SCT '61 Photo Index
Leyland National
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1. KPA101K
The third pre-production Leyland National was delivered to London Country in 1972 as LN1, KPA101K, and is seen here at Stevenage in the SuperBus yellow and blue livery.
Photo taken April 1972, Stevenage
2. MCN151K
Sunderland District 1K, MCN151K, a Leyland National built in 1972 with B44D+23 bodywork. Numerically the first of many delivered to the Northern Group and bearing chassis no. 00009, described as one of the prototypes.
Photo taken late 1972, Philadelphia Depot, Sunderland
3. MCN816L
Northern 16L, MCN816L, a Leyland National 1151/2R/0202 built in 1972 with B44D+22 bodywork.
Photo taken August 1974, Hartlepool Bus Station
4. MCN820L
Early production Leyland National in the Northern General fleet, 20L MCN820L, seen here at a bus rally held at the then new Beamish Museum. Very few Nationals delivered to NBC predated the corporate livery style.
Photo taken September 1972, Beamish Open Air Museum
5. MCN837L
United AS 3693, MCN837L, a Leyland National 1151/2R/0403 built in 1972, originally with B44D layout.
Photo taken March 1983, Marlborough Crescent Bus Station, Newcastle
6. UUP826K
Northern General were one of the early users of the Leyland National. Seen in Newcastle in the year of delivery is 6K, UUP826K, a 1972 example with dual door 44 seat bodywork.
Photo taken 1972, Marlborough Crescent Bus Station, Newcastle
7. UUP831K
Northern General 11K, UUP831K, a Leyland National 1151/2R/0202 B44D built in 1972. A busy scene at Chester-Le-Street. Some of the newly delivered Nationals were in this unrelieved livery but still managed to look good. This weighed in at under 8 tons.
Photo taken August 1972, Chester-le-Street Bus Station
8. WFM801K
Crosville SNL801, WFM801K, was the second production Leyland National built having chassis number 00102. It carries a 44 seat dual entrance body and was delivered in a version of traditional Crosville colours.
Photo taken Sunday 9 September 2007, Meadowhall, Sheffield
9. XRB416L
Midland General 416, XRB416L, a Leyland National 1151/2R B44D, new in 1972.
Photo taken March 1973, Alfreton Bus Station
10. XWY301L
Mention has been made elsewhere on the site of West Yorkshire adopting Tilling red and cream as their post-deregulation livery. The first bus to appear in this guise was 1411, XWY301L, which was West Yorkshire's first Leyland National in 1972. It is seen in Harrogate bound for Bradford
Photo taken Saturday 23 August 1986, Harrogate Bus Station
Early Eastern Counties Leyland National on tow.
Photo taken August 1973, Castle Meadow, Norwich
12. NEV682M
Eastern National HH1725, NEV682M, a late 1973 Leyland National
Photo taken Friday 15 July 1988, Tarpots Corner, Benfleet
13. NHL564M
Just to show it can be sunny enough to take photos in March! This Leyland National was new as West Riding 364, NHL564M, and originally had a B46D body. In later life it was converted to B50F and renumbered 116, as seen here. It is carrying a livery indicating the joint NBC/PTE operations in West Yorkshire, but has not received the verona green and buttermilk livery as was being applied at that time.
Photo taken Sunday 2 March 1986, Whitehall Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds
14. RRM148M
Coras Iompair Eireann NA1, RRM148M, a Leyland National 1151/1R/2308 built in 1973 with B51F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1975, Busaras, Store St, Dublin
15. RRM148M
Leyland National RRM148M was displayed at the Scottish motor show at Kelvin Hall in 1973 and went on to visit various operators on demonstration duties. GGPTE tried it out in June 1974 on service 39 at that time City Centre-Pollok. Its "coach" seats would have been a change from the usual offerings for the passengers waiting at the old style GCT bus stop. GGPTE ordered 20 Nationals 4 years later.
Photo taken Saturday 8 June 1974, Pollok (Towerside Crescent), Glasgow
16. UTJ595M
Seen on Madeira Drive at Brighton is UTJ595M, a Leyland National which had a DP21F body for promotion as an Executive Commuter coach.
Photo taken Saturday 19 April 1980, Madeira Drive, Brighton
17. UTJ595M
A second view on Madeira Drive at Brighton of UTJ595M, a Leyland National which had a DP21F body for promotion as an Executive Commuter coach.
Photo taken Saturday 19 April 1980, Madeira Drive, Brighton
18. WNO553L
Nearside view of Eastern National Leyland Nationals 1704 and 1705, WNO553L and WNO554L, just delivered with no fleetnames or numbers. New February 1973, withdrawn August 1988 (1704) and September 1987 (1705). The FLF is CF2926 (AEV 820F).
Photo taken Thursday 8 February 1973, Central Works, Chelmsford
19. WNO553L
Offside view of newly delivered Eastern National Leyland Nationals 1704 and 1705.
Photo taken Thursday 8 February 1973, Central Works, Chelmsford
20. WNO555L
A lot newer than normal for SCT61, but in view of the question on the message board about the circumstances of the accident that saw Eastern National Leyland National 1706 written off when brand new, here is a shot a body shell bought to repair it through the back fence of Central Works in July 1975.
