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Blue Bus, Willington
Blue Bus Services, Willington

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Advert for Blue Bus Services shows BRB645, a 1935 Daimler COG5 with Willowbrook 39 seat body, withdrawn in 1949 and sold to Stevensons of Spath near Uttoxeter.
2. DRA735
Blue Bus Willington DRA735, a Daimler COG5/40 with Willowbrook DP39F body new in 1937 withdrawn in March 1962 sold to Lloyds of Nuneaton.
Photo taken 1950s, Derby Bus Station
3. GNU750
GNU750, the longest serving Blue Bus Daimler COG5, new in 1939 and withdrawn in 1965.
4. GNU750
A view of the cab of the former Tailby & George (Blue Bus) of Willington GNU750, a Daimler COG5/40 with Willowbrook C35F body, new in 1939.
Photo taken Sunday 5 May 1968, somewhere on the A23!
5. GNU750
Former Tailby & George (Blue Bus) of Willington GNU750, a Daimler COG5/40 with Willowbrook C35F body, new in 1939.
Photo taken Sunday 5 May 1968, somewhere on the A23!
6. GNU750
This Grand Transport Extravaganza line-up shows Bradford PD2 558, EKY558; Blue Bus (Tailby & George) Daimler, GNU750; and KYB376, a unidentifed Bedford OB/Duple - sadly no longer on the preservation scene.
Photo taken Sunday 30 August 1970, Crich Tramway Museum
7. GNU750
Tailby & George (Blue Bus Service), Willington DR5, GNU750, a Daimler COG5/40 with a Willowbrook C35F body new in May 1939 was seen on the A23 on the way to Brighton during an H.C.V.C. Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 1 May 1966, A23, Brighton Road, south of Crawley
8. GNU750
A fairly recent picture of Daimler COG5 GNU750 with Willowbrook C35F bodywork. It was in service in the 2010 Quantock Motors Running days and sold by them in 2012.
Photo taken Friday 30 April 2010, Langley Marsh
9. JRA983
Tailby & George (Blue Bus), Willington DR9, JRA983, seen in the Bus Station in Derby was a Daimler CWA6 with a Duple L27/26R body.
Photo taken Thursday 1 October 1959, Bus Station, Derby
10. JRA983
JRA983 Daimler CWA6 with Duple body New to Blue Bus in 1946. It was withdrawn in 1967 and sold through Measham Motor Auctions.
Photo taken The Old Garage, Repton Road, Willington
A line up of Blue Bus Daimlers, CDs PRA387, PRA388, SRB424 & SRB425, and CVs YRB483 & 702PRA. The PRAs were new in 1951, the SRBs in 1953, YRB new in 1955 and 702PRA new in 1960. The photo was possibly taken during an enthusiasts tour.
Photo taken Garage, Repton Road, Willington
Line up of Blue Bus CD650's and the four Daimler Fleetlines.
Photo taken Garage, Repton Road, Willington
13. PRA387
PRA387, a Daimler CD650 new to Blue Bus Services Willington in 1951. The gentleman on the right is Percy Tailby one of owners of Blue Bus.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 March 1951, Daimler Works, Radford
14. PRA388
Looking at the message board regarding decapitated double deckers, I remembered I had this photo of PRA388 from the Blue Bus (Willington) file. It must have hit the bridge there with a tidy wallopand the whole top has gone but a testament to the rugged build of Willowbrook
Photo taken 1960s, Blue Bus Garage, Willington
15. PRA387
Blue Bus Services of Willington, PRA387, one of their fleet of rare Daimler CD650s fitted with Willowbrook bodies, built in 1952. To the right is Stevensons of Uttoxeter, 10 (HLW203), being ex-London Transport RT203.
Photo taken 1968, Burton
16. SRB424
Blue Bus Services (Tailby & George) were famous for operating four of the rare Daimler CD650's, each with a Willowbrook lowbridge body, PRA387/8 new in 1951 and SRB424/5 new in 1953 with fleet numbers DR13-16 respectively. SRB424, dating from 1953, makes a speedy departure from an eerily quiet Derby bus station.
Photo taken 1966, Derby Bus Station
17. 465FRB
Tailby & George (Blue Bus), Willington DS1, 465FRB, was a Wllowbrook H37/33RD bodied Dennis Y1 Loline, seen here in Burton-upon-Trent.
Photo taken Friday 2 October 1959, Burton-upon-Trent
18. 120JRB
Tailby & George (Blue Bus), Willington DR18, 120JRB, seen at their garage was a Daimler D650HS Freeline with a Burlingham C37F body new in June 1959
Photo taken Sunday 16 July 1967
19. 120JRB
Tailby & George (Blue Bus Services), Willington 120JRB is seen during the H.C.V.C. Rally. It was a Daimler D650HS Freeline with a Burlingham Seagull C37F body.
Photo taken Sunday 6 May 1973
20. 7000HP
The first Daimler Fleetline 7000HP which started life as a demonstrator in Birmingham City livery. After visiting Blue Bus early in its career, it was eventually bought by BBS in 1966, though it seems to have not had a very good reputation for reliability.
Photo taken c.1972, Derby Bus Station
21. 702PRA
Blue Bus Services of Willington 702PRA was a Daimler CVG6 with a distinctive Willowbrook lowbridge body.
Photo taken 1966, Derby Bus Station
22. JRB481D
Tailby & George (Blue Bus), Willington DR23, JRB481D, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX with Northern Counties H40/33F body, new in 1966.
Photo taken April 1973, Derby
23. BRB674G
Blue Bus BRB674G, Bedford VAL with Willowbrook B56F body on the route to Derby via Repton.
Photo taken early 1970s, Wetmore Bus Park, Burton
24. DXE137J
Grenville Motors' DXE137J was a Bedford YRQ with Willowbrook B45F bodywork which was new in 1971, originally as a demonstrator, before operating for two years for Blue Bus Services (Tailby & George) of Willington. On 1 December 1973 Blue Bus sold out to Derby Corporation who numbered it 43. Grenville purchased it from Derby (by then Derby Borough Transport) in 1975. It is seen at Grenville's Camborne terminus outside the company's office in Cross Street.
Photo taken mid 1970s, Cross Street, Camborne