SCT '61 Photo Index
Doncaster Corporation
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1. DT9084
Former Doncaster Corporation 10, DT9084, a Bristol JO5G with Roe B32F body, one of a batch of three new in 1937. It was withdrawn in 1949 and sold to Kildare Coaches of Carcroft.
Photo taken August 1961, Garvic Fair
2. DT9641
Doncaster had their first Leyland Titanic, a TT2c model with a Roe H32/28R body, in 1934 together with an A.E.C. O664 Renown with a similar body. Four further Renowns with Roe H32/28R bodies followed in 1935, with three TT5c Titanic models in 1936, again with Roe H32/28R bodies.
Photo taken Sunday 15 June 1958
3. BDT134
Doncaster Corporation 368, BDT134, was a Karrier E6 with Roe H32/28R body new in 1939. It was sold for scrap in November 1957.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1957, Doncaster
4. BDT980
Doncaster Corporation 19, BDT980, was a Bristol L5G with Bristol B32F body of 1941.
Photo taken 1966, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
5. CDT34
Doncaster 60, CDT34, was an AEC Regent with Roe H30/26R body to utility specification delivered in 1942 and not withdrawn until 1962 still with its original body.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1957, Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station
6. EWT479
Doncaster Corporation 394, EWT479, was an ex-Mexborough Sunbeam W of 1943, rebodied by Roe in 1955.
Photo taken 1963, Beckett Road, Doncaster
7. BHJ828
Doncaster 385, BHJ828, a 1945 Sunbeam W started life as Southend Corporation 131 with a Park Royal Utility body, passing to Doncaster in 1954 with 8 similar vehicles. They were rebodied with Roe 62 seat coachwork between 1957 and 1959, then after withdrawal in 1961/2 the bodies were rebuilt to half cabs and fitted to Leyland PD2 chassis.
Photo taken Sunday 15 March 1959, West St. Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster
8. BHJ828
Doncaster Corporation 385, BHJ828, a Sunbeam W with Park Royal H30/26R body. BHJ828 was new in August 1945 to Southend Corporation Transport as their number 131, with a utility body built to the 'relaxed specification' with upholstered seats. In January 1954, just ahead of the closure of the Southend trolleybus system, it was sold, along with the rest of the 9 vehicle batch, to Doncaster Corporation.
Photo taken c.1954-8, St. James's Bridge, Doncaster
9. BHJ829
Doncaster trolleybus 386, BHJ829, another Sunbeam W with Park Royal H30/26R body new in August 1945 to Southend Corporation Transport as their number 132, and sold in January 1954 to Doncaster Corporation. It was rebodied by Roe H34/28R in 1959 as seen in this photo.
Photo taken c. 1959-61, West St Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster
10. CDT636
Doncaster Corporation CDT636 was a 1945 Karrier W delivered with Park Royal bodywork, numbered 75 when new, renumbered 375 in 1948. In 1955 it received a new Roe body as seen here. It was withdrawn in 1963 at the closure of the trolleybus system.
Photo taken 1995, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
11. CDT636
Doncaster Corporation 375, CDT636, a 1945 Karrier W with a Roe H34/28R body at the 1971 Doncaster St. Leger Rally. The trolleybus was new as no. 75 with a Park Royal H30/26R body & was renumbered to 375 in 1948 and rebodied in 1955. It was withdrawn on closure of the Doncaster system in 1963.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1971, St Leger Bus Rally
12. CDT636
Doncaster 375, CDT636, is the preserved Roe-bodied Karrier, seen during its first years of preservation.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1971, St Leger Bus Rally
13. CDT736
CDT736 is Doncaster 375, a Karrier W4 with Roe (1955) H34/28R body.
Photo taken Saturday 27 July 2019, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
14. EDT702
Doncaster bought several batches of Leyland Titans in both short and long versions. Seen in Doncaster centre in 1973, the last year of Doncaster's independent existence, are 93, EDT702, a 1947 all Leyland Titan PD2/1 which was given a 1955 Roe body from former trolleybus 396 in 1963 (which involved conversion to half cab) and 177, 477HDT, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 new in 1962 with a Roe front entrance body.
