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Felix Motors
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1. EYG33
Felix, Hatfield 23, EYG33, a Roe H31/25R bodied Leyland PD1, joined the fleet in 1946 and is seen here at Churchgate, Doncaster awaiting departure on the service to Armthorpe.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1957, Christ Church, Doncaster
2. GWY157
Samuel Ledgard GWY157, ex-Felix Motors 26, an AEC Regent III with Roberts H30/26R body of 1948.
Photo taken 1965, Troydale Terminus, Pudsey
3. JWU131
Felix, Hatfield was the operator of this 1950 Leyland H30/26R bodied PD2/1 numbered 28, JWU 131, and seen here at the Churchgate, Doncaster terminus.
Photo taken Sunday 2 June 1957, Christ Church, Doncaster
4. JWU131
Leyland H30/26R bodied Leyland PD2/1 of Felix Motors, Hatfield at East Laith Gate, Doncaster was number 28 in this fleet, JWU131.
Photo taken Sunday 15 June 1958, Christ Church, Doncaster
5. JWU131
Samuel Ledgard JWU131 was an all-Leyland lowbridge PD2/1 built for Felix Motors in 1950, and sold to Ledgard in 1962. Next to it was former Doncaster Corporation 136, MDT221, an AEC Regent III originally with Roe lowbridge body, then used as a tree-lopper.
Photo taken 1967, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
6. LWY942
Felix, Hatfield 33, LWY942, an A.E.C. 9613S Regent III with a Roe H31/25R body, is seen in East Laith Gate, Doncaster.
Photo taken Saturday 24 July 1965, East Laith Gate, Doncaster
7. RWU642
Felix of Hatfield were firm AEC users for many years. Seen at the Thorne terminus of the Doncaster service is 35, RWU642, Felix's first AEC Regent V dating from 1956.
Photo taken 1969, Thorne, near Doncaster
8. RWU643
Former Felix of Hatfield 36, RWU643, an AEC Regent V D3RV with Roe H33/28R body, new in 1956.
Photo taken March 1973, W. North's premises, Sherburn in Elmet
9. XWX795
Felix of Hatfield 40, XWX795, an AEC Reliance 2MU3RV with Roe Dalesman IV C41F body, new in 1959.
Photo taken Autumn 1973, Felix's Garage, Park Lane, Hatfield, near Doncaster
10. XWX795
Seen arriving at Wembley Stadium, after conversion to a Motor Home, is XWX795, an A.E.C. 2MU3RV Reliance with a Roe body which, when new to Felix, Hatfield in May 1959, had a C41F configuration, and fleet number 40.
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1976, Wembley Stadium
11. XWX795
Ex Felix, Doncaster XWX795, a 1959 AEC Reliance with Roe Dalesman coach body.
Photo taken Sunday 14 July 2013, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
12. 9629WU
Preserved Felix of Hatfield 41, 9629WU, an AEC Reliance with Roe C43F body new in April 1960.
Photo taken Sunday 30 May 1993, AEC Rally, Nottingham
13. 8176WY
Felix Motors, Hatfield, 42, 8176WY, an A E C Regent V 2D3RA built in 1961 with Roe H41/32RD bodywork.
Photo taken August 1974, East Laith Gate, Doncaster
14. 932BWR
Felix of Hatfield were firm AEC users. 43, 932BWR, is a 1962 AEC Regent V 2D3RA with a Roe body seating 73.
Photo taken 1972, Thorne Road, Doncaster
15. 932BWR
Felix Motors 43, 932BWR, an AEC Regent V with Roe H41/32RD bodywork which was delivered new to Felix in 1962 is seen loading for Armthorpe, a service operated jointly with Blue Line and Doncaster Corporation. 43 was acquired by SYPTE with the Felix business in April 1976 and was renumbered 1164 by them.
Photo taken c. 1973, Thorne Road, Doncaster
16. 493DWW
SYPTE 1013, 493DWW, an A.E.C. 2MU3RA Reliance with a Duple Commodore C43F body new as Felix, Hatfield 44 in June 1963 was seen in Doncaster.
Photo taken Wednesday 12 April 1978, Doncaster
17. AWR997B
Felix, Hatfield 45, AWR997B, was an A.E.C.2D3RA Regent V with a Roe H41/32RD body seen turning from Thorne Road into East Laith Gate in Doncaster.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 August 1970, Thorne Road/East Laith Gate, Doncaster
VWT355F, seen at Bridlington, is Felix, Hatfield 48 which was an A.E.C. 6U3ZR Reliance with a Plaxton Derwent II DP51F body, new in July 1968.
Photo taken Wednesday 25 August 1976, Bridlington
19. YYG649G
Felix Motors 49, YYG649G, a Daimler CRG6LX with Roe H44/30D bodywork new in May 1969 is seen loading for Moorends, a service operated jointly with Severn and Premier.
Photo taken c. 1973, Thorne Road, Doncaster
20. YYG649G
Felix 49, YYG649G, was a Daimler CRG6LX Fleetline with a Roe H44/30D body seen turning from Thorne Road into East Laith Gate in Doncaster.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 August 1970, Thorne Road/East Laith Gate, Doncaster
21. CWX484H
Felix of Hatfield CWX484H, an AEC Reliance 6U3ZR with Plaxton Panorama Elite C51F body, new in 1970.
Photo taken 1973, Felix Depot, Dunsville near Hatfield