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Leyland PS Rebuilds
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1. KHE526
Wray (Ideal), Hoyle Mill rebuilt Leyland PS1 AHE987, Wilks & Meade C33F, as a double decker with a Roe L27/28R body in May 1956 and re-registered it as KHE526.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 October 1964, Barnsley Bus Station
2. AHL697
This was the more usual fare on West Riding's long route from Doncaster, Askern and Selby to York.
Photo taken 1965, Piccadilly, York
3. BHL372
West Riding 754, GHL303, and 789, BHL372, in Leeds Bus Station. 754 was a Roe L24/26R bodied Leyland PD2/22 new in November 1954 whilst 789 was a Leyland PS1/1, new as Bullock 290 with a Barnaby DP35F body in May 1948, which had been rebuilt and rebodied with a Roe L27/26R body in June 1956.
Photo taken Saturday 21 July 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
4. HD7858
Yorkshire Woollen District 575, HD7858, seen in Chester Street Bus Station in Bradford was one of seventy-five Leyland PS1s with Brush B34F bodies new in 1948, twenty-four of which were rebodied in 1954/5 with M.C.C.W H30/26R bodies. It is operating on the Bradford to Sheffield service in the glorious and delightful all-over red livery which replaced the earlier maroon and cream.
Photo taken Sunday 13 May 1956, Chester Street Bus Station, Bradford
5. HD7903
Yorkshire Woollen District 620, HD7903, a Leyland PS1 from 1948, rebodied as a double decker by Metro-Cammell in 1954/5.
Photo taken 1965, Vicarage Road, Dewsbury
6. HD7913
Yorkshire WD 630, HD7913, was one of the 1948 Leyland PS1s to be rebodied by Metro Cammell in 1955.
Photo taken 1964, Station Road, Drighlington
7. LNW990
Brown's Blue, Markfield LNW990, seen at Ascot, had been new to Wallace Arnold, Leeds in 1948 with a Burlingham C33F body. The body of the Leyland PS1/1 was rebuilt and fitted with a full front to Plaxton design by Wilks & Meade in March 1953.
Photo taken Saturday 23 June 1962, Ascot
8. VVO737
Barton 737, VVO737, was a Leyland Tiger PS1 given a Willowbrook double deck body in 1957. Barton were one of the last major operators to provide a parcels service as exemplified by the sign on the radiator
Photo taken Thursday 27 April 1972, Huntingdon Street Bus Station, Nottingham
9. VVO737
Barton 737, VVO737, a Leyland Tiger PS1 formerly a coach, but rebodied by Willowbrook as L31/30RD in 1957. An admittedly rather poor quality image, but showing the art deco architecture of Barton's depot opposite Huntingdon Street Bus Street Station in Nottingham.
Photo taken July 1970, Barton Depot, Huntingdon Street, Nottingham
10. WAL782
Like a number of companies in the fifties, Barton rebuilt a number of Leyland Tigers some of which received double deck bodies by Willowbrook. Seen at the 2011 Kirkby Stephen rally is Barton 782, WAL782, which was new to Barton in 1948 as a saloon. It was rebuilt in 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 24 April 2011, Brough
11. WAL782
A side profile view of preserved Barton 782, WAL782, a Leyland Tiger PS1 single deck chassis rebuilt with a Willowbrook L61RD body in 1957
Photo taken Sunday 2 April 2006, Wisley Aerodrome
12. VVO735
Barton Transport 735, VVO735, a 1949 Leyland Tiger PS1, originally fitted with a Duple coach body and numbered 560, KAL380, but rebodied in 1957 with a Willowbrook L31/30R body and renumbered and registered as shown.
Photo taken early 1970, Melton Road/Welby Road, Asfordby Hill
13. YHE243
Yorkshire Traction 794 and 798, YHE243 and YHE247, are 1949 Leyland PS2 with 1963 Northern Counties H35/28F bodies.
Photo taken 1974, Upper Sheffield Road Depot, Barnsley
14. HD8563
Yorkshire Woollen District 507, HD8563, a Leyland Tiger PS2/5 with Roe H35/28F body. New in 1950 with a Willowbrook B32F body, it had been lengthened and rebuilt to B38F by Willowbrook in 1955.
Photo taken 1972, Dewsbury Bus Station
15. YHE240
Yorkshire Traction 791, YHE240, a Leyland Tiger PS2/5 with Northern Counties H35/28F body.
Photo taken 1972, YTC Depot and Works, Upper Sheffield Road, Barnsley
16. LXV222
Birch Brothers K222, LXV222, seen at Bedford was a Willowbrook FH27/26F bodied Leyland PS1/4 new in 1951 and named 'Oudenarde'. After withdrawal it passed in June 1960 to Dale, Manchester.