Photo taken Wednesday 16 May 1973, Thorne Road, Doncaster
15. EDT704
Doncaster ceased trolleybus operation in 1963. Like many new and rebuilt trolleybuses of the 1950s, they had well-built Roe bodies and eager to save money, Doncaster hated the idea of scrapping bodies which were not life-expired. Here we see two examples of this re-use of former trolleybus bodies. Doncaster 95, EDT704, was originally an all-Leyland PD2/1 of 1947 and given the body of trolleybus 397. 172, 172GDT, was a new Daimler CVG6 chassis fitted given the body of trolleybus 370.
Photo taken 1966, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
16. EDT705
Seen at the garage is Doncaster 96, EDT705, which was new in 1948 with a Leyland H30/26R body. It was rebodied in 1963 with the 1955 Roe H34/28R body, converted to half-cab layout, from trolleybus 398, EWT515, a Sunbeam W which had been new with a Brush B32C body as Mexborough & Swinton 6 in 1943.
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 1968, Doncaster Garage
17. EDT705
Doncaster abandoned its trolleybus system in 1963 however with typical Yorkshire thrift they had a number of trolleybus bodies transferred to motor bus chassis. These were both new and old stock. Seen in Doncaster are 96 EDT705 a 1948 Leyland Titan PD2/1 which originally carried a body by Leyland it ran in this guise until 1973. Passing 95 is 172 172GDT a 1962 Daimler CVG6 which was also bodied using a former trolleybus body converted to a half cab layout. This bus survived to pass to South Yorkshire PTE in 1974.
Photo taken Saturday 17 April 1971, Doncaster
18. FDT825
A Daimler CVD6, with Roe H31/25R body, Doncaster 102, FDT825, was one of twenty new in 1949 and is seen in the town centre.
Photo taken Sunday 15 June 1958, Duke Street, Doncaster
19. LHN785
Doncaster 383, LHN785, seen in the town centre, was the last of a batch of six acquired from Darlington in 1952. Carrying East Lancs H30/26R bodies, the BUT 9611T chassis were new in 1949. Doncaster withdrew them in 1959 and sold them to Bradford.
Photo taken Sunday 15 June 1958, St. Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster
20. KDT393
Preserved former Doncaster 122, KDT393, an AEC Regent III with Roe H31/25R body, new in 1951
Photo taken Sunday 24 September 2006, at Duxford
21. KDT393
Ennifer, Doncaster (Blue Ensign) purchased KDT393 from Doncaster Corporation in 1955. It was an AEC Regent III with Roe H31/25R body, new in 1951, and is seen in Glasgow Paddocks bus station in Doncaster.
Photo taken Sunday 2 June 1957, Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station, Doncaster
22. MDT220
United Services MDT220, a 1953 Roe L27/26R bodied AEC Regent III 9613A rounding the Bull Ring roundabout in Wakefield bound for the Bus Station. New as Doncaster Corporation as no 135, it was withdrawn in 1959 and had been working for United services longer than its original owner when pictured in the late 1960s.
Photo taken late 1960s, The Bull Ring, Wakefield
23. MDT221
Samuel Ledgard JWU131 was an all-Leyland lowbridge PD2/1 built for Felix Motors in 1950, and sold to Ledgard in 1962. Next to it was former Doncaster Corporation 136, MDT221, an AEC Regent III originally with Roe lowbridge body, then used as a tree-lopper.
Photo taken 1967, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
24. MDT222
Preserved Doncaster Corporation 22, MDT222, an A E C Regal III 9621A built in 1953 with Roe B39F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
25. MDT222
Doncaster bought their first underfloor engined saloon in 1951, an AEC Regal IV with Roe bodywork. However the next single deckers to enter service in Doncaster were a trio of AEC Regal III with classically styled Roe bodywork. One of the trio lasted in service until 1972 and was subsequently preserved. Seen here in 1971 in the twilight of its career, 22, MDT222, shows off its elegant lines.
