SCT '61 Photo Index
Cunningham, Paisley
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1. CCK832
Cunningham, Paisley 38, CCK832, which was seen in Gilmour Street, Paisley was a Leyland PD2/3 with a Leyland H30/26R body new in April 1949 as Ribble, Preston 2660 and was acquired in August 1963.
Photo taken Thursday 20 August 1964, Gilmour Street, Paisley
2. HJN843
Cunningham's 45, HJN843, a Leyland PD2/20 Weymann L27/28R new 1954 as Southend 283.
Photo taken late 1967, Gilmour Street, Paisley
3. HJN843
Rather further from home, Cunningham's of Paisley had at least two of the ex-Southend Orion bodied PD2s and used them on their Paisley-Renfrew Ferry route. Here the former 283, HJN843, now Cunningham's 45, passes under the railway bridge at Gilmour Street station Paisley
Photo taken late 1960s, Gilmour Street Station, Paisley
4. HJN843
Second shot of former Southend 283, HJN843, now Cunningham's 45, pulling away from the Renfrew Ferry terminus.
Photo taken late 1960s, Renfrew Ferry Terminus
5. HJN845
Former Southend Corporation PD2 285, HJN845, seen here with Cunningham's Bus Service of Paisley at their garage in 1970
Photo taken Tuesday 4 August 1970, Paisley
6. HJN845
The other Cunningham's ex-Southend PD2, 285, HJN845, sets down on arrival at Renfrew Ferry.
Photo taken late 1960s, Renfrew Ferry Terminus
7. HJN845
Cunningham's ex-Southend PD2, 285, HJN845, waiting to depart from Renfrew Ferry. 283, HJN843, is behind it on the next departure.
Photo taken late 1960s, Renfrew Ferry Terminus
8. LFS465
Contrasting MCCW bodywork on Leyland PD2s with Cunningham's Bus Service, Paisley: LFS465 with a BMMO tin-front and rear platform was ex-Edinburgh Corporation 465 while MCP225 with an exposed radiator and forward entrance came fron Halifax via Smith & May, Benfleet.
Photo taken February 1975, Cunningham Garage, Underwood Road, Paisley
9. KCH101
Two Cunninghams PD2s, on the left former Trent Leyland Titan PD2/12 with MCW body KCH101, of 1957 alongside former Edinburgh Leyland Titan PD2/20 also with MCW body, LFS466.
Photo taken October 1971, Cunninghams Depot Yard, Paisley
10. KCH115
Cunningham of Paisley were one of the operators of the Paisley-Renfrew Ferry service and seen at the Renfrew terminus is former Trent MCW bodied Leyland Titan PD2/12 KCH115, new in 1957 and bought by Cunningham in 1969.
Photo taken Thursday 21 October 1971, Renfrew Ferry Terminus
11. KCK903
Cunningham's Bus Service 61, KCK903, a Leyland PD3/4 with Burlingham FH41/31F bodywork. It had been new to Ribble in August 1958 as their 1542.
Photo taken mid 1970s, Cunningham Garage, Underwood Road, Paisley
12. KCK910
Two ex Ribble Leyland PD3/4s with Burlingham 72 Seat bodies from 1958, seen here in service with Cunningham's Bus Services of Paisley. They were KCK910 and KCK907. originally 1549 and 1546 in the Ribble fleet.
Photo taken c. 1973, Renfrew
13. KCK919
Cunningham's Bus Service, Paisley bought new Atlanteans in the 60/70s but continued to acquire second-hand Leyland Titans predominantly with forward entrances in the early 70s. KCK919 was one such vehicle with a PD3/4 chassis and Burlingham bodywork and ex-Ribble 1558.
Photo taken February 1975, Old Sneddon St., adjacent to Gilmour St. Station, Paisley
14. EXS228F
Cunningham's Bus Service 52, LFS465, and 47, EXS228F in the depot. 52 was a Leyland PD2/20 with MCCW H33/29R bodywork which was new to Edinburgh Corporation in August 1954 as their 465. Originally it was fitted with H33/27R bodywork but was reseated in 1959. It was acquired by Cunningham's in September 1970 and entered service with them in October of that year; it was scrapped in December 1975.
Photo taken mid 1970s, Cunningham Garage, Underwood Road, Paisley
15. LXS14K
Cunningham's LXS14K was a Leyland PDR1A/1 with Alexander H44/34F bodywork. It was new in May 1972 and passed to Western SMT in August 1979 when the company was sold.
Photo taken c.1974, Cunningham Garage, Underwood Road, Paisley