SCT '61 Photo Index
Alexander Northern
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1. WG2334
WG2334, a Leyland Lion LT5B, originally fitted with an Alexander body and new to W. Alexander (P286). Later rebuilt, it was further rebuilt as a tow wagon (184) in 1955, passing to Alexander (Northern) on the division of the original company into three smaller ones.
Photo taken early 1974, WETC, Winkleigh, Devon
2. AWG631
W Alexander and Sons A44, AWG631, an AEC Regal 0662 with Alexander C35F bodywork seen in the vicinity of Inverurie loco sheds. It passed to Alexander's Northern area in the 1961 split where it lasted until 1967.
Photo taken Friday 22 May 1959, Inverurie, Scotland
3. AWG642
Alexander Northern NA55, AWG642, seen at Arbroath was an AEC Regal with Alexander C35F body new in 1947 as Alexander A55.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 July 1965, Arrott Street, Arbroath
4. BMS206
Preserved Alexander (Northern) NPA44, BMS206, a Leyland Tiger PS1 built in 1947 with Alexander bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 6 August 1978, Harrogate
5. DSA113
A line-up of Alexander Northern, Aberdeen buses at Fraserburgh with Brush C35F bodied A.E.C. O662 Regal NA94, DSA113, which had been acquired with the business of Sutherland, Peterhead in March 1950, on the left.
Photo taken Thursday 29 July 1965, Fraserburgh
6. BMS415
Alexander bought a small batch of Daimler CVD6 coaches with Burlingham bodies in 1948. When the Alexander company was split in the early sixties, this one went to Alexander Northern. It is preserved in their attractive cream and yellow livery ND20, BMS415.
Photo taken 1988, Halifax
7. BMS416
Preserved Alexander (Northern) ND20, BMS416, a Daimler CVD6 built in 1948 with Burlingham C33F bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 5 August 1984, The Stray, Harrogate
8. BWG324
Alexander (Northern) old and new at Perth Bus Station, but both immaculate on route 59 to Blairgowrie via Guildtown with BL garage plates. NPA98, BWG324, was one of numerous similar Alexander C35F bodied Leyland Tiger PS1s new to Alexander, entering service in September 1948 and gaining an "N" prefix when transferred to the new Northern company in May 1961.
Photo taken Saturday 9 September 1967, Perth Bus Station
9. EAV458
Preserved Alexander Northern NPA197, EAV458, a Leyland Tiger PS1 with 35 seat Duple body new in 1948.
Photo taken Sunday 29 June 2014, Hertfordshire Showground, Redbourn
10. EAV458
Alexander Northern Leyland Tiger PS1 with 35 seat Duple body NPA197, EAV458, was acquired in 1950 with the business of Sutherland of Peterhead. It dates from 1948.
Photo taken Sunday 14 September 2008, Meadowhall, Sheffield
11. EAV458
A rear view of EAV458, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with Duple A-Type C35F body, new in 1948 to Sutherland of Peterhead as their 117. Later passing to Alexander (Northern) it eventually found its way into the preserved collection of Maypole Coaches of Burscough.
Photo taken Sunday 3 August 1986, The Stray, Harrogate
12. BWG529
BWG529 was a Leyland Tiger PS1 with Alexander C35F body, new in March 1949 to Walter Alexander & Co, numbered PA124. Alongside is KWG654, a Leyland Titan PD3/3 with Alexander L35/32R body, new in September 1958 to Walter Alexander, numbered RB193.
Photo taken 1960s, Coulardbank Road, Lossiemouth
13. FAV827
Alexander Northern, Aberdeen NRC22, FAV827, seen at the garage at Peterhead was a Massey L27/26RD bodied A.E.C. 9612E Regent III which was the second of a pair which had been acquired with the business of Sutherland, Peterhead in March 1950.
Photo taken Thursday 29 July 1965, Peterhead Garage
14. CWG206
Alexander's (Northern) NPA164, CWG206, a Leyland PS1 with Alexander C35F bodywork, was new in 1950 to W Alexander & Sons as PA164 and allocated to Dundee depot where it spent its entire life.
Photo taken 1969, Seagate Bus Station, Dundee
15. CWG275
Alexander Northern NPA173, CWG275, a Leyland PS1 with an Alexander C35F body, seen at Onibury after sale to Amos (dealer), Ludlow.
Photo taken Thursday 5 August 1971, Onibury
16. CWG286
PA184, CWG286, is a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with Alexander C35F bodywork which was first registered By Alexander's on 23 June 1950. After 'the split' it became NPA184 in the fleet of Alexander's (Northern).
Photo taken Saturday 26 March 2016, Grand Prix Coaches yard, Main Street, Brough, Cumbria
17. CWG286
Former Alexander Northern NPA184, CWG286, is a Leyland PS1/1 with Alexander C35F body of 1950.
Photo taken 4 Jul 2003, Leyburn Station
18. CWG339
Yuill, Hartlepool based contractor, CWG339, a Leyland Tiger PS1 of 1950 with Burlingham FC33F bodywork.
Photo taken April 1972, Yuill's Hartlepool Depot
19. NRB75
Only two Alexander (Northern) double deckers are represented in SCT61, neither are original company purchases, so thought this one might fill the gap: CWG53, NRB75, a Leyland PD2/1 built 1950 with Alexander L27/26R body brightening up a dull day at Dundee Seagate Bus Station. The front of the bus has undergone some rebuilding at some stage. The garage was opposite the departure stances.
Photo taken 1968, Dundee Seagate Bus Station
20. DMS819
Alexander Northern NPB6, DMS819, a Leyland PS2 with an Alexander body is seen at Onibury after sale to Amos (dealer), Ludlow.
