SCT '61 Photo Index
J. Fishwick & Sons, based in Leyland, Lancashire

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1. ATD774
Seen on fairground duties at Bramley Feast with the roof lowered after sale by Fishwick, Preston, although still carrying their name, is ATD774, a Leyland L27/24R bodied Leyland TD3 which had been number 4 in this fleet.
Photo taken Saturday 17 May 1958, near Henconner Lane, Bramley
2. JTJ823
Fishwick 25, JTJ823, a Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland H30/26R body seen at Leyland was new in February 1949.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 October 1964, Hough Lane, Leyland
3. NTC233
Fishwick 16, NTC233, a Leyland HR44/96S Olympic with Weymann B40F body, seen in Preston, was one of eight new between March and October 1951
Photo taken Monday 26 August 1963, Fishwick's Bus Station, Fox Street, Preston
4. NTD424
Fishwick 2, NTD424, a Leyland PD2/12 with Leyland L27/26R body seen in Manchester at the LMS Coachways coach station.
Photo taken Saturday 6 June 1959, East Street Coach Station, Manchester
5. 521CTF
Warstone Motors/Green Bus Service, Great Wyrley, 14, 521CTF, a Leyland Olympian HRC built in 1957 with Weymann B44F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1981, Great Wyrley Garage
6. 523CTF
J Fishwick & Sons, Leyland, 14, 523CTF, a Leyland Olympian HRC built in 1957 with Weymann DP40F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1972, Ripon Racecourse
7. 524CTF
Fishwick 22, 524CTF, as converted for coach use in 1964 but relegated to stage work in 1968 was a Leyland Olympian with Weymann DP40F body.
Photo taken Friday 6 July 1973, Fishwick's Depot/Bus Station, Tuer Street, Leyland
8. 524CTF
Fishwick often ran one off and unusual Leylands and seen here is 524CTF, originally numbered 28, a 1957 Leyland Olympian with Weymann B44F body, one of six bought just before the chassis was deleted from the Leyland home catalogue.
Photo taken 1975, Leyland
9. 526CTF
Fishwick 29, 526CTF, and 9, WTE484L. 29 was a Leyland Olympian with Weymann B44F body new in 1958 whilst 9 was a Fowler B48F bodied Daimler SRL6-36 Fleetline new in March 1973.
Photo taken Tuesday 10 April 1973, Leyland
10. 528CTF
Two buses from the fleet of J Fishwick, based in Leyland, on the left 528CTF, a 1958 Leyland PD2/40 with Weymann L28/27RD body and to the right Leyland single decker 521CTF, with a Weymann B44F body, also new in 1958.
Photo taken Sunday 22 May 2005, King Street Car Park, Leyland
11. 528CTF
Fishwick 5, 528CTF, one of six 1958 deliveries, was a Leyland PD2/40 with Weymann L30/28R body seen at Leyland.
Photo taken Tuesday 10 April 1973, Fishwick Depot, Tuer Street, Leyland
12. 528CTF
Like their much larger neighbour Ribble, Fishwick bought Leylands for many years. This Leyland Titan PD2/40 with lowbridge Weymann body was originally delivered with an open platform but later had doors fitted. 5, 528CTF, dates from 1958
Photo taken Saturday 28 May 2011, Stagecoach Morecambe Depot
13. 528CTF
Former Fishwick 5, 528CTF, a 1958 Leyland PD2/40 with Weymann lowbridge body. New with an open rear platform; Fishwick fitted platform doors at a later date.
Photo taken Sunday 26 May 2013, Seafront, near the Midland Hotel, Morecambe
14. 532CTF
A timely reminder of Fishwick's 21, 532CTF, a Leyland PD2/40 with Weymann low height bodywork, seen at Dunoon in the fleet of Gormans.
Photo taken Saturday 5 July 1975, West Bay, Dunoon
15. 750TJ
Seen at Wembley was Fishwick’s C9, 750TJ, a 1962 Leyland PSU3/3RT Leopard with very rare Duple Northern Dragonfly C49C body acquired in July 1966, having previously been a Leyland demonstrator.
Photo taken Saturday 10 May 1975, London Wembley
16. 7589TF
J Fishwick & Sons, Leyland, C3, 7589TF, an Albion Victor VT21L built in 1963 with Duple Northern Firefly C41F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1972, Redcar Racecourse
17. 7589TF
Indra Tours 29Sri467 was an Albion VT21L Victor with a Duple Northern Firefly C41F body seen in Colombo. It had been new to Fishwick & Brindle C3, registered 7589TF, in July 1963 and had been withdrawn by them in June 1973. (Photo by Bruce Harris, John Kaye collection)
Photo taken Wednesday 27 January 1982, Colombo, Sri Lanka
18. ATB597A
Fishwick & Brindle, Leyland 30, ATB597A, was a Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean with a Weymann L39/34F body, seen in Preston Bus Station.
Photo taken Saturday 15 April 1972, Preston Bus Station
19. ATB598A
Fishwick 31, ATB598A, seen at Leyland was one of four PDR1/1 Atlanteans with Weymann L39/34F bodies new in October 1963
Photo taken Tuesday 29 October 1963, Golden Hill Lane, Leyland
20. CTB952B
In 1963 Fishwicks took delivery of a pair of Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with Weymann bodywork, numbered 11 and 28 CTB951/2B. The former seated 45 and the latter seen here was B49F.
Photo taken Tuesday 5 April 1977, Preston Bus Station
21. SGD669
Fishwick often bought one off vehicles from Leyland Motors and seen here is SGD669, a 1963 Leyland Atlantean with Alexander body to Glasgow's specification.
