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Edinburgh Corporation
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Edinburgh tram 35, built in 1947, now based at Crich.
Photo taken Tuesday 3 May 1988, at Glasgow Garden Festival
Edinburgh trams were not electrified until the nineteen twenties being the last cable network in the UK. The corporation adopted a progresive policy towards new trams which resulted in the Edinburgh standard car of the nineteen thirties which were also built after the war. One of these survives at the Tramway Museum at Crich, 35 which dates from 1947.
Photo taken Sunday 24 May 2009, Crich Tramway Museum
Edinburgh 35 not only ran at the Glasgow garden festival, but in 1985 it operated in Blackpool along side Glasgow 1297.
Photo taken Sunday 29 September 1985, St Peters Church, Fleetwood
4. ESG649
Edinburgh Corporation sand lorry "4", ESG649, started life as a single deck Guy Arab III with MCCW B35F body built in 1948. It was renumbered various times from A136, and substantially rebuilt by 1970, including a ECT "Leyland" front panel.
Photo taken July 1970, Annandale Street Garage(?), Edinburgh
5. ESG652
Edinburgh 739, ESG652, was a Guy Arab III with Metro-Cammell B35R body which was new in 1948. Originally numbered A139 (the ‘A’, in theory at least, representing a Daimler single-decker with oil engine), it became 739 in the May 1951 renumbering (in which the ‘A’ series buses had 600 added to their number) before becoming 839 in 1956 in order to accommodate the ’56 order of PD2s (701-800).
Photo taken Saturday 16 August 2014, SVBM, Lathalmond
6. ESG652
Another photograph of Edinburgh 739, ESG652, this time from the rear so as to show the unusual entrance to these vehicles. It is displaying ‘Easter Road’ on its side blind which is consistent with the 1/21 Circle, and 13 on its rear numeral blind for the Lochend to Ravelston Dykes service.
Photo taken Saturday 16 August 2014, SVBM, Lathalmond
7. ESG652
Edinburgh Corporation 739, ESG652, a 1948 Guy Arab III with MCW 35 seat rear entrance body.
Photo taken c. 1994, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate
8. ESG652
Edinburgh 739, ESG652, was a Guy Arab III with Metro-Cammell B35R body which was new in 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 15 August 2015, SVBM, Lathalmond
9. ESG652
Edinburgh 739, ESG652, a Guy Arab III of 1948 with an MCW 35 seat body
Photo taken August 2009, Lathalmond open day 2009
10. ESG652
This Edinburgh Guy Arab III saloon 739, ESG652, has a Metro-Cammell body and already appears on SCT61, but this picture shows it has been restored a long time, taking part in the 1976 Trans-Pennine Run. I always looked forward to the Scottish entries as they were both well-restored and interesting and I admired the owners for bringing them such a long way at not inconsiderable cost.
Photo taken Sunday 1 August 1976, Rochdale Road, Todmorden
11. FSC182
Scotland's capital city can boast of several museums and galleries, but no transport museum since the small one housed in the Shrubhill works of Edinburgh City transport was closed several years ago. Along with Edinburgh tram 35 and FSC182, Aberdeen BRS37, a Daimler CWD6 with a Duple body was also displayed.
Photo taken Monday 11 April 1977, Shrubhill Works, Edinburgh
12. FSC182
Edinburgh 135, FSC182, a Daimler CVG6/ Met-Cam, 1949 built, seems to have escaped being illustrated on here. This bus, similar to deliveries to Newcastle and of course Birmingham, was exhibited at the Corporation Transport Museum at Shrubhill works for several years alongside tram 35. The museum closed, and the collection was dispersed. Seen on a "Classic Bus " running day outside the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, 135 ticks over in the shade.
Photo taken Sunday 21 August 1994, Botanic Gardens
13. GSG13
Edinburgh 181, GSG13, a Daimler CVG6 with Metro-Cammell H56R body seen in Princes Street.
