SCT '61 Photo Index
AEC Routemaster
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1. SLT56
London Transport RM1, SLT56, with its revised frontal form is seen here at Golders Green Station alongside RTL1286.
Photo taken Sunday 14 April 1957, London Golders Green Station
2. SLT57
Three of the four prototype Routemasters were present at Routemaster 60 (the missing one being RMC4, the Green Line coach prototype). When RM2, SLT57, first entered service it was in green livery and was used for a short time in the Country Area. (It was the only standard RM to do be so used – later Country Area vehicles were either RMLs or Green Line coaches.) It has recently been restored to its original condition and livery as seen here.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 2014, London Finsbury Park
3. SLT57
Preserved London Transport RM2, SLT57, is seen at Westerham, having worked a journey on erstwhile route 403 from Sevenoaks on the Country Bus Rallies Classic Bus Running Day at Sevenoaks.
Photo taken Sunday 19 May 2019, Westerham
4. SLT58
The third RM prototype was very much an odd man out, having Leyland running units, and was thus numbered RML3. With use of the RML classification for the later long Routemasters it reverted to being RM3. It was the first of the prototypes to enter preservation, passing to the London Bus Preservation Group at Cobham and it is still with their successors. It has now been restored to its original frontal appearance and once again bears the number RML3, SLT58, as seen here.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 2014, London Finsbury Park
5. SLT59
London Country, Reigate RMC4, SLT59, new in 1957 was the only Leyland Routemaster and the only Routemaster to have an Eastern Coachworks body which had an H32/25RD seating arrangement, altered to H32/23RD before entering service.
Photo taken Sunday 24 June 1979, Hillingdon
6. VLT8
Preserved London Transport RM8, VLT8
Photo taken Sunday 20 July 2003, Alton
7. SLT59
London Transport RMC4, SLT59, is one of the four Routemaster prototypes - all preserved. This one was built by Leyland/ECW in 1957 for Green Line coach operation, originally number CRL4.
Photo taken August 1981, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
8. VLT102
Rear view of Routemaster VLT102
Photo taken Sunday 11 January 2009, Port de la Conférence, Paris
9. VLT108
1959 AEC Routemaster 5RM with Park Royal body VLT108 operating with East Yorkshire Motor Services (Fleet 808)
Photo taken 1993, Hull Bus Station
10. VLT120
London Transport Routemaster RM120, VLT120, seen soon after entering service.
Photo taken July 1960, Leven Road, London Poplar Garage
11. VLT163
Lothian no longer operate Routemasters on their open top tours of Edinburgh but seen here in Mac's Tours livery is the former RM163, VLT163, dating from 1959.
Photo taken Saturday 26 August 2006, Princes Street Edinburgh
12. VLT172
Southend Transport 102, VLT172, ex London Transport RM172.
Photo taken Southend
13. VLT172
Second shot of Southend Routemaster 102 on the final run on the final day of 1993.
Photo taken Friday 31 December 1993, Central Bus Station, York Road, Southend
14. VLT172
Routemaster 102, VLT172, was designated the ceremonial "Last RM" in Southend service and was suitably decorated for its final run on December 31st, 1993 on the 1715 service 3A from Southend to Canvey Newlands and back.
Photo taken Friday 31 December 1993, July 1974, Central Bus Station, York Road, Southend
15. VLT18
London Transport AEC Routemaster RM18, VLT18 with Park Royal H36/28R body.
Photo taken Wednesday 24 June 1981, General Gordon Square, Woolwich
16. VLT26
London Transport RM26, VLT26, seen a few months after entering service. RM26 was part of the first production batch of Routemasters of which 74 entered en-masse into full service with the fourth stage of the Trolleybus conversion programme on 11th November 1959.
Photo taken June 1960, Greengate Street, London West Ham Garage
17. VLT43
LT RM43, VLT43, laying over by Stratford Church ready to work route 238 to Little Heath. The bus is still in near original condition, with no front opening windows, full depth grille below blind box and rear wheel disc.
Photo taken mid 1968, London Stratford Broadway
18. VLT46
Operating for London Buses (Wandle District), RM46, VLT46, was a Routemaster with a Park Royal H36/28R body new in September 1959 which is seen at Tawney Common.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 1988, Tawney Common
19. VLT5
Routemaster RM5, VLT5
Photo taken Sunday 31 July 2005, Marine Parade, Worthing
20. VLT55
London Transport RM55, VLT55, and RLH27, MXX227, operating route 278A and seen at Custom House.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 1969, London Custom House
21. VLT6
Routemaster RM6, VLT6, now in the Arriva Heritage Fleet
Photo taken Sunday 2 August 2009, Gosport
22. VLT70
Early LT Routemaster 70, VLT70, arriving at the event.
Photo taken Sunday 21 July 2013, Anstey Park, Alton
23. LDS341A
Black Prince ran the former AEC Routemaster RM441, LDS341A, in Clydeside livery for a number of years after buying it from Western Scottish. It is seen here on one of its regular haunts the peak extra X51 Leeds to Morley service. A Yorkshire Rider Bristol VR that came with the West Yorkshire business is also visible.
Photo taken March 1991, Vicar Lane, Leeds
24. LDS341A
Seen looking resplendent in Black Prince colours is former London AEC Routemaster RM441. Black Prince had acquired it from Western Scottish who had re-registered it LDS341A.
