SCT '61 Photo Index
Tilling Stevens
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1. KO119
Autocar Services, Tunbridge Wells, 427 KO119, a Tilling-Stevens B9A built in 1927 with Eastern Counties OC DP31R bodywork from 1934.
Photo taken 1934, Lowestoft
2. UF4300
Concurrent with Southdown transferring its affection to Leyland, between 1928 and 1931 they took delivery of more than 180 Tilling-Stevens 'Express' chassis - all single deck except no 600 UF4300 seen here after withdrawal in the right foreground of this shot taken at the rear of Portslade Works in 1946.
Photo taken 1946, Portslade Works
3. UF4300
Southdown Short bodied Tilling-Stevens B10A2 600, UF4300, in a different position at the rear of Portslade Works in 1946 so we can now see the offside.
Photo taken 1946
4. UF6805
Preserved ex Southdown 1205, UF6805 is a 1930 Tilling Stevens B10A2 with a Short B31R body. Seen here at the 2014 Worthing Bus Rally, it usually resides at the Amberly Chalkpits Working Museum.
Photo taken Sunday 27 July 2014, Marine Parade, Worthing
5. UF6805
There was a superb selection of preserved Southdown vehicles at the Southdown Centenary Rally from a 1927 Dennis single decker up to Queen Marys and VRs. Perhaps the most interesting to me, since I had not previously seen it, was 1930 Tilling Stevens single decker UF6805. I believe this is normally kept at Amberley Chalk Pits Museum.
Photo taken Sunday 7 June 2015, Southdown Centenary Rally, Southsea
6. YV5746
YV5746, a Tilling Stevens... Other than that I have no further details, and am rather hoping that someone here may be able to at least identify the operator for me. My records show that Margo's of Bexleyheath operated a TSM (YV3955) from June 1934, but details are just as sketchy and may be incorrect.
Photo taken early 1930s, Erith, High Street.
7. DX6211
Eastern Counties PA36, DX6211, with a new ECOC B32R body from around 1931 fitted onto an older Tilling-Stevens chassis.
Photo taken ca 1931, Lowestoft
8. RV236
The other Tilling Stevens B10A2/Park Royal B30R new in 1931 was no 1 RV236.
9. RV237
Portsmouth 2, RV237, was one of 2 Tilling Stevens B10A2/Park Royal B30R new in 6/31. It was destroyed by enemy action at Eastney 3/41.
10. RV1143
Another former bus serving as a service vehicle with Portsmouth was bus 80, RV1143, a T.S.M. E60A6/English Electric H26/24R new 3/32.
Photo taken December 1949, Methuen Rd Yard, Eastney
11. FJ8972
Southern National FJ8972, a Tilling-Stevens B39 new in 1933 as fleet number 53, rebuilt in July 1944 by ECW and given a Gardner 4LW engine and a Bristol radiator shell.
Photo taken 1956, probably Weymouth
12. NG5801
Eastern Counties Omnibus Co P166 NG5801, a Tilling-Stevens B39A7 built in 1933 with Eastern Counties OC B36R bodywork.
Photo taken 1933, Lowestoft
13. NV3146
United Counties 301, NV3146, a Tilling-Stevens B39A7 built in 1934 with ECOC B32R bodywork.
Photo taken 1934, Lowestoft
14. DBW66
Chiltern Queens, Woodcote DBW66 was a Tilling Stevens K6LA7 with a Vincent C33F body new in August 1948 seen in Reading.
Photo taken Saturday 28 June 1958, Blagrave Street, Reading
15. GOU586
An unexpected bonus on the way to Bournemouth for a trolleybus tour in spring 1969 was Altonian Tilling Stevens coach GOU586 found in a car park at Alton. It had a Scottish Aviation C33F body and was new in 1949.
Photo taken Spring 1969, Alton
16. GOU732
Tilling-Stevens were one of the early pioneers of bus building but gradually faded away in the nineteen thirties. They did build a number of chassis in the post war era and one such is this Tilling Stevens K6LA7 of 1949, GOU732, with rare Scottish Aviation coachwork. It was new to Altonian of Alton Hampshire and now wears a livery based on Wolverhampton Corporation colours.
Photo taken Sunday 19 September 2010, Meadowhall, Sheffield
17. GOU732
A rare post war Tilling-Stevens, a K6LA7 new in 1949, GOU732, with Scottish Aviation coachwork, new to Altonian of Alton Hampshire.
Photo taken Sunday 7 September 2014, Leicester
18. GOU732
Tilling Stevens K6LA7 GOU732 with Scottish Aviation coachwork in the livery of Classic Wombourne, new in 1949 to Altonian of Alton in Hampshire.
Photo taken Friday 8 September 1989, Kidderminster Station
19. OKL739
OKL739, operated by the Millbrook Steamboat Trading Company. Plymouth, was a Tilling Stevens L4MA8 with a Strachan FB35C body which was new in December 1951 to the Royal Navy at Chatham.
Photo taken Sunday 7 March 1965, High Street, Green Street Green, Farnborough, Kent