Photo taken July 1961, Princes Street
14. JWS594
Edinburgh Corporation bought a number of second hand wartime Guy Arabs from London in the early 1950s to speed up their tram replacement programme. They were rebodied by Duple subsiduary Nudd.
Photo taken August 1980, Harrogate
15. JWS601
Edinburgh 321, JWS601, was an ex-London Transport utility Guy Arab 5LW (G264 - GYL405) rebodied on acquisition by Duple/Nudd in 1953 as H31/24R and fitted with Leyland PD2/20 style grille.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Princes Street
16. JWS603
Edinburgh 323, JWS603, was a former wartime LT Guy Arab II (HGC177), rebuilt in 1953 with this Duple/Nudd H31/24R body.
Photo taken 1965, Leith Walk, Edinburgh
17. JWS623
Edinburgh 343, JWS623, was a former London Transport Guy Arab II of 1943 (GYL349), rebuilt by Duple/Nudd with this semi-full front H31/24R body in 1953.
Photo taken 1965, Leith Walk (Antigua St.)/London Rd, Edinburgh
Edinburgh City Transport Coat of Arms photographed on side of PD2 in 1970. Crests were altered in 1974 when local government was re-organised in Scotland.
Photo taken ECT Garage
19. LFS406
Edinburgh 406, LFS406, and 756, NSF756, were both MCW-bodied Leyland PD2/20's, dating from 1954 and 1956 respectively.
Photo taken 1965, Leith Walk/London Road roundabout, Edinburgh
20. LFS409
Davies, Tredegar LFS409 was an ex-Edinburgh Leyland PD2/20 with Metro-Cammell H33/29R body new in 1954 which is seen in Merthyr.
Photo taken Friday 30 July 1971, Merthyr
21. LFS410
Tyne and Wear driver trainer DT6 LFS410 an ex Edinburgh Leyland PD2.
Photo taken Sunday 18 July 1976, Fulwell PTE Depot, Sunderland
22. LFS415
A1 Service, Ardrossan, LFS415, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 built in 1954 with Metro-Cammell H33/29R bodywork. This had been new as Edinburgh Corporation 415 and was owned by Steele in the A1 group. Note the "Royal Tiger" on the radiator cover.
Photo taken June 1971, Parkhouse Stance, Ardrossan
23. LFS420
Edinburgh Corporation 420, LFS420, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 built in 1954 with Metro-Cammell H33/29R bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Princes Street, Edinburgh
24. LFS450
Queensway, Liverpool LFS450, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 with Metro Cammell highbridge body, new to Edinburgh Corporation (450) in 1954.
Photo taken Spring 1971, Clifton Drive, Lytham St. Anne's
25. LFS454
As Glen Tours at Baildon has been having a bit of coverage on SCT61 I thought I would make my contribution. This is ex-Edinburgh Leyland Titan PD2/20 LFS454 with a Metro-cammell Orion body and had not been with Glen long at the time of this photo.
Photo taken Monday 2 November 1970, Otley Road, Shipley
26. LFS465
Contrasting MCCW bodywork on Leyland PD2s with Cunningham's Bus Service, Paisley: LFS465 with a BMMO tin-front and rear platform was ex-Edinburgh Corporation 465 while MCP225 with an exposed radiator and forward entrance came fron Halifax via Smith & May, Benfleet.
Photo taken February 1975, Cunningham Garage, Underwood Road, Paisley
27. LFS466
Two Cunninghams PD2s, on the left former Trent Leyland Titan PD2/12 with MCW body KCH101, of 1957 alongside former Edinburgh Leyland Titan PD2/20 also with MCW body, LFS466.
Photo taken October 1971, Cunninghams Depot Yard, Paisley
28. LFS487
Tayside Regional Council 3, LFS487, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 built in 1954 with Metro-Cammell H33/27R bodywork. New as Edinburgh Corporation 487, this was one of several that moved across the Firth of Forth to Dundee.
Photo taken July 1977, Dundee Depot
29. LWS503
Edinburgh Corporation 503, LWS503, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 built in 1955 with Metro-Cammell H34/29R bodywork.