Photo taken April 1993, Black Prince Depot, Morley, Leeds
25. VLT102
Ex London Transport Routemaster VLT102 parked on the banks of the River Seine in Paris with the open top deck covered over for the winter.
Photo taken Sunday 11 January 2009, Port de la Conférence, Paris
26. VLT129
London Transport RM129, VLT129
Photo taken Saturday 12 March 1966, London Trafalgar Square
27. VLT207
How to cause a traffic jam! LT RM207, VLT207, has broken down in Euston Road at the lights opposite St. Pancras Station while working route 73. The crew seem to have abandoned ship completely, presumably after having propped a seat cushion against the back of the bus. This was the normal London indication of a broken down vehicle as a warning to following buses. Did any other operator do the same?
Photo taken Euston Road, London St. Pancras Station
28. VLT270
London Transport RM270, VLT270, AEC Routemaster with Park Royal H36/28R body.
Photo taken Wednesday 24 June 1981, Powis Street, Woolwich
29. VLT296
Seen whilst working the non-stop service from Morden Station to Tattenham Corner is London Transport RM296, VLT296, operating from South Croydon Garage.
Photo taken Tuesday 29 August 1967, Downland Way, Epsom
30. WLT351
London Transport RM351, WLT351.
Photo taken 1966, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London Victoria
31. WLT397
A line up of four RMs at Stratford Church, led by RM397, WLT397, and RM145, VLT145. The third one is probably RM1185, 185CLT, and the fourth one is completely unidentifiable.
Photo taken mid 1968, London Stratford Broadway
32. 100BXL
Ex London Transport RM1000, 100BXL, alongside Aldershot and District Loline AAA503C.
Photo taken Sunday 17 July 2005, Medstead Station
33. EDS288A
When London began discarding its Routemasters many of them found a new home north of the border. Kelvin Scottish formed from parts of Central SMT and Alexander Midland bought RM910 WLT910 and re-registered it as EDS288A. In the Kelvin Scottixh fleet it was was 1929.
Photo taken Sunday 4 April 2010, Kirkby Stephen
34. LDS284A
In the twilight of Southend's RM operations, 120 (the former RM546, reregistered from WLT546 to LDS284A whilst with Clydeside Buses) performs on the 29 on Christmas Eve, 1993 and passes under a street light mounted on a former trolleybus traction standard at the junction of Fairfax Drive and Southbourne Grove.
Photo taken Friday 24 December 1993, Fairfax Drive, Southend
35. WLT305
LT Routemaster RM305, WLT305, went to Clydeside Scottish in 1986 to join their famous fleet of RMs. In 1989 it was re-registered as LDS256A following takeover by Western Scottish (C32). After withdrawal in 1990 it was reported to have moved to Belgium in 1992.
Photo taken Wednesday 25 March 1987, Glasgow Road, Hillington
36. WLT324
LT RM324, WLT324, on route 103 turns into Dagenham Road at Rush Green. True to LT tradition another RM (also on the 103) follows close behind.
Photo taken Saturday 24 October 2015, Dagenham Road, Rush Green, Romford Running Day
37. WLT334
London Transport RM334, WLT334, at Butterwick, Hammersmith.
Photo taken Feb/Mar 1966, Butterwick, Hammersmith
38. WLT415
Kelvin Central 1913, EDS285A, was former London Transport RM415, WLT415, one of the many Routemasters which found their way north of the border in the mid-1980s.
Photo taken July 1990, Argyle Street
39. WLT539
London Transport RM539, WLT539, AEC Routemaster / Park Royal H36/28R
Photo taken Wednesday 24 June 1981, Powis Street, Woolwich
40. WLT539
London Transport RM539, WLT539, AEC Routemaster / Park Royal H36/28R.
Photo taken Thursday 30 June 1983, Trafalgar Square, London
41. WLT550
According to its British tax disc, expiring in 1992, this AEC Routemaster was formerly registered LDS184A (originally WLT550), making it ex London Transport RM550 which then went onto Clydeside Scottish, fleet number 250 and latterly Western C45.
Photo taken Sunday 25 December 2011, Rudesheim, Germany
42. WLT582
London Transport RM582, WLT582, has been turned short at Archway while working a Sunday Routemaster duty on route 609 and lays over while its crew take a break.
Photo taken Sunday 5 November 1961, London Archway
43. WLT584
London Transport RM584, WLT584, at Archway trying to look like a trolleybus while working a Sunday Routemaster duty on route 609. (Is that a Police car with a roof mounted siren behind the bus?)
Photo taken Sunday 5 November 1961, Holloway Road, London Archway
44. WLT613
Four Routemasters stop for pictures on the Imber Road, which is normally closed off by the MOD since the village of Imber was evacuated in 1943 to become part of the vast MOD Salisbury plain complex. Behind the Routemasters which are, WLT613, 357CLT. CUV344C and 654DYE is a modern LT bus.
Photo taken Saturday 20 August 2016, Imber Road, Salisbury Plain
45. WLT642
Preserved London Transport RM642, WLT642
Photo taken Sunday 20 July 2003, Alton
46. WLT736
RM736, XYJ418 (former WLT736) is now part of the Keighley Bus Museum fleet.
Photo taken Sunday 22 April 2012, Ingrow Station, Keighley
47. WLT736
Seen in Leeds on the day of the Grand Depart of the Tour De France is preserved London Transport AEC Routemaster now in the active fleet of the Keighley Bus Museum
Photo taken Saturday 5 July 2014, Infirmary Street Leeds
48. WLT800
London Transport RM800, WLT800.
Photo taken 1966, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London Victoria
49. WLT835
When the 1985 Transport Act brought bus wars to the streets of Glasgow one of the weapons used by some operators was the AEC Routemaster. Former London Transport RM835, WLT835, of 1961 ran for Clydeside Scottish in whose livery it has been preserved
Photo taken Sunday 4 April 2010, Kirkby Stephen
50. WLT879
London Transport RM879, WLT879 seen on route 221
Photo taken February/March 1966, Edgware Station Forecourt
51. WLT939
London Transport RM939, WLT939, is seen at West Hampstead, West End Green.
Photo taken 1966, West End Green, West Hampstead
52. WLT958
London Transport AEC Routemaster RM958, WLT958, a 1961 delivery waits for time in Northumberland Avenue on route 1A to Surry Docks Station. Already 9 years old when photographed, this bus would give a further 17 years service to London before being withdrawn and scrapped in 1987
Photo taken Sunday 17 May 1970, Northumberland Avenue, London Westminster
53. 101CLT
Ghost Bus Tours are now operating in York as well as in London. The York vehicle is former London Transport 1962 AEC Routemaster RM1101, 101CLT, now re-registered KFF367. The desination screen displays a selection of amusing "scarrey" takes on the names of York landmarks. This bus was re-engined using an IVECO unit in 1991.
Photo taken Saturday 5 September 2015, Leeman Road, York
54. 109CLT
Former LT Routemaster RM1109, 109CLT, although owned by Rotherham & District, is here seen operating for a brief period with Black Prince, Morley, Leeds.
Photo taken 1988, Asquith Avenue, Morley, Leeds
55. 183CLT
Nostalgiabus, Mitcham 183CLT, carrying its old London fleet number RM1183, seen whilst working a Railway Replacement Service, and itself no doubt needing replacement after colliding with a low bridge en-route. 
Photo taken 1997
56. 190CLT
London Transport RM1190, 190CLT, is seen in South Norwood Hill on its way to Norwood Junction, with the mast of the ITV transmitter in the left background.
Photo taken Sunday 28 March 1965, South Norwood Hill, South Norwood
57. 200CLT
London Transport RM1200, 200CLT.
Photo taken 1966, Clapham Common Old Town
58. 254CLT
Northern General 2145, 254CLT, the ex-London Transport Routemaster with a Park Royal H41/31F body is seen here in West Hartlepool.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1968, Tower Street, Hartlepool
59. 254CLT
Northern 2145, 254CLT, is famously the former London RMF1254 purchased by Northern after spending time on demonstration duties for AEC. Seen at the corner of Worswick Street bus station in Newcastle, the advert for Vaux beer has been the subject of recent comments.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 August 1974, Worswick Street Bus Station, Newcastle
60. 254CLT
Northern General, Gateshead 3129, 254CLT, which was seen in Newcastle, was new as London Transport RMF1254 and was an A.E.C. R2RH Routemaster with a Park Royal H41/31F body.
Photo taken Wednesday 8 August 1979, Carliol Square, Newcastle
61. 41CLT
East Yorkshire 805, 41CLT, was ex-LT RM1041 of 1962, and entered service with EY in 1988. Looking beautiful in the one-time traditional EYMS livery, it was to be re-registered as NRH805A in 1990, but was scrapped in 1995.
Photo taken Saturday 3 September 1988, Ark Royal, Fleet Estate, Hull
62. 427CLT
London Transport RM1427, 427CLT
Photo taken Thursday 21 May 1964, Oxford Street/Park Lane, London Marble Arch
63. 429CLT
London Transport RM1429, 429CLT.
Photo taken Sunday 17 June 1973, North Street Garage, Romford
64. 458CLT
RMC1458, 458CLT, originally Green Line
Photo taken October 1989, Kidderminster
65. 461CLT
Preserved Routemaster coach RMC1461, 461CLT
Photo taken Sunday 18 July 2004, Watercress Line Rally, Alton
66. 462CLT
Believed to be Green Line Routemaster Coach RMC1462, 462CLT
Photo taken October 1971, St. Edwards Way, Romford
67. 463CLT
London Transport Green Line routemaster coach RMC1463, 463CLT.
Photo taken October 1971, Mercury Gardens/St. Edwards Way, Romford
68. 492CLT
London Transport, Green Line, Routemaster Coach RMC1492, 492CLT
Photo taken Saturday 12 March 1966, Belgrave Road, London Pimlico
69. 497CLT
LT Green Line Routemaster coach RMC1497, 497CLT.
Photo taken October 1997, Crich Tramway Museum
70. 510CLT
510CLT is a Routemaster with Park Royal body dating from 1963 as RMC1510. It was one of several Routemasters in service at the 2016 Imberbus event, although the only open top one.
Photo taken Saturday 20 August 2016, Gore Cross, Salisbury Plain
71. 511CLT
Green Line Routemaster double-deck coach RMC1511, 511CLT, negotiating Marble Arch.
Photo taken Thursday 21 May 1964, Oxford Street/Park Lane, London Marble Arch
72. 53CLT
Londoin Transport AEC Routemaster RM1053, 53CLT, a 1962 example heads down a damp and dismal Oxford Street in October 1984 when some 22 years old.
Photo taken Friday 12 October 1984, Oxford Street, approaching London Marble Arch
73. 62CLT
London Transport RM1062, 62CLT
Photo taken Feb/Mar 1966, Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith
74. 682DYE
Southend's operational Routemaster fleet eventually totalled 23 buses, including 117, 682DYE, a Leyland engined example that ran in Southampton before sale to ST.
Photo taken SCT Garage, London Road
75. WLT664
London Transport RM 664, WLT664, a Ted Lowe snooker moment, for those of you looking in black & white ... this was the unpainted RM664 on the 127s at Victoria.
Photo taken Autumn 1961, London Victoria Wilton Road/Gillingham Street
76. WLT871
Only one of the Routemaster heritage routes now runs in London, this being the 15 from Tower Hill to Trafalgar Square. Seen amid the encircling gloom of a November twilight is RM871, WLT871, which dates from 1962.
Photo taken Thursday 10 November 2016, Great Tower Street, City of London
77. 101CLT
Iveco-engined Routemaster RM1101, KFF367, (formerly 101CLT), is a well-known bus in the Birkenhead region, and is seen linking with the Wirral Tramway.
Photo taken Sunday 21 May 2000, Woodside Ferry, Birkenhead
78. 250CLT
In early deregulation days many operators were using Routemasters on local bus services including Stagecoach who ran in Glasgow under the Magicbus brand. The former RM1250, 250CLT, appeared at a West Yorkshire Transport Museum annual rally displaying adverts for pensioners travel at 10p and reduced fares for UB40 holders!
Photo taken Saturday 1 October 1988, West Yorkshire Transport Museum, Ludlam Street Depot, Bradford
79. 358CLT
London Transport RM1358, 358CLT, AEC Routemaster / Park Royal H36/28R.
Photo taken Wednesday 24 June 1981, General Gordon Square, Woolwich
80. 414CLT
New to London Transport as RM1414, 414CLT, in 1963 this Leyland engined Routemaster was loaned to Manchester Corporation when a few months old but failed to raise any sales for AEC.
Photo taken 1996, Huddersfield
81. 414CLT
London Transport RM1414, 414CLT, new in 1963.
Photo taken January 1994
82. 449CLT
London Transport 1963 Park Royal H36/28R bodied AEC Routemaster RM1449, 449CLT, at the Wakefield Heath Common Rally & Running Day. The bus has been extensively restored after a career with several owners following it's sale by London Transport & finally ending up in Sweden.
Photo taken Sunday 21 July 2013, Heath Common, Wakefield
83. 476CLT
ex-London Country RM1476, 476CLT
Photo taken Sunday 20 July 2003, Alton
84. 507CLT
Preserved Green Line RMC1507, 507CLT.
Photo taken Sunday 1 April 2007, Longcross
85. 543CLT
Southend 116, 543CLT, ex London Transport Routemaster RM1543
Photo taken Southend
86. 586CLT
London Transport Routemaster RM1586, 586CLT
Photo taken 1965, London Trafalgar Square
87. 595CLT
Seen whilst working the non-stop service from Morden Station to Tattenham Corner is London Transport RM1595, 595CLT, operating from South Croydon Garage.
Photo taken Tuesday 29 August 1967, Downland Way, Epsom
88. 640DYE
London's iconic Routemaster is still plying for hire in the capital. AEC Routemaster RM1640, 640DYE, of 1963 rounds Trafalgar Square on one of the two Routemaster heritage routes. This bus is now owned by First London.
Photo taken Monday 13 April 2009, London Trafalgar Square
89. 647DYE
London Transport RM1647, 647DYE, is seen at Golders Green.
Photo taken 1966, Golders Green Bus Station
90. 666DYE
Former London Transport RM1666 originally registered 666DYE, but now KGJ341A in the 'Midnight black' livery of its current owner Ghost Bus Tours and wearing London Necrobus fleetnames awaits passengers in Edinburgh for what its operator describes as a "comedy horror theatre experience".
Photo taken Saturday 28 June 2014, Edinburgh Centre
91. 737DYE
London Transport’s first all over advert was RM1737, 737DYE, which carried an eye catching livery for Silexine Paints.
Photo taken 1969/70, Caxton Road, Shepherds Bush, London
92. 74CLT
A group of LT Routemasters - on the left RM 284, VLT284, on the right RM 1074, 74CLT. The one behind is unidentifiable.
Photo taken Sunday 12 July 1970, Eastbourne
93. 756DYE
London Transport RM1756, 756DYE
Photo taken Feb/Mar 1966, outside Hammersmith Station
94. 843DYE
LT RM1843, 843DYE, on route 175 in North Street Romford, about to turn into North Street garage for the lunch break. By this time the rain, which was to spoil the rest of the day, was setting in.
Photo taken Saturday 24 October 2015, North Street, Romford, Romford Running Day
95. LDS341A
Black Prince's LDS341A, seen in the Black Prince workshop being re-painted and prepared for service. While in service with Black Prince it carried its London stock number on the offside and bonnet it was named Rudolph the Routemaster.
Photo taken 1992, Black Prince Depot, Gildersome, Leeds
96. WLT999
Former London Routemaster RM999, WLT999, was once a well-known bus in the Reading area when it operated as Reading Mainline 15, WVS423.
Photo taken Saturday 28 July 2018, Pier Entrance, Llandudno
97. 254CLT
Front-entrance Routemaster RMF1254, 254CLT, on test with Halifax Corporation in 1964
Photo taken Tuesday 20 October 1964, Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge, Halifax
98. 254CLT
An interior shot of Northern General 3129, 254CLT, the ex-London A.E.C. 2R2RH Routemaster with a Park Royal H41/31F body.
Photo taken Friday 10 August 1979
99. 783DYE
Routemaster4hire 783DYE a 1964 RM now converted to open top and fitted with an AV690 engine
Photo taken Sunday 16 June 2019, Ponderosa Cafe, top of Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen
100. ALD117B
Here we see Southend Transport Leyland-engined Routemaster 113, on the A13 near Wennington en route for London on a special operation on X1 in connection with the 1989 Southend Bus Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 4 June 1989, A13, Wennington, near London Hornchurch
101. ALD872B
Preserved ex-LT Routemaster RM1872, ALD872B, is being used by the South Devon Railway on a connecting service to Buckfast Abbey and Ashburton. It is seen here about to turn into the road to Buckfastleigh station on the occasion of the railway's Heritage Transport Gala weekend on 14th September.
Photo taken Saturday 14 September 2013, Buckfastleigh
102. ALD890B
LT Routemaster RM1890, ALD890B, joined the fleet of Clydeside Scottish in 1985. In 1989 it became Western Scottish C77 but was scrapped in 1990.
Photo taken Wednesday 25 March 1987, Renfrew Ferry Terminus
103. ALD894B
Rear view of London Transport RM1894, ALD894B, an A E C Routemaster 2R2RH built in 1964 with Park Royal H36/28R bodywork.
Photo taken September 1977, turning from Bridge Street into Parliament Street, London
104. ALD907B
London Transport RM1907, ALD907B, is seen at West Hampstead, West End Green.
Photo taken 1966, West End Green, West Hampstead
105. ALD933B
To mark the centenary of Bow Garage, AEC Routemaster RM1933, ALD933B, of 1964 was repainted into this silver and dark red colour scheme in 2009. It is on the heritage route 15 to the Tower of London.
Photo taken Thursday 16 April 2009, London Whitehall
106. ALD933B
There has been some concerns raised recently about the London heritage routes and their Routemasters. Seen in peak hour traffic in Whitehall is RM1933, ALD933B of 1964. It carries the original London Transport livery which is appropriate for the bus as LPTB came into being in 1933.
Photo taken Monday 10 November 2014, London Whitehall
107. ALD941B
One of London Transport's iconic Routemasters, this time RM1941, ALD941B, is pictured in Westminster and heads for Hyde Park Corner on route 137.
Photo taken Saturday 29 April 1978, London Westminster
108. ALD979B
Spotted in a quiet Victoria Street, Westminster, ALD979B, former RM1979, running as a semi-open top for a well known department store, passing iconic UK images.
Photo taken Saturday 11 May 2013, Victoria Street, London
109. ALD987B
London Transport RM1987, ALD987B
Photo taken Saturday 12 March 1966, London Trafalgar Square
110. ALD990B
London Transport 1964 AEC Routmaster 1990, ALD990B, working for Reading Mainline as Fleet No 25.
Photo taken May 1999, Reading
111. ALM18B
London Transport RM2018, ALM18B, is seen at Golders Green.
Photo taken 1966, Golders Green
112. ALM23B
London Transport RM2023, ALM23B, at Ladbroke Grove.
Photo taken Feb/Mar 1966, Ladbroke Grove, London
113. ALM33B
London Transport RM2033, ALM33B, a 1964 AEC Routemaster R2RH with a Park Royal H36/28R body at Station Road in North Hykeham during the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society Running Day
Photo taken Sunday 4 November 2018, Station Road, North Hykeham
114. ALM51B
London Transport RM2051, ALM51B, at Butterwick, Hammersmith
Photo taken Feb/Mar 1966, Butterwick, Hammersmith
115. ALM60B
Black Prince ALM60B, a 1964 AEC Routemaster originaly RM2060 in London Transport's fleet. In 1988 it was sold to United Counties where it lasted until 1992 when Stagecoach transfered it to their Ribble subsiduary who did not use it. In 1996 it was bought by Black Prince who ran it for two years after a sojourn with KD Coaches of Dyserth
Photo taken 1997, Leeds Central Bus Station
116. ALM89B
Heritage AEC Routemaster RM2089, ALM89B, dating from 1964 and now in the East London fleet but carrying full London Transport colours at the Tower Hill terminus of heritage route 15
Photo taken Friday 17 April 2009, City of London Tower Hill
117. EUP405B
Northern General bought the only AEC Routemasters to run outside London from new. 2105, EUP405B, dates from 1964 and carries front entrance Park Royal bodywork.
Photo taken 1997, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate
118. EUP405B
Northern General 2105, EUP405B, was an AEC Routemaster with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork. It was from the second batch of 32 and was new to Chester-le-Street depot in December 1964.
Photo taken c. 2007, Bents Park
119. EUP407B
Northern General 2107, EUP407B, one of the second batch of Park Royal Routemasters with Park Royal H41/31F bodies is seen here in Crook.
Photo taken Thursday 1 August 1968, Crook
120. EUP407B
The LT experts will keep me right on this one: Ex Northern General 2107, EUP407B, now RMF2792 plus RMF2794 in Richmond, Surrey, but what is (ex) Preston 89 doing in the same location?
Photo taken Saturday 25 April 1981, Continental Pioneer yard, off Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, Surrey
121. RCN685
Northern General Wearsider conversion from Routemaster 2085, RCN685, was an experimental rebuild to see if half cab vehicles could be economically converted to OMO. No more conversions followed.
Photo taken September 1972, Beamish Open Air Museum
122. RCN686
Northern General's first AEC Routemasters arrived in 1964. Seen here is 2086, RCN686, wearing NBC livery in a damp Sunderland bus station.
Photo taken 1973, Park Lane Bus Station, Sunderland
123. RCN687
Northern General 2087, RCN687, an AEC Routemaster built in 1964 with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork.
Photo taken April 1973, Hartlepool Bus Station
124. RCN687
Northern 3071, RCN687, the former 2087 was apparently one of only two Routemasters to gain the overall yellow National Bus Company version of the Tyne and Wear PTE livery. Seen outside Sunderland depot where the bus had just reversed out of the depot and was pulling forward.
Photo taken Sunday 10 October 1976, Park Lane Depot, Sunderland
125. RCN692
Northern General 2092, RCN692, was a Park Royal 3R2RH Routemaster with a Park Royal H41/31F body new in April 1964. It was equipped with a Leyland O600 engine and is seen outside the garage at Jarrow.
Photo taken Tuesday 29 July 1969, NGT Jarrow Depot
126. RCN695
Northern General 2095, RCN695, an A E C Routemaster 3R2RH built in 1964 with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork.
Photo taken December 1971, Bus Station, Sunderland
127. RCN699
Northern General 2099 was an AEC Routemaster with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork which suffered a series of identity changes over the years. New in March 1964 and bearing the registration RCN699 it was allocated to Consett depot. In January 1975 it was re-numbered 3083. It was sold in January 1980 and two months later it was purchased by Stephenson's of Spath who numbered it 28. In January 1983 it was re-numbered 52.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 2008, Bents Park
128. RCN699
Northern General Routemaster RCN699, originally 2099 and later 3083, a 1964 example with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork. Sold by Northern to Wombwell Diesels, near Rotherham in November 1980, it passed to Stevensons of Uttoxeter Ltd Spath, in January 1981, as their No. 28.
Photo taken Sunday 26 July 1981, Sandtoft Transport Centre, Doncaster
129. RCN700
A fine line-up at Manors in Newcastle of different types of Northern General vehicles. Nearest is Routemaster 2100, RCN700, then Guy Arab 1701, CU8701, and finally Atlantean 1970, 1970PT.
Photo taken October 1969, Manors Bus Park, Newcastle
130. RCN701
Northern General Routemasters laying over close to Worswick Street Bus Station, Newcastle.
Photo taken Summer 1977, Carliol Square, Newcastle
131. RCN702
Northern General, Gateshead 3086, RCN702, seen in Newcastle, was a Park Royal 3R2RH Routemaster with a Park Royal H41/31F body.
Photo taken Thursday 9 August 1979, Carliol Square, Newcastle
132. CUV156C
For a short period Nostalgiabus, Mitcham ran a limited stop service as route 306 from Kingston to Epsom in competition with Arriva route 406 from Kingston to Crawley via Epsom and Redhill (every 30 minutes) and here in Cromwell Road Bus Station in Kingston is RM2156, CUV156C, waiting for its return journey time.
Photo taken Cromwell Road Bus Station, Kingston
133. CUV175C
London Transport RM2175, CUV175C, seen at Ladbroke Grove on route 52 to Victoria, passing Valliant coaches FMK 131/2B on a London Transport rail replacement service.
Photo taken February/March 1966, Ladbroke Grove, London
134. CUV208C
New to London Transport in 1965, RM2208, CUV208C, was repainted in 1979 into a version of the original green livery used by George Shillibeer in 1829 for his pioneering horse bus service. It became red again in 1980 and was withdrawn form London service in 1987 when it was sold to Clydeside Scottish.
Photo taken Sunday 10 April 2005, Keighley Bus Museum
135. CUV236C
London Transport (Green Line) RCL2236, CUV236C, a PRV/AEC Routemaster R2RH/3 with Park Royal H36/29RD body, new in 1965.
Photo taken Saturday 11 July 1970, London Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells
136. CUV241C
Former LT Routemaster RCL2241, CUV241C is a semi-open top tour bus for Mac Tours, Edinburgh.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 2014, Royal Mile/Lawn Market, Edinburgh
137. CUV256C
Definitely the oddity in Southend's fleet of 23 Routemasters was 121, CUV256C, the former RCL2256. Southend's only 30 foot example, it had started life as a Routemaster coach with London Transport in 1965. Towards the end of its life in London it was demoted to bus work on route 149 with its platform doors removed. It went on to become unique after a rear-end accident, when its rear was rebuilt to standard Routemaster open platform style.
Photo taken Landwick Terminus, Southend
138. CUV279C
Ex London Transport RML2279, CUV279C, dating from 1965, a long way from home. Now a tour bus, suitably modified, it was only identifiable (to me anyway) as it miraculously retains it's UK registration plate.
Photo taken Tuesday 30 June 2009, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, USA
139. CUV296C
Former LT RML2296, CUV296C, was fitted with a Cummins engine in 1991 and refurbished in 1992. It remained in service with MTL until 2004 and was bought by Colchester Arts Centre for promotional work.
Photo taken Tuesday 6 July 2010, Hebden Bridge
140. CUV304C
There were a number of non-PCV Routemasters present at the Routemaster 60 event, including RML2304, CUV304C, now with Millwall Football Club.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 2014, London Finsbury Park
141. CUV313C
London Transport AEC Routemaster RML2313, CUV313C, a thirty foot long example of 1965.
Photo taken Sunday 20 September 2009, Meadowhall, Sheffield
142. CUV315C
Seen on Epsom Downs is London Transport RML2315, CUV315C , operating service 406F from Epsom Station to Epsom Downs.
Photo taken Tuesday 29 August 1967, Epsom Downs
143. CUV317C
London by the sea - CUV417C, RML2317, a superbly presented 1965 AEC/PRV Routemaster with H72R bodywork, seen here in Metrobus livery.
Photo taken Sunday 31 July 2005, Marine Parade, Worthing
144. CUV351C
Routemaster RML 2351, CUV351C, new in 1965, with London Arriva on the 159 near Streatham garage in beautiful autumn sunshine.
Photo taken Friday 31 October 2003, London Streatham
145. CUV619C
LT Routemaster RM2169, CUV619C, advertising Bertorelli Continental Ice Cream, had a mouth watering display of the firm’s products. It is seen here on service 22 at Hyde Park Corner.
Photo taken London Hyde Park Corner
146. FPT582C
Northern General 2112, FPT582C, an AEC Routemaster built in 1965 with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork. Parked in the back streets of Middlesbrough close to the old bus station.
Photo taken August 1967, Park Street, Middlesbrough
147. FPT587C
Northern 2117, FPT587C, an AEC Routemaster 3R2RH built 1965 with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork, waiting outside The Fighting Cocks (for the driver??) before heading off to Crook.
Photo taken May 1970, Front Street, Chester-le-Street
148. FPT589C
London Transport RMF2761, FPT589C, an AEC Routemaster 3R2RH built in 1965 with Park Royal H41/31F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1978, Buckingham Palace Road, London Victoria
149. FPT592C
Northern General 3106, FPT592C, an AEC/Park Royal Routemaster new in 1965.
Photo taken Summer 1977, Worswick Street Bus Station, Newcastle
150. FPT599C
A view looking across part of Worswick Street bus station in Newcastle. On the right is 333, 7333UP, a 1963 Willowbrook B53F bodied Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R in Sunderland District livery later renumbered 4291, alongside is 2129 FPT599C a Routemaster later renumbered 3113, and 2019, 9019PT, one of the batch of Roe bodied PDR1/1 Atlanteans from 1962. A further Routemaster can be glimpsed far left.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 August 1974, Worswick Street Bus Station, Newcastle
151. FPT603C
Preserved Northern General 2133, FPT603C, a Park Royal 3R2RH Routemaster with a Park Royal H41/31F body seen at the Hillingdon Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 24 June 1979, Hillingdon
152. JJD367D
London Transport RML2367, JJD367D, delivered in early 1966 (it was originally allocated a C registration but wasn't delivered in time for a 1965 year letter).
Photo taken October 1971, Mercury Gardens/St. Edwards Way, Romford
153. JJD385D
London Transport RML2385, JJD385D, AEC Routemaster / Park Royal H40/32R.
Photo taken Thursday 30 June 1983, Strand, London, outside Charing Cross Station
154. JJD387D
This is Routemaster RML2387, JJD387D, dating from 1966, photographed the day it arrived by tow truck at Roger Burdett's site from another restorer.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 February 2018, private site near Coventry
155. JJD416D
Former London Transport RML2416, JJD416D
Photo taken Sunday 18 September 2011, Chain Bridge Honey Farm, Horncliffe, near Berwick-upon-Tweed
156. JJD416D
London Transport RML2416, JJD416D
Photo taken 2004, London Clapton Garage
157. JJD439D
London Country Routemaster RML2439, JJD439D. It's carrying garage plates for HA, Harlow which according to Ian's Bus Stop site would date the photo as 1977.
Photo taken c.1977, The Drive, Warley
158. JJD461D
London Transport RML2461, JJD461D on the 1 at Trafalgar Square. This photo is interesting as it shows the bus as working from New Cross, not shown in the Ian's Bus Stop history for it.
Photo taken London Trafalgar Square
159. JJD461D
London Transport RML2461, JJD461D on the 22
Photo taken Lower Richmond Road, Waterman's Green, Putney
160. JJD464D
London's Routemasters are often found in roles far removed from their passenger carrying heyday. Seen at Kings Cross station in July was former RML2464, JJD464D.
Photo taken Friday 29 July 2016, Kings Cross Station, London
161. JJD475D
London Transport RML2475, JJD475D, is seen when almost new.
Photo taken 1966, Kingston Station
162. JJD478D
London Transport Service Vehicle 2416L, a Leyland Freighter towing defective AEC Routemaster RML2478, JJD478D, to Finchley (FY) garage.
Photo taken Thursday 14 August 1986, Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3
163. JJD498D
AEC Routemaster RML2498, JJD498D, a 1966 example is seen in the late summer of 2008 promoting Welcome Break Services at Hartshead Moor on the M62.
Photo taken Sunday 24 August 2008, Hartshead Moor, M62
164. JJD547D
Perhaps the most imaginative of the batch of all over adverts which followed was RML2457, JJD547D, for Ladbroke’s the bookmakers, which made the heads of passengers look as if they were the heads of characters in the advert. It is seen here on service 6 in the Strand.
Photo taken London The Strand
165. JJD554D
Rear view of former London Transport RML2554, JJD554D.
Photo taken Sunday 18 September 2011, Chain Bridge Honey Farm, Horncliffe, near Berwick-upon-Tweed
166. JJD565D
A non Southdown vehicle used on the service at the Southdown Centenary Rally was Stagecoach Midland Red South RML2565, JJD565D, which carried Stratford Blue livery. Here it loads up at the rally site. Does the advert provide us with another beer?
Photo taken Sunday 7 June 2015, Southdown Centenary Rally, Southsea
167. KGJ601D
In 1966 British European Airways bought a batch of AEC Routemasters with front entrance bodywork to use on passenger transfer from central London to Heathrow. The buses later became Londons RMA class when they were sold to London Transport by BEA. KGJ601D became RMA28 and is seen here restored to BEA blue livery.
Photo taken 1993, Harrogate
168. KGJ603D
Delivered new to BEA in 1966 was KGJ603D, a Park Royal bodied AEC Routemaster. It was bought by London Transport as their RMA29 in 1979 and converted to a trainer minus stairs one year later.
Photo taken Monday 15 August 2011, Cann Common, Shaftsbury
169. KGJ603D
KGJ603D was originally a short RMA operated by LTE on behalf of BEA. After being purchased by Shaftesbury and District it was lengthened by the insertion of two standard bays making it half a bay longer than an RML. The centre staircase is from an Ailsa. It was licensed for one person operation but it was somewhat difficult to turn round in the cab to access the hatch.
Photo taken Friday 22 July 2011, Seldown Coach Station, Poole
170. KGJ603D
Seen here at the Ringwood Rally in a nearside shot is Shaftesbury & District RME1, KGJ603D, the R2RH/2 Routemaster which had been new in November 1966 as British European Airways 8210 with a Park Royal H32/24F body.
Photo taken Ringwood
171. KGJ622D
Former BEA AEC Routemaster 8229, KGJ622D, of 1966. This bus was sold to London Transport in 1975 and became RMA19 in which guise it is now preserved.
Photo taken 1995, Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum
172. KGY4D
London Transport's one-off, rear engined version of the Routemaster, FRM1, KGY4D, heads for its pick-up point to take up duties on the round London sightseeing tour.
Photo taken Saturday 1 May 1982, London Westminster
173. CUV287C
There are a significant number of Routemasters now in the hands of operators specialising in private hire work with vintage vehicles. Most are kept in London Livery and are distinguishable only by their legal ownership and whatever advertising they carry. RML2267 CUV287C is typical, looking much as it would have done in London service apart from the blind display which advertises its owners “”.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 2014, London Finsbury Park
174. NML624E
Necrobus operate this 30ft long Routemaster on ghost tours of York New in 1967 as RML2624, NML624E.
Photo taken Thursday 22 March 2018, Station Road, York
175. NMY660E
BEA 8267, NMY660E, an AEC/Park Royal Routemaster R2RH/2 with H32/24F body, new in 1967.
Photo taken Heathrow Airport
176. NMY660E
British Airways NMY660E, new to BEA in 1967 and used on the service carrying passengers between central London and Heathrow, with luggage trailers.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 August 1974, London Heathrow Airport
177. SMK665F
SMK665F is RML2665, SMK665F, new in July 1967. For many years it has been operated by The Bath Bus Company in Red London Transport livery with gold band for special functions such as weddings and birthdays
Photo taken Sunday 25 March 2018, Bath Bus Company
178. SMK678F
Former London Transport AEC Routemaster RML2678, SMK678F, a thirty foot example dating from 1967 now earns its keep as a wedding transport vehicle.
Photo taken Saturday 12 March 2016, St Marys Walk, Harrogate
179. SMK711F
Former LT Routemaster RML2711, SMK711F, being used for selling ice cream and frozen yoghurt.
Photo taken Sunday 18 August 2019, Queen's Walk, Southbank, London
180. SMK724F
Former LT Routemaster RML 2724, SMK724F, photographed in Napier, New Zealand in late October 2009.
Photo taken Friday 30 October 2009
181. SMK757F
Seen in Covent Garden is former London Transport AEC Routemaster RML2757, SMK757F, of 1968. It has been converted into a mobile hospitality unit for Nyetimber English wines.
Photo taken Saturday 5 December 2015, Covent Garden, London