SCT '61 Photo Index
Clynnog & Trevor
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1. GFM891
Clynnog & Trevor Motors GFM891, a Bristol K6A with E.C.W. L27/26R body, new in 1947 as Crosville's MB283. One of a pair - the other was GFM903 - acquired by C&TM from Crosville in 1962.
Photo taken Summer 1965, Penlon, near Trevor
2. GFM903
Clynnog & Trefor GFM903, a Bristol K6A built in 1948 with ECW L27/28R bodywork. This had been new as Crosville MB295 and was very smartly turned out when photographed by John Boylett.
Photo taken mid 1960s?, Penrhydlyniog, Pwllheli
3. KMA197
Clynnog & Trevor KMA197 was a Transun C33F bodied Crossley SD42/3 acquired in May 1952 from Salopia, Whitchurch and is seen in the Chorlton Street coach park in Manchester. It had been new in April 1948 to Watson, Winsford passing to Salopia in October 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 4 June 1960, Chorlton Street, Manchester
4. RC9699
RC9699, an AEC Regal delivered to Trent in 1948 with Willowbrook 35 seat half cab front entrance bus. The chassis extended and body rebuilt to 30 ft in length, full width cab by Willowbrook in 1958. Withdrawn in October 1962 sold to Frank Cowley, Salford, purchased by the Clynnog & Trevor Motor Company Ltd in 11/62, scrapped in 1972
Photo taken late 1960's
5. PWL413
Clynnog & Trevor Motors PWL413, an AEC Regent III 9613A with Weymann lowbridge body, new to City of Oxford Motor Services (L166) in 1950 and acquired by C&TM in 1965.
Photo taken Summer 1965, Castle Square, Caernarvon
6. PWL413
Welsh independent Clynnog & Trevor Motor Co. Ltd of Trevor operated former City of Oxford Motor Services L166, PWL413, an AEC Regent III 9613A with Weymann L27/26R bodywork new in 1950.
Photo taken Tuesday 8 May 1973, Depot, Trefor
7. YKR225
Another ex Maidstone & District unit operated by Clynnog & Trevor Motor Co of Trevor was YKR225, a Beadle B42F bodied AEC Reliance (MU3RV 1461) new in 1957.
Photo taken Tuesday 8 May 1973, Garage, Trefor
8. 255BKM
Welsh operator Clynnog & Trevor Motor Co. purchased Maidstone & District 3255 in October 1971. 255BKM is a 1958 AEC Reliance (MU3RV 1847) with Harrington B42F body.
Photo taken Trefor
9. 255BKM
Clynnog & Trefor 255BKM, an AEC Reliance with Harrington B42F body, new in 1958 to Maidstone & District as SO255.
Photo taken Tuesday 26 August 1980, Trefor Depot
10. NCB915
NCB915 is a 1961 Plaxton C41F bodied AEC Reliance (2MU3RV 3667) of Clynnog & Trevor Motor Company of Trevor.
Photo taken Tuesday 8 May 1973, Depot, Trefor
11. 774NJO
Clynnog & Trefor 774NJO, a 1962 AEC Reliance with Marshall B53F body new to City Of Oxford as their no. 774.
Photo taken Friday 27 June 1980, Pwhelli