Photo taken August 1974, High Street
30. LWS511
Tayside Regional Council 6, LWS511, a Leyland Titan PD2/20 built in 1955 with Metro-Cammell H34/29R bodywork. Painted in the new livery for the Regional Council, this had been Edinburgh Corporation 511.
Photo taken July 1977, Dundee
31. LWS537
Edinburgh famous "monsterous masses of shivering tin", to quote a city councillor of the nineteen fifties, had long lives. Two are seen here in Portobello; nearer the camera is 537, LWS537, while the driver clambers into the cab of slightly older 439, LFS439. Both buses are Leyland Titan PD2/20 with lightweight MCW bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 20 August 1972, Eastfield Terminus
32. LWS553
Edinburgh Corporation 553, LWS553, a Met Cam bodied Leyland PD2/20.
Photo taken Queen Street
33. LWS560
Edinburgh Corporation 560, LWS560, a Met Cam bodied Leyland PD2/20.
Photo taken Princes St./Waverley Bridge
34. LWS582
Edinburgh City Transport 582, LWS582, a Leyland Titan PD2 with Metro-Cammell H63R body
Photo taken July 1972, Princes Street
35. NSF714
Edinburgh 714, NSF714, a Leyland Titan PD2 with Metro-Cammell H63R body, new in 1956
Photo taken July 1972, Princes Street
36. NSF723
Edinburgh 723, NSF723, was a Leyland PD2/20 with an MCCW H34/29R body of 1956.
Photo taken 1965, Leith Walk (Antigua St.)/London Road
37. NSF727
Edinburgh 727, NSF727, was a Leyland Titan PD2 with Metro-Cammell H63R body dating from 1956
Photo taken Wednesday 16 August 1972, York Place
38. NSF732
Edinburgh 732, NSF732, a Leyland PD2/20 with MCCW H34/29R bodywork which was new in 1956 stands in the sunshine at the Fairmilehead terminus of service 11.
Photo taken c. 1971, Swanston Drive, Fairmilehead
39. NSF756
Edinburgh 406, LFS406, and 756, NSF756, were both MCW-bodied Leyland PD2/20's, dating from 1954 and 1956 respectively.
Photo taken 1965, Leith Walk/London Road roundabout, Edinburgh
40. NSF935
Edinburgh 935, NSF935, a Guy Arab IV built in 1956 with Alexander H34/29R bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Princes Street
41. OFS763
Edinburgh 763, OFS763, was a Leyland Titan PD2/20 with an MCW Orion body of 1957. Behind is 734, NSF734, from the 1956 batch.
Photo taken 1965, Craighall Road, Newhaven
42. PWS998
Edinburgh's first PD3 was a rather unusual one as it carried this unique Homalloy front. 998, PWS998, was a PD3/2 new in late 1957 and fitted initially with an automatic gearbox. It carried the usual Alexander body and was joined later by similar 999 and four PD3/3s. Edinburgh reverted to shorter purchases for some time before returning to the PD3 in 1964. These first six PD3s all left the fleet when quite young and passed to Highland, 998 becoming HB5 in that fleet.
Photo taken Sunday 14 September 1980, Sheffield Park Station, Bluebell Railway
43. VSC100
Edinburgh 100, VSC100, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/3 built in 1960 with Weymann B47F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Waverley Bridge
44. VSC54
Edinburgh Corporation 54, VSC54, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/3 built in 1960 with Weymann B47F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Frederick Street, Edinburgh
45. VSC86
Edinburgh City Transport 86, VSC86, a 1961 Leyland Tiger Cub with Weymann body. One of a batch of 50, many of which were sold to Ulsterbus in the 1970s.
Photo taken August 1996, Dunbar
46. VSC88
Edinburgh City Transport 88, VSC88, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/3 with Weymann B47F body built in 1961 rests at Longstone garage. In a busy tourist city, trying to obtain good views of Edinburgh buses in summer proved difficult and sometimes resorting to a garage view was necessary! The usual Leyland badge has been replaced by the castle emblem.