Photo taken Thursday 5 August 1971, Onibury
21. CMS371
Two Leyland Royal Tigers belonging to Alexander's (Northern) and allocated to Elgin depot, stand in Elgin Bus Station. At the front is NPC5, CMS371, a PSU1/15 with Alexander C41C bodywork, which had been new to the parent company in 1952 as PC5.
Photo taken 1967, Elgin Bus Station
22. DWG524
Alexander Northern NPC28, DWG524, a 1952 Leyland Royal Tiger with Leyland coach body
Photo taken August 1969, Harrogate
23. DWG524
Seen climbing New Bank on its way out of Halifax, heading for Harrogate on the Trans-Pennine Rally is preserved DWG524, a Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger with a Leyland C41C body new to Alexander, Falkirk and transferred to Alexander (Northern), Aberdeen when Alexander was split into three companies.
Photo taken Sunday 6 August 1972, New Bank, Halifax
24. DWG524
Preserved Alexander PC28, DWG524, a Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger with a Leyland C41C body seen here in the wild outback which Thorpe Park's car park was at the time of this Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 1980, Thorpe Park
25. DWG526
DWG526 was originally operated by Alexander (Northern) but by the 1970s had passed to the Aintree and District Bus Preservation Society. It is seen here about to set off on one of the Society's outings. Ken doesn't recall ever seeing this bus on rallies he attended between 1972 and the present day so whether the vehicle still exists is open to further research.
Photo taken 1970s, Aintree, Liverpool
26. DWG528
Not all of Alexander's Royal Tigers had Alexander 'Coronation' bodies. Ten were bodied by Leyland, of which five were operated by Alexander's (Northern) after the 1961 split. NPC32, DWG528, was one of the latter; a Leyland PSU1/15 with Leyland C41C bodywork, it had been new in 1952 to Walter Alexander & Sons as PC32 and is seen here in the parking area at the side of Aberdeen Bus Station.
Photo taken c 1968, Aberdeen Bus Station
27. EMS516
Alexander's (Northern) NPC61, EMS516, was a Leyland PSU1/15 with Alexander C41C bodywork. New in 1953, and originally equipped with a sun visor, it had been PC61 in the main Alexander's fleet but became part of the Northern fleet at the 1961 split.
Photo taken 1968, Aberdeen Bus Station
28. FMS726
Aberdeen-allocated NPD9, FMS726, was one of ten Alexander C41F-bodied Leyland PSUC1/2Ts, which had been new to W Alexander & Sons in 1954, and which were transferred to Alexander's (Northern) at the 1961 split. It was withdrawn in 1973 and ended its life with Dagenham Swimming Club!
Photo taken 1967, Aberdeen Bus Station
29. GWG472
Alexander Northern AEC Monocoach with Alexander body NAC68, GWG472. The bus dates from 1955 and was originally AC68 in the Alexander fleet
Photo taken 1995, Halifax
30. HHE320
Starting life in 1947 as Yorkshire Traction 731, registered AHE 462, this Leyland PS1 was rebuilt in 1955 and rebodied with a Roe H33/26R body to become Yorkshire Traction 1039, registered HHE320. It was withdrawn in 1965 and passed via North (dealer), Leeds to Simpson, Rosehearty in June 1965.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1970, Cross Street/High Street, Fraserburgh
31. HCS984
Alexander Northern NRB175, HCS984, a 1956 Leyland Titan PD2/20 with Northern Counties lowbridge body. This bus was originally 1205 in the Western SMT fleet
Photo taken August 1973, Aberdeen Bus Station
32. HMS237
Alexander Northern, Aberdeen NAC88, HMS237, was an A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance, new in July 1956 as Alexander, Falkirk AC88, with an Alexander B45F body which was seen in Peterhead.
Photo taken Thursday 29 July 1965, Broad Street, Peterhead
33. JWG702
Alexander (Northern) AEC Reliance JWG702 (NAC122) with Alexander C41F body dating from 1957 in Dundee City Centre with the late 15th Century St Mary's Tower partially hidden by a more modern structure in the background.
Photo taken Saturday 25 May 1974, Dundee City Centre
34. WPT136
Alexander Northern NAC8, WPT136, was a Plaxton Consort C41C bodied AEC Reliance new in 1957 to Shaw Bros., Byers Green. It passed to Burnett, Mintlaw in May 1962 and to Alexander Northern in January 1967 on the acquisition of the Burnett business.
Photo taken Saturday 1 August 1970, Dundas Street Bus Station, Glasgow
35. KWG655
A rare shot of former Alexander Northern KWG655, now part of Dundee Museum of Transport and stored off site but we were taken to see it.
Photo taken Saturday 15 August 2015, private site in Dundee
36. NMS358
Alexander Northern NAC147, NMS358, a 1960 AEC Reliance with Alexander body approaches Kirkby Stephen Station.
Photo taken Sunday 8 April 2007, near Kirkby Stephen Station
37. GRG462E
Alexander's (Northern) bought 88 Albion Viking VK43Ls between 1965 and 1970 and took a further 6 second-hand from Eastern Scottish in 1972. NNV26, GRG462E, of Rosehearty depot carried an Alexander C40F body and had been new in March 1967.
Photo taken 1967, Aberdeen Bus Station
38. GRS343E
Alexander Northern NV43, GRS343E, a 1967 Albion Viking VK43AL with Alexander Y type 40 coach body.
Photo taken 1999, Piece Hall, Halifax
39. NRG66H
Alexander (Northern) NNV66, NRG66H, an Albion Viking VK43AL built in 1970 with Alexander Y C40F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Perth Bus Station