Photo taken Thursday 15 April 1971, Doncaster
26. MDT222
Doncaster Corporation 22, MDT222, a 1953 AEC Regal III with Roe B39F bodywork.
Photo taken Saturday 13 September 2008, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
27. MDT225
Doncaster 125, MDT225, an AEC Regent III 9613A with Roe H31/25R body, the first of a batch of ten that entered service in 1953-4.
Photo taken Friday 6 August 1965, Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station, Doncaster
28. MDT231
Showing the stepped rear platform on its Roe H31/25R body is Doncaster 131, MDT231, which was one of ten A.E.C. 9613A Regent IIIs new in 1953 seen here at the garage.
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 1968, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
29. MDT233
An AEC Regent III/Roe H33/25R of Doncaster Corporation, 133, MDT233, is seen at Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station in Doncaster.
Photo taken Tuesday 8 April 1958, Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station
30. 172GDT
Doncaster 172, 172GDT, seen at the garage, was a Daimler CVG6 which was new in 1962. The Roe H34/28R body had been built in 1958 and was originally fitted to trolleybus 370, CDT313, as a replacement for its original 1943 Park Royal H30/26R one. With the withdrawal of the trolleybuses the Roe body was rebuilt to half-cab layout and fitted to the new Daimler chassis.
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 1968, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
31. 475HDT
Doncaster bought this Leyland Titan PD3/4 175, 475HDT, in 1962 and fitted it with a Roe front entrace body. The bus passed to South Yorks PTE in 1974 and was withdrawn in 1976. Three years later, it was converted into a recovery vehicle in which guise it is seen here. It was re-registered as OWJ353A in 1986
Photo taken Sunday 19 July 2009, at Elland Road, Leeds
32. 476HDT
Doncaster Corporation 176, 476HDT, one of a batch of four Leyland PD3/4s of 1962 with Roe H38/32F bodywork. With the formation of the SYPTE on 1 April 1974, it passed to them and was renumbered 1176.
Photo taken c. 1973, Christ Church, Doncaster
33. 479HDT
Doncaster 179, 479HDT, a Daimler CVG6-30 had a Roe H38/32F body.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 August 1970, Doncaster
34. 480HDT
Doncaster Corporation 180, 480HDT, a 1962 Daimler CVG6LX/30 with a Roe H40/32F body pictured parked in Doncaster in June 1970.
Photo taken Monday 22 June 1970, Doncaster
35. 195NDT
Doncaster Corporation 195, 195NDT, a 1963 Leyland Titan PD3/4 with front entrance Roe bodywork.
Photo taken 1973, Doncaster
36. 195NDT
Doncaster Corporation 195, 195NDT, a Leyland PD3/4 with Roe H40/32F body from 1963, seen here in Rotherham two years later en-route for Sheffield
Photo taken Friday 6 August 1965, Bridge Street, Rotherham
37. 388KDT
The first of two Leyland PD2/40s, new in 1963, Doncaster 188, 388KDT, carried a secondhand H34/28R body, converted to half-cab layout, which had been new in 1955 on 395, EWT480, a 1943 Sunbeam W trolleybus acquired from Mexborough & Swinton with whom it had a Brush B32C body.
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 1968, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
38. 388KDT
Doncaster Corporation 188, 388KDT, a 1963 Leyland Titan PD2/40 carries a Roe body that is some 7 years older. This is because the body was originally fitted to a trolleybus, 395, EWT480, which started life with Mexborough and Swinton as a single decker.