Photo taken Wednesday 11 June 1975, Preston Bus Station
22. CTB951B
Fishwick 11, CTB951B, was a Weymann B53F bodied Leyland PSU3/4R Leopard new in January 1964.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 October 1964, Hough Lane, Leyland
23. CTB952B
Williams Coaches, Llangollen, CTB952B, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/4R built in 1964 with Weymann B53F bodywork. New as 12 in the fleet of Fishwick, Leyland, and taken next to an unrepainted Fishwick vehicle at the garage yard.
Photo taken July 1978, Llangollen
24. CTE442B
Fishwick 23, CTE442B, was a Leyland PDR1/1 with Weymann L39/34F body new in February 1964.
Photo taken Tuesday 10 April 1973, Leyland
25. STC359C
Seen at Wembley was Fishwick & Brindle, Leyland 33, STC359C, a Leyland PSU3/4RT Leopard with a Weymann DP49F body.
Photo taken Saturday 8 May 1976, Wembley Stadium
26. TTE641D
Fishwick & Brindle, Leyland 25, TTE641D, was a Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean with a Weymann L39/31F body, the first of three new in June 1966, and was seen at their garage.
Photo taken Saturday 16 April 1977, Garage, Leyland
27. TTE642D
Fishwick of Leyland not unnaturally were keen Leyland users. Seen here is 26, TTE642D, a 1966 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Weymann lowbridge body.
Photo taken 1975, Tuer Street Depot, Leyland
28. YTE952D
Williams of Llangollen, YTE952D Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/12 built in 1966 with Massey B45F bodywork. One of at least two such vehicles acquired from Fishwick of Leyland where it had been numbered 3.
Photo taken July 1978, Llangollen
29. YTE952D
Eynon, Trimsaran YTE952D a former Fishwick's 1966 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/12 with Massey B45F bodywork and FEK1F a 1968 Leyland PD2/37 with Massey H37/27F bodywork, originally Wigan Corporation 25.
Photo taken Saturday 24 March 1984, Trimsaran
30. JTJ667F
Fishwick 1, JTJ667F, a Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R with Park Royal bodywork was built in 1968 as a Leyland demonstrator, and purchased by Fishwick's in 1969. When built it was B48D+22 but was converted to single door.
Photo taken Thursday 6 April 1978, Fishwick's Depot, Tuer Street, Leyland
31. VTD441H
Although pictured here in preservation rather than in service, Fishwick 12, VTD441H, is unique in not only having the first full size bus body built by Fowler of Leyland, but the only one on a Leyland Tiger Cub chassis, being a PSUC1/12 built in 1969.
Photo taken Sunday 19 July 1992, North Albert Street, Fleetwood
32. BTD778J
The bodies built by Fowler of Leyland for Fishwicks are generally derided for their angular boxy appearance. I rather like the neat rear aspect of the B44F body on Leyland Leopard PSU4A/2R number 13, BTD778J, with the rounded windows and the circular reversing window as seen in Preston bus station in April 1977.
Photo taken Tuesday 5 April 1977, Preston Bus Station
33. BTD778J
Fishwick & Brindle, Leyland 13, BTD778J, was a Leyland PSU4A/2R Leopard with a Fowler B44F body, seen in Preston Bus Station.
Photo taken Saturday 15 April 1972, Preston Bus Station
34. BTD779J
Following on from the initial Leyland Tiger Cub of 1969, the next three Fowler bodies for Fishwick's were delivered on Leyland Leopard PSU4A/2R chassis, to the same B44F configuration. Registered BTD778J-780J with fleet numbers 13 16 and 27, number 16 is seen entering Preston bus station in June 1977.
Photo taken June 1977, Preston Bus Station
35. VTC716H
J Fishwick & Sons, Leyland, C5, VTC716H, a Leyland Leopard PSU4A/4R built in 1970 with Plaxton Panorama Elite C41F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1972, Redcar Racecourse
36. VTC716H
VTC716H seen in Wembley Hill Road, when departing from Wembley Stadium, was a Leyland PSU4A/4RT Leopard with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C41F body in the fleet of Fishwick & Brindle, Leyland.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1970, Wembley Hill Road, Wembley
37. MTE186K
Number 6 in the fleet of Fishwick & Brindle, Leyland was MTE186K, a Leyland PDR1/3 Atlantean with a Fowler H43/30F body new in August 1972 which was withdrawn in November 1978.
Photo taken Garage, Leyland
38. BTB779L
Fishwick & Brindle C3, BTB779L, was a Leyland PSU3B/4RT Leopard with a Plaxton Elite Express III C49F body and was seen in Station Road, Chingford on its way to the Cub & Scout Jamboree at Gilwell Park, Epping Forest.
Photo taken Saturday 7 July 1973, Station Road, Chingford
39. TTJ496M
In 1973 and 1974 Fishwicks took two deliveries of Fowler B48F+20 bodied Daimler Fleetline single decks. One of the 1973 pair is already pictured on the site and this is one of the 1974 delivery of three. The batch was registered TTJ496-498M and were numbered 7 8 and 20 in Fishwicks traditional gap filling scheme. Number 7 is seen in Preston bus station in April 1977 with a couple of Ribble PD3's in the background.
Photo taken Tuesday 5 April 1977, Preston Bus Station
40. XTB729N
With a backdrop of the magnificent Derby Baths, long gone, and the Blackpool Hilton Hotel, Fishwick 19, XTB729N, an Atlantean/East Lancs is parked on the Promenade.
Photo taken Saturday 16 August 1980, Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool