SCT '61 Photo Index
Alexander Midland
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1. WG2373
Blessed are the Cheesemakers! Former Alexander P169, WG2373, is a 1934 Leyland Lion LT5B with a 1947 Burlingham B35F body. It is seen running for Cumbria Classic Coaches on a local Yorkshire Dales tourist service to the Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes.
Photo taken Tuesday 29 September 1998, Hawes
2. WG3383
Alexander Midland L179, (ex-WG3383), seen at Falkirk, was a Leyland TD4, new to Alexander in 1935. It had been fleet number R49 until April 1948 when it was converted to a service lorry. The Leyland L27/26R body was sold and the lorry body from L142 (MS9031) fitted. After conversion it ran on trade plate 0202MS.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
3. WG4445
Alexander P331, WG4445, looks more modern at first glance than it is and is seen at the end of the 1976 Trans-Pennine Run in Harrogate and appears to be having some attention. This vehicle was new to Simpsons and Forresters as their 45 in 1937 and absorbed into the Alexander fleet the following year. In 1949 it was rebodied Alexander C30F and ran as a tour coach in the Lawson fleet, but was fitted with 39 bus seats in 1959. It passed to the Midland fleet on the division of W. Alexander in 1961 but didn't run for them very long.
Photo taken Sunday 1 August 1976, Trans-Pennine Rally, Knaresborough Road Stray, Harrogate
4. WG4445
WG4445, a Leyland TS7 chassis with 1949 Alexander body has had a complicated existence in the Alexander, Lawsons and finally Midland fleets. It was preserved and in 1975 was hired for a wedding in north Glasgow.
Photo taken July 1975, North Glasgow
5. WG9321
Seen at Falkirk was Alexander ML220, WG9321, a Leyland Tiger TS8 with Alexander B39F body which had been new as number P631 in 1940. It had been converted to a service vehicle in October 1962 and was sold four years later.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
6. BMS420
Alexander Midland D25, BMS420, seen at Falkirk was a Burlingham C33F bodied Daimler CVD6SD new in 1948, which was sold in October 1965.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
7. CWG206
Alexander Leyland Tiger PS1 PA164, CWG206,with Alexander bus bodywork dating from 1948. The impressive Alexander fleetname is shown to good effect in this view.
Photo taken Sunday 19 July 2009, Elland Road, Leeds
8. BWG522
BWG522 seen in Dunoon was a Leyland PS1 with an Alexander C35F body and was one of forty-four new in 1949 to W. Alexander, Falkirk. PA117 was transferred to Alexander (Midland) in May 1961 with whom it is seen here.
Photo taken Monday 11 June 1962, Dunoon Pier
9. CWG286
This Leyland Tiger PS1 was new to Alexander in 1949 as their PA184, CWG286. It carries Alexander bodywork and is seen in service with Cumbria Classic coaches in a rain soaked Barnard Castle.
Photo taken July 2000, Barnard Castle
Alexander (Midland) ML163 on 544MS tradeplates, an A E C Matador recovery vehicle basking in the sun at Perth depot.
Photo taken July 1977, Perth Depot
11. CWG206
Alexander PA164, CWG206, a Leyland Tiger PS1 with Alexander bodywork seating 35 The bus is in Alexanders blue livery that was adopted by Alexander Midland after the spliting of the Alexander empire in the 1960s.
Photo taken 1996, Harrogate
12. CWG286
Alexander PA184, CWG286, a 1950 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Alexander body in reversed livery used for the Bluebird coach fleet by Alexander.
Photo taken 1998, Piece Hall, Halifax
13. CWG292
Alexander Midland MPA190, CWG292, a Leyland Tiger PS1 built 1950 with Alexander C35F body at Falkirk Bus Station in 1968.
Photo taken 1968, Falkirk Bus Station
14. CWG875
MRC12, CWG875, an AEC Regent III with Alexander L27/26R body was one of only 20 similar buses built in 1951 and always allocated to Stirlingshire Garages and hence to the Midland fleet after the split up of the W Alexander empire.
Photo taken 1968, Falkirk Bus Station
15. DMS351
Aberdeen 97, DMS351, was a Leyland PD2/12 with a Leyland L27/26R body new in 1951 seen at King Street Garage. It was acquired from Alexander (Midland), Falkirk MRB117 in 1970 for training duties only and was withdrawn in 1974, passing to Alexander (Greyhound), Arbroath in April 1974, but was not licensed.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1970, King Street Garage, Aberdeen
16. DMS550
Eastern Coachworks FC37F bodywork conceals the Daimler CVD6SD chassis of Alexander Midland D37, DMS550 seen at the Falkirk garage. One of thirteen such coaches new in 1951 it was sold in December 1965.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
17. DMS814
Alexander (Midland) MPB1, DMS814, was a rare Leyland OPS2/1 (the export version of the PS2), with an Alexander B35F body.
Photo taken 1965, Callandar
18. DWG912
Not the sharpest slide in the box of archive views from G V V T, but it has a wealth of interesting features. DWG912, a Leyland PD2/12 (Alexander Midland /Alexander L53R body) overtakes GCT Trolleybus TB14, FYS714, as they tended to do, as both vehicles turn left from Royston Road into Castle Street.
Photo taken 1966?, Castle St at Royston Road, Glasgow
19. EMS522
Alexander Midland, Falkirk MPC67, EMS522, was a Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger with an Alexander C41C body and was seen in Falkirk.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
20. EMS536
Alexander C41C bodywork graced the Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger chassis of Alexander Midland MPC81, EMS536, new in 1953.
Photo taken Thursday 13 August 1964
21. DWG917
Alexander Midland Leyland Titan PD2/12 with Alexander bodywork RB161 DWG917, new to Alexander Brothers in 1954
Photo taken Sunday 8 April 2007, Kirkby Stephen
22. FWG184
Alexander Midland MPD38, FWG184, was a Leyland PSUC1/2 Tiger Cub with an Alexander C41F body new in 1954.
Photo taken Sunday 16 August 1964
23. CMS386
Alexander (Midland) MPC20, CMS386, a Leyland Royal Tiger with Alexander C41C body.
Photo taken 1965, Callendar Depot
24. HMS227
Leask of Lerwick, HMS227, a Bedford SBG built in 1956 with Burlingham Seagull C35F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Lerwick, Shetland
25. DEK41
Alexander Midland, Falkirk MNL19, DEK41, seen in the garage at Cumbernauld, was an Albion MR11L Aberdonian with a Plaxton C40F body combining the Consort style of windows with the Venturer grille (p.98 "Plaxtons - The Great British Coach Builders" - ISBN 903839 69 5), which had been acquired with the business of Carmichael, Glenboig in August 1966.
Photo taken Saturday 1 August 1970, Cumbernauld Garage
26. FYS690
Alexander Midland, Falkirk MPF1, FYS690, seen in the garage at Cumbernauld, was a Leyland RT3/1 Worldmaster with a Glasgow Corporation/Weymann B44F body which had been new as Glasgow LS19 in May 1957 and which had been acquired with the business of Carmichael, Glenboig, where it was numbered LW2, in August 1966.
Photo taken Saturday 1 August 1970, Cumbernauld Garage
27. OVD947
Was going to dismiss this poor print with "tramlines" across the picture, but it might be of interest; John Carmichael of Glenboig was taken over by Alexander Midland in November 1966 who placed these two vehicles in its fleet. 382HVD was a Leyland Leopard with Willowbrook B45F body built 1964 (MPE88) and OVD947, an Albion MR11 with Plaxton C41F body from 1957 (MNL20) at Cumbernauld Garage.
Photo taken 1968, Alexander (Midland) garage, Cumbernauld
28. KMS502
Alexander Midland MPD133, KMS502, was a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with an Alexander body of 1958. Originally C41F it was later downgraded for bus operations.
Photo taken 1965, Rie-Achan Road, Pitlochry
29. OMS243
OMS243 was number N10 in the Alexander Midland fleet, being an Alexander C29F bodied Albion NS3L Nimbus and was seen at Falkirk garage. It was one of ten such coaches new in 1960.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
30. OMS253
The 1994 "Lord Provost's Procession" in Glasgow attracted a fair number of preserved vehicles. Waiting at Blythswood Square to take up their position is Alexander Midland MPD177, Leyland Tiger Cub /Alexander C41F from 1960, originally registered OMS253, with Edinburgh 101 and an ex-Macbraynes behind. Strathclyde Buses has provided a brand new Ailsa Citybus, which can be seen in the distance.