Photo taken Saturday 15 August 1970, Longstone ECT Garage
47. YSG101
A study in "Y" Types. YSG101 is the well known 3 door Edinburgh Leopard alongside Venture 249, 6249UP. Although quoted as 1962 elsewhere, YSG101 was new in 1961 according to the information boards displayed on the bus while Venture 249, 6249 UP is a Leyland Leopard with Alexander C51F body new in 1963.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 2014, Bents Park, South Shields
48. YWS618
Edinburgh Corporation 618, YWS618, a Leyland Titan PD2A/30 built in 1961/2 with Alexander H37/29R bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Princes Street
49. YSG101
Edinburgh Corporation 101 YSG101, a 1962 Alexander bodied Leyland Leopard. When new this bus had a rear entrance and front and centre exit doors in the continental style with the conductor seated by the rear door.
Photo taken 1994, Halifax Rally
50. YSG101
It is now over 50 years since the Alexander Y type body first appeared. One of the earliest examples was YSG101, this triple door Leyland Leopard PSU3/2R of 1962 which was 101 in the Edinburgh fleet. This rear view shows the the divided rear window and the non standard floor line needed to accommodate the steps to the rear standing area and conductors desk.
Photo taken Sunday 4 August 2013, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
51. YSG101
Edinburgh bought a solitary Leyland Leopard PSU3/2R in 1962, 101, YSG101. This was fitted with an early Alexander Y type body to the design of the Edinburgh general manger this included three doors with access by the rear where passengers paid a seated conductor.
Photo taken Thursday 21 October 1971, Waverley Bridge
52. YWS610
Eastern Scottish HH307A, YWS610, a Leyland Titan PD2A/30 built in 1962 with Alexander H37/29R bodywork.
Photo taken August 1978, Edinburgh
53. YWS611
Edinburgh bought their last Leyland Titan PD2s in 1962, Alexander bodied PD2A/30s. They were all fitted with fibre glass bonnets based on the original Leyland design rather than the later St Helens front introduced in the early sixties. 611, YWS611, in central Edinburgh
Photo taken August 1973, Edinburgh
54. YWS612
Edinburgh 612, YWS612, was one of a batch of 50 Leyland PD2A/30s with Alexander H37/29R bodies which formed the bulk of the Corporation's 1962 intake; 612 was delivered in January of that year.
Photo taken 1968, Swanston Drive, Fairmilehead
55. YWS614
Edinburgh bought a final batch of rear entrance Leyland Titans in 1962. These were PD2A/30s with Alexander bodywork. All had the Edinburgh version of the original Leyland concealed radiator rather than the later fibre glass "St Helens front". 614, YWS614, is seen in Newcastle while on hire to Tyne and Wear PTE in 1976 when that organisation was having a vehicle crisis.
Photo taken 1976, Byker PTE Depot, Newcastle
56. YWS623
Former Edinburgh buses were not very common in south Essex but Lesney Toys had YWS623 in its staff bus fleet. The Leyland PD2A with Alexander body is leaving the Rochford factory followed by an RT still in the original (dull!) blue livery.
Photo taken Monday 2 May 1977, Lesney Factory, Rochford
57. YWS639
Edinburgh 639, YWS639, was a Leyland PD2A/30 with an Alexander H37/29R body dating from 1962.
Photo taken 1965, London Road/Blenheim Place, Edinburgh
58. 204SC
Curtis Coaches, Dudley, 204SC, a Bedford SB5 built in 1963 with Duple Bella Vega C41F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1972, Guisborough
59. 217SC
Edinburgh 217, 217SC, a Bedford VAL14 built in 1963/4 with Duple Vega Major C52F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Waverley Bridge
60. ASC667B
Edinburgh Corporation 667, ASC667B, a Leyland Titan PD3/6 built in 1964 with Alexander H41/29F bodywork. Operating route 12 Broomhouse with Edinburgh's handsome livery showing well in the sun.