Photo taken Sunday 14 September 2008, at Meadowhall, Sheffield
39. 388KDT
388KDT is a Leyland PD2/40 of 1963 with a Roe trolleybus body from 1955 and was from Doncaster Corporation Transport
Photo taken Sunday 8 November 2009, approaching South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Aldwarke, Rotherham
40. 432MDT
Doncaster Corporation 32, 432MDT, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/11 with Roe B45F body, new in 1963.
Photo taken July 1970, Shibden Park lower car park, Stump Cross, Halifax
41. 433MDT
Doncaster switched from AEC Reliances to Leyland Tiger Cubs in the 1963 when a batch of Leyland Tiger Cubs PSUC1/11 with Roe 45 seat bodywork were delivered. 33, 433MDT, survives in preservation and is seen here acting as rally transport in Halifax.
Photo taken 1995, at Halifax
42. 477HDT
This isn't a toy bus but a picture of ex Doncaster Corporation 177, 477HDT, a 1963 Leyland PD3/4 with Roe H40/32F body, taken in Alaska
Photo taken 2002, Alaska, USA
43. FDT43C
Doncaster Corporation 43, FDT43C, a 1965 Leyland Royal Tiger Cub with Roe bodywork. The Royal Tiger Cub was really an export chassis and Doncaster bought the only British examples.
Photo taken 1995, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
44. KDT206D
Doncaster's last front engined double deckers entered service in 1966. They were Daimler CVG6 with 62 seat front entrance bodywork by Roe. 206, KDT206D, is seen at Sandtoft acting as the car park shuttle.
Photo taken 1995, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
45. RDT428F
Doncaster Corporation Transport 208, RDT428F, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX with Roe H44/34F bodywork new in 1967. It became 1208 in the SYPTE fleet in 1974.
Photo taken c 1973, King Avenue, New Rossington
46. RDT429F
South Yorkshire PTE 1209 RDT429F Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX built in 1967 with Roe H44/34F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1974, Sheffield Pond Street bus station
47. UDT451F
Doncaster 51, UDT451F, seen at the garage was a Leyland RTC1/2 Royal Tiger Cub with a Roe B45D body. Doncaster was the only U.K. customer for the model although one of Stratford Blue's Willowbrook bodied Tiger Cubs did carry a Royal Tiger Cub badge.
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 1968, Leicester Avenue Depot, Doncaster
48. UDT454F
South Yorkshire PTE 1054, UDT454F, a Leyland Royal Tiger Cub RTC1/2 built in 1968/9 with Roe B45D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1974, Doncaster Northern Bus Station
49. UDT455F
Doncaster Corporation 55, UDT455F, is a 1969 Leyland Royal Tiger Cub with Roe bodywork. The Royal Tiger Cub was an export chassis and only Doncaster bought any in the UK; the 1969 deliveries would be the last bought by Doncaster. Roe bodywork is similar to those supplied to Leeds and Huddersfield on AEC Swift chassis.
Photo taken 1996, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
50. CDT568H
Doncaster Transport 68, CDT568H, a Seddon Pennine RU built in 1970 with Pennine B42D+18 bodywork.
Photo taken July 1973, Doncaster
51. SDT917L
South Yorkshire P.T.E. inherited this coach from Doncaster Corporation on the formation of the P.T.E. SDT917L, seen here at Wembley Stadium, had been new in March 1973 as Doncaster 17 and was a Ford R226 with a Caetano Estoril II C53F body.
Photo taken Saturday 7 June 1975, Wembley Stadium
52. TDT624L
Doncaster rather surprisingly bought a quintet of Seddon Pennine midi buses in 1973 to work a town circular service and a route to West Bessacar. They had 25 dual purpose seats. 24, TDT624L, rests in Doncaster Southern Bus Station between duties.
Photo taken Tuesday 12 March 1974, Doncaster Southern Bus Station
53. UDT413L
Doncaster's last deliveries prior to the advent of the PTE arrived in 1973. 113, UDT413L, was a Daimler Fleetline with Roe 74 seat dual door bodywork
Photo taken Tuesday 12 March 1974, Doncaster