Photo taken Sunday 3 July 1994, Blythswood Square, Glasgow
31. WVA809
Alexander Midland, Falkirk MPD275, WVA809, was acquired with the business of Carmichael, Glenboig in August 1966 and was a Leyland PSUC1/2 Tiger Cub with a Duple Midland Donington C41F body new in April 1960.
Photo taken Monday 3 August 1970, Glasgow
32. WVA809
Alexander Midland MPD275, WVA809, was a Leyland Tiger Cub with a Duple Midland C41F body.
Photo taken Thursday 17 August 1972, Blair Drummond Safari Park
33. RMS677
Former Alexander (Midland) RB245, RMS677, was one of their unusual Leyland OPS2 rebuilds, becoming a PD3/3 and given a new Alexander lowbridge body in 1961.
Photo taken Friday 31 March 2006, Cornavin Station, Geneva, Switzerland
34. RMS685
Alexander Midland no MRB253, RMS685, a Leyland PD3/3C with Alexander L35/32R bodywork. Built in 1961 from older Leyland Tiger Chassis
Photo taken c. 1973, Great Western Road, Glasgow
35. RMS689
Alexander Midland RB257, RMS689, a 1961 Leyland Titan PD3/3C, a chassis unique to the Alexander organisation as it was made from rebuilt Leyland Tiger PS1 and OPS1 buses. Alexander lowbridge bodywork is carried.
Photo taken October 1971, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
36. RMS696
Alexander Midland PD206 RMS696 was one of the first vehicles delivered to Alexander after the company was slit into three segments in 1961, part of a batch of nineteen Leyland Tiger Cubs, all of which carried this unique style of Alexander coach bodywork.
Photo taken Thursday 24 August 1972, Stirling
37. SWG625
Alexander Midland MRB269, SWG625, a 1961 Leyland Titan PD3A/3 with Alexander body alongside is earlier Leyland Titan PD3/3 MRB176 KWG637, also with Alexander body. MRB176 carries the earlier full width bonnet while MRB269 carries a St Helens front
Photo taken October 1971, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
38. SWG625
Alexander (Midland) PD3A/3 MRB269, SWG625, with Alexander L35/32R body built in 1961, sitting adjacent to the new bus station being completed at Killermont St, Glasgow. The" Albion " front may have been on a Lowlander at one time! The bus is sitting what now would be Renfrew Street, and appropriately enough a "bus lane" towards the vehicle entrance/exit of Buchanan Bus Station.
Photo taken Saturday 29 January 1977, Killermont St Bus Station/Renfrew Street, Glasgow
39. 736CVD
736CVD, a Leyland PD3/2 with Alexander H72F body built 1962, and operated by John Carmichael ("Highland"), Glenboig, one of two Titans tagged on to an order for GCT, of which Stephen Allcroft has recently referred.
Photo taken Sunday 7 October 1973, Larbert Road Garage, Falkirk
40. TWG563
Alexander (Midland) MRE12, TWG563, an Albion Lowlander LR1 built in 1962/3 with Alexander H40/31F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Falkirk Bus Station
41. TWG588
Alexander (Midland) MPD234, TWG588, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 built in 1962 with Alexander C41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
42. TWG590
George Square, Glasgow and a chance to compare three different Alexander (Midland) vehicles: MPD236, Tiger Cub, (TWG590) built in 1962 has been altered to allow OMO but has retained its coach seats, behind are an unidentified Albion Viking (?) and a bus seated Leopard.
Photo taken Saturday 5 October 1974, George Square (North), Glasgow
43. TWG593
Rear view of Alexander (Midland) MPD239, TWG593, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 built in 1962 with Alexander C41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Depot, Perth?
44. TWG596
Alexander (Midland) MPD242, TWG596, a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 built in 1962 with Alexander C41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Bus Station, Falkirk
45. TWG568
Whilst all Scottish Bus Group fleets had Bristol FLFs to fulfill their flat floor needs, others also took the Albion Lowlander. Alexander (Midland) had 44 such buses delivered in 1963 and 1964 with Alexander bodywork on the LR1 variant. MRE17, TWG568, of Milngavie Depot is seen in the bus parking area of the Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow.