Photo taken August 1974, St Andrew Square
61. ASC685B
Edinburgh Corporation 685, ASC685B, an Alexander bodied Leyland PD3/6
Photo taken Scott Monument/Jenners, Princes Street
Could this be a record for the number of buses in the one picture? Edinburgh running day 1994 at Silverknowes Promenade on the shores of the River Forth with 12 preserved Edinburgh Corporation or Lothian Buses vehicles including 101, Daimler 35 and a Tiger Cub at the far left.
Photo taken Sunday 21 August 1994, Silverknowes Promenade
63. EWS812D
Edinburgh City Transport 812, EWS812D, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Alexander H43/31F body, new in 1966.
Photo taken July 1972, Princes St./Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh
64. EWS812D
Edinburgh Corporation bought their first Leyland Atlanteans in 1966. 812, EWS812D, was one of the first batch which were the only Edinburgh Atlanteans with non-panoramic windows.
Photo taken Sunday 2 August 2009, Harrogate
65. EWS814D
Seen at Fairmilehead (Swanston Drive), Edinburgh 814, EWS814D, was a Leyland PDR1/1 with Alexander H43/31F bodywork, one of 25 delivered during October and November of 1966. These were Edinburgh's only Atlanteans without panoramic windows (which became standard from 1967 onwards starting with 851) although 802 from this first batch had them from new.
Photo taken 1968, Swanston Drive, Fairmilehead
66. EWS832D
Lothian Transport 832, EWS832D, a 1966 Leyland PD3A/2/Alexander H41/29F on hire to warrington.
Photo taken Saturday 29 July 1978, Merrick Close Terminus, Greenwood Crescent, near Padgate, Warrington
67. EWS834D
Edinburgh City Transport Leyland Titan PD3A/2 834, EWS834D, a 1966 delivery with Alexander bodywork, one of the last batch of front engined buses delivered to Edinburgh.
Photo taken August 1972, St Giles Cathedral, High Street
68. JSC861E
Edinburgh City Transport 861, JSC861E, a Leyland Atlantean with Alexander body, new in 1967.
Photo taken 1972, Waverley Bridge
69. JSC869E
Edinburgh began their Leyland Atlanteans with panoramic windows in 1967. 869, JSC869E, is a PDR1/1 chassis with an Alexander body.
Photo taken Sunday 4 April 2010, Brough
70. JSC900E
For a number of years Lothian had only one open top double decker This was 900, JSC900E, a 1967 Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 with Alexander bodywork, new to Lothian's predecessor Edinburgh. Black and white coach livery is carried
Photo taken August 1989, High Street
71. PSC313G
Edinburgh Corporation 313, PSC313G, a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 built in 1969 with Alexander J H45/30D bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh
72. PSC330G
Edinburgh Corporation 330, PSC330G, an Alexander bodied Atlantean, new in October 1969.
Photo taken Princes St./Waverley Bridge
73. SSF237H
Edinburgh Corporation 237, SSF237H, a Bedford VAL70 built in 1970 with Duple Viceroy 37 C53F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh
74. SSF364H
Airebus was a short lived challenger to Yorkshire Rider in the Leeds area after deregulation. Initially they used ex-London DMS Fleetlines. Later second hand purchases were ex Edinburgh Leyland Atlanteans and one of the latter, SSF364H, originally 364 in the Edinburgh fleet receives attention at the Airebus depot in Leeds. The bus is a Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Alexander body new in 1970.
Photo taken 1989, Kirkstall, Leeds
75. SSF398H
Edinburgh City Transport Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 with Alexander body, 398, SSF398H, of 1970. The bus is seen after sale to Airebus of Leeds. Edinburgh driver training livery is carried.
Photo taken December 1989, Leeds Central Bus Station
76. VSC242J
Edinburgh City Transport 242, VSC242J, a Bedford YRQ with Duple Viceroy C45F body
Photo taken 1972, Waverley Bridge
77. AFS244K
Edinburgh Corporation 244, AFS244K, a Bedford YRT built in 1972 with Duple Viceroy C51F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh