SCT '61 Photo Index
Leyland Comet
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1. GBE81
Gosling, Mareham-le-Fen ran this Leyland CPO1 Comet, GBE81, with Rainforth C32F body seen here in Lowfields Road, Leeds no doubt having brought supporters to a Leeds United match at the Elland Road ground.
Photo taken Saturday 22 October 1955, Lowfields Road, Leeds
2. KMN520
Parkinson Ltd, contractor based in Braddan, Isle of Man, KMN520, a Leyland Comet CPO1 from 1949 with Park Royal B30F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1976, Braddan, Isle of Man
Leyland Comet, 1949
Photo taken Sunday 6 April 1975
4. DHL130
Leyland CPO1 Comet DHL130 was new to Cooper, Wakefield with a Plaxton C33F body in August 1950. It is seen here with Thornes, Bubwith in Westgate, Leeds.
Photo taken Saturday 26 July 1958, Westgate, Leeds
5. GAY459
Brown's Blue, Markfield GAY459 was a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Burlingham C33F body which had been new in May 1950. It was withdrawn in March 1963 and passed to Mid-Tyne, Acomb.
Photo taken Saturday 9 February 1963, St Margaret's Bus Station, Leicester
6. GJU377
A rare visitor to Victoria Coach station was GJU377, a 1950 Leyland CPO1 Comet with Crawford, Prince & Johnson C33F body in the fleet of Reeve, Fleckney seen here on hire to United Counties.
Photo taken Saturday 5 August 1961, London Victoria Coach Station
7. GMR967
GMR967 was a Leyland Comet with (apparently) Reading bodywork and had originally operated, as I understood it from Ted Heslop at the time, with an operator called Armstead of Newton Turny. However, once I decoded the Geordie accent I realised it was actually Newton Tony.
Photo taken Sunday 27 September 1987, Colliery Yard Garage, Acomb
8. HOT851
HOT851, which had been new in May, was the first of two Leyland CPO1 Comets with Reading C33F bodies delivered to Chisnell (King Alfred), Winchester in 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 17 May 1959, Whipsnade Zoo
9. HOT852
Chisnell (King Alfred), Winchester had two Leyland CPO1 Comets with Reading C33F bodies which were new in 1950. HOT852, the second of them, new in June, is seen at Whipsnade Zoo with the other one to its left.
Photo taken Sunday 17 May 1959, Whipsnade Zoo
10. HOT852
Chisnell, Winchester (King Alfred) HOT852 was a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Reading C33F body, one of two new in June 1950 and is seen at Hampton Court.
Photo taken Sunday 29 June 1958, Hampton Court
11. HRK906
Chiltern Queens, Woodcote HRK906 was a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Strachan C37F body new to Homeland Tours, Croydon in July 1950, passing to Chiltern Queens in July 1955.
Photo taken Sunday 15 February 1959, Waterloo Coach Park, London
12. JDG552
Bevan Bros., Soudley Valley JDG552 was a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Harrington C33F body, new in January 1950, seen at Wembley Stadium.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1959, Wembley Stadium
13. JP8152
Hollis Coaches JP8152, a Leyland Comet seen in Blackpool in 1964
Photo taken Sunday 17 May 1964, Blackpool
14. KAO72
KAO72 was a Leyland Comet CPO1 built in 1950 with Plaxton bodywork.
Photo taken September 1973, Martindale's Depot off Durham Road, Ferryhill.
15. KAO72
KAO72, a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Plaxton C33F body was new to Mandale, Greystoke in May 1950.
Photo taken Greystoke
16. KXU671
Birch Brothers KXU671 was the first of five Windover C32F bodied Leyland CPO1 Comets new in 1950.
Photo taken Saturday 3 December 1960, Park Street, Luton
17. LNK786
Albanian Coaches of St Albans 15, LNK786, a Leyland Comet with Strachans C33F body new in 1950 - later taken over by Premier of Watford and became Premier-Albanian I believe.
Photo taken May 1959, The Nags Head PH, Dunmow Road, Bishop's Stortford
18. LNK786
Over the Driver's shoulder. Whilst the driver was missing I took the opportunity of taking a picture of his work area in the Leyland Comet, Albanian 15, LNK 786.
Photo taken Friday 8 May 1959, Nags Head PH, Dunmow Road, Bishop's Stortford
19. LPT273
Fox, Falstone, LPT273 was a Leyland Comet with Raine bodywork. Taken in Bellingham in front of a Charlton Bedford/Duple.
Photo taken Parkside Place, Bellingham
20. MHY765
The bonneted Leyland Comet was intended as an export only chassis when it was introduced in 1947. However a few were sold in the UK and, now preserved, this Duple bodied example of 1950, MHY765, was new to Orient Coaches of Bristol.
Photo taken Sunday 18 September 2011, South Yorkshire Transport Museum, Aldwarke, Rotherham
21. MHY765
Orient Coaches of Bristol MHY765, a preserved 1950 Leyland Comet with Duple C32F body.
Photo taken Sunday 17 June 2012, Peak Rail Centre, Rowsley
22. MHY765
MHY765, which was apparently the very first Leyland Comet PSV. The body is unmistakably Duple and the whole vehicle is something a little bit different. It is restored in the livery of its original owner, Orient Coaches of Bristol. The lighting highlights the front axle and shows the lightweight construction of the chassis.
Photo taken Sunday 28 October 2012, Piece Hall, Halifax
23. MHY765
MHY765 Leyland Comet with Duple body of Orient Coaches.
Photo taken Sunday 21 June 2015, Peak Rail Rally, Rowsley
24. MYA246
Cronshaw, London N.W.9 MYA246, seen at Gilwell Park, was a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Harrington C29F body which had been new in June 1950 to Blue Motors, Minehead.
Photo taken Saturday 3 July 1965, Gilwell Park
25. MYA590
MYA590 is a Leyland Comet CPP1 with a Harrington "dorsal fin" C29F body dating from 1950.
Photo taken 1968, Tiverton
26. MYA590
MYA590 is a 1950 Leyland Comet CP01 with Harrington 'Dorsal Fin' C29F bodywork.
Photo taken Sunday 25 July 2010, Marine Parade, Worthing
27. MYA590
Rear view of Leyland Comet / Harrington MYA590 showing 'Dorsal Fin' and 'Pirates Hat' strakes on rear wheel arches.
Photo taken Sunday 25 July 2010, Marine Parade, Worthing
28. MYA590
What is believed to be the first time since they were preserved, the two Leyland Scarlet Pimpernel coaches MYA590 and JYC855 are seen together. Both have Harrington bodywork with dorsal fins.
Photo taken Sunday 17 April 2016, Brooklands
29. OPB536
Brady (Brown Motor Services), Forest Green OPB536 was a Leyland CPO1 Comet with a Duple C32F body new in April 1950 seen here in the Farnham Road bus station in Guildford.
Photo taken Saturday 20 December 1958, Farnham Road Bus Station, Guildford
30. SB8078
Outside the office of the Campbeltown Courier in Longrow, Campbeltown and with their own office just behind is Leyland CPO1 Comet SB8078 with a Duple C32F body new in 1950 to West Coast Motor Service, Campbeltown. It passed to Craig (West Coast Motors), Campbeltown in 1959.
Photo taken Friday 14 August 1964, Longrow, Campbeltown
31. HRK901
Chiltern Queens, Woodcote acquired HRK901 from Homeland Tours, Croydon to whom it had been new, in June 1955. It was one of seven Leyland CPO1 Comets with Strachans bodies new to Homeland in March 1950 (HRK 901-902) and June 1950 (HRK 903-907).
Photo taken Saturday 31 August 1963, Reading
32. TBP250
Mitchell, Warnham TBP250 was a Leyland ECPO2/1R Comet with a Duple C36F body, new in June 1955 and seen at Carfax in Horsham.
Photo taken Saturday 30 January 1960, Carfax, Horsham
33. VTD214
Simpson, Gargrave (Pennine Motor Services) VTD214 was a Leyland ECPO2/1R Comet with Duple C36F body new in 1955 and is seen in Castle Street, Leeds operating on the Blackpool service on hire to the Yorkshire Pool operators.
Photo taken Saturday 11 August 1956, Castle Street, Leeds
34. LET700
Rae, Lockerbie LET700 was a Leyland ECPO2/1R Comet with a Duple C36F body which was seen in Lockerbie. It had been new in May 1956 to Smart, Greasbrough, passing to Riley, Rotherham in May 1958, to Hall, Waterbeck in January 1959 and to Rae in 1962.
Photo taken Thursday 6 August 1970, Lockerbie
One of a batch of 60 Leyland Comet 13C/16RP's with Willowbrook B41D bodies, intended for Lagos City Transport (Nigeria) and awaiting collection for export outside the Willowbrook factory in Loughborough in early 1970.
Photo taken early 1970, Loughborough