Photo taken Saturday 12 July 1975, Central Works, Chelmsford
21. WNO556L
Eastern National Leyland National CF1707, WNO556L, seen at Southend's draughty Pier Hill terminus on the first day of operation of route 26 to Romford.
Photo taken Sunday 27 May 1973, Pier Hill, Southend
22. WNO556L
Preserved ENOC Leyland National, WNO556L, ex ENOC 1707. It was bought by Julian Patterson in 1998 from Ludlows (Halesowen) and this picture shows it being reversed into the workshop around the start of 2001.
Photo taken early 2001
23. WNO558L
Not one of my best exposed shots, but continuing the thread on accident damaged Leyland Nationals, here is Eastern National 1709, WNO558L, taken at Central Works on January 1975. This one was repaired and returned to service.
Photo taken Saturday 25 January 1975, Central Works, Chelmsford
24. WNO566L
Eastern National BN1717, WNO566L, Leyland National, B50F. New May 1973, seen here two months after delivery. Withdrawn March 1989.
Photo taken Saturday 14 July 1973, Pier Hill, Southend
25. PTC124M
In 1973/4 Lancaster purchased a trio of Leyland Nationals numbered 122 to 124, PTC122M to PTC124M. Bus Lists on the Web shows 123 as new 12/73 and the others 3/74.
Photo taken Thursday 6 April 1978, Fishwick's Depot, Leyland, Lancashire
26. SUA301M
Leeds bought a solitary Leyland National 1301, SUA301M, just before the PTE was formed. It is seen here flanked by a pair of AEC Swifts, 1069, AUB169J, a 1971 example with Roe bodywork and partially visible 1048, SUB448G, a 1969 example with Park Royal bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 15 March 1981, Sovereign Street Depot Yard Leeds
27. HAR489N
Eastern National BN1743, HAR489N, Leyland National B49F, new in March 1975 (a month before this photo was taken).
Photo taken April 1975, Basildon Depot
28. IAC827
Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board 827, IAC-827, was a Leyland National 10351/2R with a Leyland National B32D body new in May 1975, which was photographed at Clifton Hill.
Photo taken Clifton Hill, Melbourne
29. IKW096
Melbourne-Brighton Bus Lines 96, IKW-096, was a Leyland National 10951/2R with a Leyland National DP37D body photographed at Elwood.
Photo taken Elwood, Melbourne
30. JHV611N
Midland Bank, Whitby, JHV611N, a Leyland National 10351/1R built as a mobile bank in 1975. Seen here providing a service for the good folk of Runswick Bay.
Photo taken July 1984, Top Car Park, Runswick Bay
31. JNO199N
Eastern National Leyland National CN1750, JNO199N, new in June 1975, seen here recently repainted in all over green.
Photo taken August 1981, Clacton Bus Station
32. MBO22P
Taff-Ely bought a significant fleet of Leyland Nationals, which always looked slightly incongruous with the traditional shaded fleet numbers. 22, MBO22P, has just passed under the station on High Street and is heeling over as it turns towards Treforest along Rickards Street.
Photo taken Saturday 9 July 1983, High Street/Union Street, Pontypridd
33. KJD530P
A bit modern for the site but interesting as one of a pair of Leyland Nationals still in everyday use with Overland Travel of West Sussex, seen here on regular swimming pool duties. KJD530P, now named Caroline, was new in August 1976 as London Transport LS30 with a B36D body.
Photo taken Tuesday 12 January 2016, Littlehampton Swimming Pool
34. MAO369P
The weak spring sunshine glints on Cumberland Motor Services 256, KRM262E, a Bristol RELL6L with ECW B53F bodywork new in August 1967, and 369, MAO369P, a brand new 52 seat Leyland National.
Photo taken March 1976, Keswick Bus Station
35. VAR902S
Eastern National Leyland National 1825, VAR902S, new in November 1977
Photo taken 1981, Ipswich
36. YEV307S
What might have been! Steven Hughes' preserved ex Eastern National Leyland National YEV307S, presented in Westcliff livery, Tilling Group style.
Photo taken Sunday 26 June 2011, East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville
37. YEV316S
Eastern National Leyland National CN1858, YEV316S, from April 1978
Photo taken July 1981, Clacton Bus Station
38. BYW382V
Another photo, a bit modern for the site, but interesting as one of a pair of Leyland Nationals still in everyday use with Overland Travel of West Sussex, seen here on regular swimming pool duties. BYW382V, now named Tabitha, was new in December 1979 as London Transport LS382 with a B36D body.
Photo taken Tuesday 12 January 2016, Littlehampton Swimming Pool
39. JHJ142V
Eastern National Leyland National 1916, JHJ142V, seen in Braintree Bus Park whilst allocated to Bishops Stortford. It carried an advert for Brittains Estate Agents.
Photo taken 1980's, Braintree Bus Park
40. MCA671T
Crosville Cymru SNL671, MCA671T a 1979 Leyland National 10351B/1R B44F, originally Crosville SNL671, still in pre-privatisation Crosville livery with Bws Gwynedd red front.
Photo taken Wednesday 12 October 1988, Criccieth
41. UVF625X
Eastern Counties LN625, UVF625X, Leyland National 2.
Photo taken October 1981, Castle Meadow, Norwich