Willowbrook B55F body, new to them in September 1974.
Photo taken Sunday 14 May 2006