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Ellen Smith, Rochdale
Ellen Smith, Rochdale

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1. KDK1
Harrington Wayfarer C41C bodywork was carried by KDK1, a Leyland PSU1/16 Royal Tiger, new to Ellen Smith, Rochdale in 1953.
Photo taken Thursday 8 June 1961, Smith’s garage, Yorkshire Street, Rochdale
2. ODK137
Ellen Smith’s first Leyland Worldmaster, ODK137, was on an RT3/1 bus chassis in January 1956 and carried a Plaxton Venturer III C41C body.
Photo taken 1956, Scarborough
3. ODK137
Seen at Wembley with its second Plaxton body, a 1968 Panorama I C41F, is Ellen Smith’s 1956 Leyland Worldmaster ODK137, an RT3/1 model.
Photo taken Saturday 13 May 1978, Wembley Stadium, London
4. RDK4
Ellen Smith's Tours, Rochdale RDK4, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with Duple Britannia C41C body, new in 1957.
Photo taken late August 1969, Bradford Road, Stump Cross, Halifax
5. SDK442
Ellen Smith of Rochdale, SDK442, Leyland Worldmaster RT3/2 built in 1958 and rebodied as seen here with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C41F body in 1970.
Photo taken July 1978, Redcar Racecourse
6. SDK442
New in March 1958 to Ellen Smith, Rochdale with a Plaxton Consort II C41C body, SDK442, a Leyland RT3/2 Worldmaster was rebodied in 1970 with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C41F body and is seen here at Blackpool.
Photo taken Sunday 8 April 1973, Blackpool
7. YDK869
YDK869 was a Leyland L2T Leopard with a Harrington Cavalier C41F body in the fleet of Ellen Smith, Rochdale and was seen at Brighton on Madeira Drive. 
Photo taken Sunday 23 April 1961, Madeira Drive, Brighton
8. 3161DK
Ellen Smith, Rochdale, 3161DK, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1962 with Harrington Cavalier C51F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1972, Ripon Racecourse
9. 4728DK
Ellen Smith, Rochdale. From right to left we have 4728DK, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT with Harrington Cavalier 36 C45F body, new in 1963 and withdrawn in 1978; RDK4, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with Duple Britannia C41C body, new in 1957 and withdrawn in 1974; UDK551, another Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 but with Harrington Wayfarer IV C41F body, new in 1959 and withdrawn in 1974.
Photo taken Sunday 13 February 1983, Ellen Smith's garage, Yorkshire Street, Rochdale
10. CDK448C
Ellen Smith, Rochdale, CDK448C, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R built in 1965 with Harrington Grenadier C49F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Thirsk Racecourse
11. CDK448C
Ellen Smith of Rochdale always played second fiddle to Yelloway in their home town although after a period under the Rossendale Transport banner they are now an independent entity. This 1965 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R, CDK448C, dates from 1965 and carries a Harrington Grenadier body this was akin to the Harrington Cavalier with subtle differences.
Photo taken Sunday 4 August 2013, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
12. FDK187D
Seen leaving William Street coachpark in Scarborough in the early evening on its way back to Rochdale was the rarity in the Ellen Smith fleet. FDK187D was an A.E.C. 2MU3RA Reliance with a Plaxton Panorama C41F body.
Photo taken Wednesday 7 August 1974, William Street coachpark, Scarborough
13. FDK187D
Ellen Smith, Rochdale FDK187D, an AEC Reliance with Plaxton Panorama C41F body new in 1966.
Photo taken Sunday 13 February 1983, Ellen Smith's garage, Yorkshire Street, Rochdale
14. FDK94D
FDK94D, a Leyland PSU3/3RT Leopard with a Plaxton Panorama C49F body was entered in the British Coach Rally by Ellen Smith, Rochdale and is seen on Madeira Drive in Brighton.
Photo taken Saturday 23 April 1966, Madeira Drive, Brighton
15. HDK751E
Ellen Smith, Rochdale, HDK751E, a Leyland Leopard PSU3/4RT built in 1967 with Plaxton Panorama I C49F bodywork.
Photo taken May 1972, Darlington
16. HDK751E
Ellen Smith, Rochdale HDK751E seen at Wembley was a Leyland PSU3/4RT Leopard with a Plaxton Panorama Elite III C49F body which had, in March 1975, replaced the original Plaxton Panorama I C49F body from May 1967.
Photo taken Saturday 10 May 1975, Wembley Stadium