Photo taken Saturday 6 August 1977, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
46. TWG575
Midland MRE24, TWG575, an Albion Lowlander with Alexander H40/31F body, new in 1963.
Photo taken 1976, Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow
47. VWG354
Alexander (Midland) Kirkintilloch depot's MRD174, VWG354, is seen parked up at the side of Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow. It was new in May 1963.
Photo taken c.1976, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
48. VWG361
Alexander Midland MRD181, VWG361, was a Bristol with an Eastern Coachworks H38/32F body dating from 1963. It was presumably an FLF6G, although the P.S.V. Circle Fleet History, PM6, records the batch as being LD6Gs.
Photo taken Friday 14 August 1964, Killermont Street parking area, Glasgow
49. VWG368
Alexander (Midland) MRE30, VWG368, an Albion Lowlander LR1 built in 1963 with Alexander H40/31F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Falkirk Bus Station
50. AMS12B
Alexander Midland MRD194, AMS12B, a Bristol Lodekka FLF6G built in 1964 with ECW H38/32F bodywork, looking very smartly turned out at Glasgow's Buchanan Street bus station.
Photo taken July 1977, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
51. AMS294B
Alexander Midland Albion Viking VK43AL with Alexander coach bodywork MNV70, MWG486F, of 1968 parked alongside bus liveried Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R MPE28, AMS294B, also with an Alexander body
Photo taken October 1971, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
52. AMS6B
Alexander Midland MRD188, AMS6B, a 1964 Bristol FLF
Photo taken 1975/6, Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
53. FWG987D
Alexander Midland MNV12, FWG978D, was an Albion Viking with an Alexander C40F body of 1966.
Photo taken 1968, Balmoral
54. SVX279D
Alexander Midland MRD206, SVX279D, ex Eastern National 2880 at Larbert Garage in October 1978 repainted in the last Alexander Midland livery with a revamped fleetname. The depot code under the fleet number (Kh) is for Kirkintilloch Garage. The offside traffic indicator has yet to be refitted. The previous fleetname style is still applied under the radiator!
Photo taken Sunday 7 May 1978, Larbert Garage
55. HWG516E
Alexander Midland MRF17, HWG516E, a 1967 Daimler Fleetline/Alexander.
Photo taken Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
56. HWG534E
Alexander (Midland) MW278, HWG534E, a Bedford VAM5 built in 1967 with Duple Viceroy C45F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh
57. KWG368F
Alexander Midland Daimler Fleetline MRF38, KWG368F, a 1967 Daimler Fleetline with Alexander body, seen here in service with Bryn Mellin Motor Services of Llangollen.
Photo taken June 1986, Llangollen
58. KWG375F
Alexander Midland switched from Leyland to Daimler for their rear engined purchases. Seen in Glasgow at the old Buchanan Street bus park is MRF45, KWG375F, a 1967 Alexander bodied example.
Photo taken near Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow
59. MWG108F
Alexander Midland MNV61, MWG108F, was a nearly new Albion Viking with Alexander coachwork.
Photo taken 1968, Pitlochry
60. SMS671H
Some doubt about the location of the previous Midland LH on site, but no doubt here as MLH1, SMS671H, a Bristol LH with Perkins engine (one of 75 supplied to the SBG) leaves the parking area at Killermont Street with some rather well-heeled passengers on a day tour to the "Five Lochs". I will leave it to the team to identify which ones were on the itinerary?
Photo taken May 1970, Killermont Street, Glasgow
61. SWG672H
Alexander Midland MLH12, SWG672H, a Bristol LH6P built in 1970 with Alexander Y C41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Balfron Depot
62. SXA68K
Alexander (Midland) MRF108, SXA68K, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB built in 1971 with Northern Counties H44/31F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Falkirk bus station
63. TGM229J
Alexander (Midland) MRF117, TGM229J a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB built in 1971 with ECW H43/34F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Falkirk
64. LMS168W
'Leyland' Fleetline LMS168W, with Alexander H44/31F body, new to Alexander Midland in 1980 as their MRF168. This bus was one of the last batch of Fleetlines supplied to the Scottish Bus Group and is seen here during the 2013 Kirkby Stephen Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 31 March 2013, Brough