SCT '61 Photo Index
General, Chester-le-Street
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1. VUP889
VUP889 was an A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance with a Plaxton DP41F body new as General, Chester-le-Street number 26 in April 1957. The body had the side windows divided by polished metal strips as on the coaches of the period. The first Highway body with the more familiar method of glazing followed in July 1957.
2. 133FUP
Simmons, Great Gonerby who used the fleetname "Reliance" acquired, from General, Chester-le-Street, 133FUP, an A.E.C. 2MU3RV Reliance with a Plaxton Highway DP41F body which had been new in June 1960. It is seen in the bus station at Grantham.
Photo taken Monday 30 March 1964, Grantham Bus Station
3. 662KNN
General, Chester-le-Street, 25, 662KNN, a Bedford SB1 built in 1961 with Duple Super Vega C41F bodywork.
Photo taken February 1978, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
4. 983MPT
General, Chester-le-Street, 2 983MPT, a Bedford SB5 built in 1963/4 with Duple Midland B42F bodywork.
Photo taken mid/late 1960s, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
5. EYG551C
General Omnibus, Chester-le-Street, 26 EYG551C, a Bedford SB5 built in 1965 with Plaxton Panorama C41F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1977, Guisborough, off Rectory Lane near the cricket club
6. GTY247D
General, Chester-le-Street GTY247D was a Bedford VAM5 with a Duple Midland B45F body, new to Craiggs, Amble in February 1966 which was seen leaving the bus station in Chester-le-Street.
Photo taken Wednesday 30 July 1969, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
7. MUP356D
General, Chester-le-Street, 2, MUP356D, a Bedford VAM built in 1966 with Duple Bella Venture C45F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1971, Roman Road, Middlesbrough
8. TPT426E
General, Chester-le-Street, 14 TPT426E, a Bedford VAM14 built in 1967 with Duple Viceroy C45F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1971, off Rectory Lane, Guisborough
9. MBO509F
General, Chester-le-Street, 4, MBO509F, an AEC Swift MP2R built in 1968 with Alexander W B47D bodywork.
Photo taken April 1982, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
10. EPT602G
General, Chester-le-Street, EPT602G, a Bedford VAM70 built in 1969 with a Duple badged but Willowbrook built B45F body. General never seemed to have a very consistent livery and this one didn't even cover the whole vehicle.
Photo taken May 1970, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
11. EPT602G
General, Chester-le-Street EPT602G, a Bedford VAM70 with a Willowbrook B45F body, was seen leaving the bus station in Chester-le-Street.
Photo taken Wednesday 30 July 1969, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
12. KUP336J
General Omnibus, Chester-le-Street, 22 KUP336J, a Bedford SB5 built in 1970 with Duple Vega 31 C41F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1972, Guisborough Old Station Yard
13. LPT645J
General, Chester-le-Street, operated LPT645J, a Bedford VAM70 built in 1970 with Plaxton Derwent B45F bodywork, numbered 7 in the fleet.
Photo taken August 1972, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
14. YYB239H
General, Chester-le-Street, 19 YYB239H, a Bedford VAL70 built in 1970 with Caetano Estoril C53F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1974, Car Park at end of Chaloner Street, Guisborough
15. BUR591K
General, Chester-le-Street, 7 BUR591K, a Ford R226 built in 1971/2 with Duple Viceroy C53F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1980, Rectory Lane, Guisborough