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Bedwas & Machen UDC
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1. JWO355
Former Bedwas & Machen UDC no. 7, JWO355, is a 1950 AEC Regal with Bruce B35R body. Now registered NUR 9349, it was photographed in South Africa in May 2005, still in working order.
Photo taken Thursday 19 May 2005, Sandstone Estates, near Ficksburg, South Africa
2. JWO355
Bedwas & Machen U.D.C. 7, JWO355, an AEC Regal III with Bruce B35R body new in 1951. After withdrawal in 1971 it passed to a preservation group.
Photo taken Thursday 16 August 1962, Heol Bro Wen, Caerphilly
3. KWO216
Bedwas and Machen UDC 8, KWO216, was a 1952 AEC Regent III 9613A with Northern Counties H30/26R bodywork. It is supposed to have been built at the same time as three for Aberdare UDC but there were several differences. One Aberdare feature was the illuminated fleetname above the destination display, used on all Aberdare buses up to 1958.
Photo taken Bartlett Street, Caerphilly
4. KWO216
Two AECs of the smallest of the South Wales municipals, Bedwas & Machen, 8 KWO216 and 11 UWO498 at the depot. 8 was a 1952 AEC Regent III with a Northern Counties H30/26R body while 11 was a 1959 AEC Regent V with a Massey L31/28R body.
5. PWO783
The next delivery to Bedwas and Machen UDC after 1952 was in 1956 when 9, PWO783 arrived. This was an AEC Regent V MD3RV with unusual Longwell Green bodywork which started off as L27/28R, then gained two more seats upstairs, then two more to end up as L31/28R.
Photo taken Bedwas Depot
6. 422CAX
An era of standardisation in the Bedwas and Machen fleet started in 1957 with a Massey-bodied AEC Regent V MD3RV 10 (RAX583), followed by 11 (UWO498) in 1959 and 5 (422CAX) in 1961. The last of these is shown in later life.
Photo taken Wednesday 2 August 1978, Station Terrace, Caerphilly
7. BWO585B
Bedwas and Machen's last Regent V arrived in 1964 as 8, BWO585B. Visually identical to the previous three, it was different under the skin as it was on a 2MD3RA chassis.
Photo taken Wednesday 17 July 1974, Bedwas Depot
8. BWO585B
Another shot of Bedwas & Machen AEC Regent V with Massey body 8, BWO585B. It is seen in the yard of North the dealer after withdrawal. It was the last rear entrance bus in service in the Rhymney Valley fleet when it was withdrawn.
Photo taken 1979, Norths, Sherburn in Elmet
9. BWO585B
Bedwas & Machen U.D.C. 8, BWO585B, was an AEC 2MD3RA Regent V with a Massey L31/28R body, new in August 1964.
Photo taken Monday 5 June 1967, Newport Bus Station
10. PAX466F
Bedwas and Machen's final double-decker was their first that was thirty-feet long, one reason for which may have been the service reorganisations which saw the buses of the little fleet (never bigger than seven) participating in the thirty mile long service from Newport to Rhymney Bridge along with Gelligaer UDC, Western Welsh and Red and White. 6, PAX466F, was even more unusual as it was a lowbridge bus, a Massey-bodied PD3 new in 1967 and the last bus built to this configuration.
Photo taken Tuesday 30 June 1981, Caerphilly Bus Station
11. PAX466F
Preserved by the Cardiff Transport Group, former Bedwas & Machen PAX466F has recently had a repaint and was in service at the Barry Island running day where this picture was taken.
Photo taken Sunday 9 June 2013, Barry Island
12. PAX466F
PAX466F is seen in Stevenson's livery with driver training, a Leyland PD3 now preserved by the Cardiff Transport preservation group. It was new to Bedwas and Machen in 1967, said to be the last lowbridge bus built.
Photo taken 1989, Common Road, Church Gresley
13. PAX466F
A rear view of two preserved former Stevenson's vehicles. On the left is former PAX466F, a Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Massey L35/33RD body, new in 1968 to Bedwas & Machen UDC as no. 6. On the right is RCN699, an AEC Routemaster 3R2RH with Park Royal H41/31F body, new in 1964 to Northern General as 2099.
Photo taken Sunday 31 July 1983, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
14. GAX423L
Bedwas and Machen started buying single-deckers in 1971 and the following year they put this Willowbrook B53F-bodied Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R into service. New as their 9, GAX423L, it was renumbered 93 in the Rhymney Valley fleet and is seen passing Caerphilly Castle in August 1978.
Photo taken Wednesday 2 August 1978, Caerphilly Castle
15. OAX74M
Bedwas and Machen's last purchases comprised a huge batch of two buses (by this time 28% of the fleet) which were Leyland Leopards with East Lancs bodies - what was to become the standard Rhymney Valley bus. Seen here at the Cardiff Rally in June 1987 is what was originally B & M 10, OAX74M, but was now Inter Valley Link 94.
Photo taken Sunday 28 June 1987, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff
16. OAX75M
The last Bedwas and Machen bus was 11, OAX75M, an East Lancs-bodied Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R. Seen here on the Graig-y-Rhacca to Senghenydd service in Abertridwr in August 1978 it is in Rhymney Valley livery as their 95.
Photo taken Saturday 5 August 1978, Thomas Street/High Street, Abertridwr
17. OAX74M
Bedwas and Machen's last two Leopards (OAX74M and OAX75M) remained together through many owners - Rhymney Valley, Inter Valley Link and finally Waddon's of Caerphilly in whose yard both are seen together.
Photo taken Cardiff