Photo taken Saturday 6 February 1960, De Parys Avenue, Bedford
17. NNN968
John Stringer's recent picture of Barton's preserved char-a-banc reminded me that it used to be transported to and from rallies on this custom made transporter. The Ian Allan ABC of June 1960 shows this to have been converted from one of Barton's famous BTS/1 rebuilds of pre-war Leylands, this one being from 1952 with a Barton C39F body. Although carrying fleet number 49 here it was originally 668 NNN968 presumably having been renumbered in to the haulage fleet number series.
Photo taken Saturday 26 August 1972, Tramway Museum, Crich
18. HHE320
Starting life in 1947 as Yorkshire Traction 731, registered AHE 462, this Leyland PS1 was rebuilt in 1955 and rebodied with a Roe H33/26R body to become Yorkshire Traction 1039, registered HHE320. It was withdrawn in 1965 and passed via North (dealer), Leeds to Simpson, Rosehearty in June 1965.
Photo taken Thursday 30 July 1970, Cross Street/High Street, Fraserburgh
19. JHE829
In 1956 Yorkshire Traction 743, AHE743, a 1947 Leyland Tiger PS1 with a 34 seat Weymann body was rebuilt as a double decker with an attractive Roe body the "new" bus was re-registered JHE829 and numbered 1052.
Photo taken 1960s, Barnsley Bus Station
20. VVO736
Barton, Chilwell 736, VVO736, seen at Trent Bridge, was a Leyland PS1/1 with a Willowbrook L31/30RD body. It had started life in 1948 as Barton 551, KAL148, and was rebuilt and rebodied in 1957.
Photo taken Saturday 27 March 1965, Trent Bridge, Nottingham
21. VVO737
Barton 737, VVO737, was one of nine Leyland PS1/Bs new in 1957. It had the reconstructed chassis from Barton 563, KAL 502, and had a Willowbrook L31/30RD body.
Photo taken Saturday 6 October 1962, Nottingham
22. VVO738
Barton 738, VVO738 was an earlier PS1/1 chassis which was rebodied L31/30RD by Willowbrook in 1957
Photo taken 1965
23. WAL782
Preserved Barton 782, WAL782, a Leyland Tiger PS1 single deck chassis rebuilt with a Willowbrook L61RD body in 1957
Photo taken Sunday 2 April 2006, Wisley Aerodrome
24. XVO788
Barton 788, XVO788, a Leyland Tiger PS1/B given a Northern Counties body around 1957 on what was normally a single deck chassis.
Photo taken June 1969, Barton's Chilwell Depot
25. XVO788
On the left is Barton Transport 788, XVO788, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 whose chassis originated as that of 562, KAL382, with a Duple DP39F body, new in 1948, but which had been rebodied by Northern Counties as L31/30RD in 1958.
Photo taken April 1973, Barton's Long Eaton Depot
26. YAL791
Barton 791/788, YAL791 & XVO788, were Leyland PS1/Bs with Northern Counties L31/30RD bodies from 1958. The chassis had been rebuilt, respectively, from CBN 500 which had been new to Knowles, Bolton with a Santus C33F body, passing via a number of operators to Barton and from Barton Leyland PS1 562, KAL 382. Both were withdrawn in April 1974 passing to Ensign (dealer), Hornchurch. 788 was exported to Jones (dealer), Jacksonville, Florida. United States in October 1975 whilst 791 found further service with Golden Boy Coaches, Roydon from December 1974 until October 1975 when it was scrapped.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1959
27. YAL791
On the parking area at Huntingdon Street Bus Station in Nottingham is Barton, Chilwell 791, YAL791, a Leyland PS1/B with a Northern Counties L31/30RD body.
Photo taken Sunday 28 April 1968, Huntingdon Street Bus Station, Nottingham
28. 794ARR
Seen in the Bus Station at Peterborough is Barton, Chilwell 794, 794ARR, a Barton BTD2 with a Northern Counties FL37/33F body new in October 1959.
Photo taken Sunday 20 September 1964, Peterborough Bus Station
29. 794ARR
Barton 794, 794ARR, was rebuilt in 1959 from NVX170, a Leyland PS2/11 which had been new to City Coach Company in 1949 with a Heaver B39C body as fleet number G7. The second steering axle had been removed in February 1951 when 30 feet long vehicles on two axles became legal. It passed to Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend in February 1952, was renumbered 132 in July 1954 and passed to Eastern National in January 1955.
Photo taken Sunday 13 August 1967, Stamford Bus Station
30. 822DNN
On the left is Barton Transport 788, XVO788, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 whose chassis originated as that of 562, KAL382, with a Duple DP39F body, new in 1948, but which had been rebodied by Northern Counties as L31/30RD in 1958.
Photo taken April 1973, Barton's Long Eaton Depot
31. 901LRR
During 1974, another Ensign hire to Southend was of 901LRR, an ex-Barton BTD2 rebuild, with full front Northern Counties lowbridge 70 seat body in a bright yellow colour scheme.
Photo taken Thursday 16 May 1974, Pier Hill Terminus, Southend
32. YRR793
Barton, Chilwell 793, YRR793, which was seen at Chilwell, was a Leyland PS1/1 which had been rebuilt from HTF 158, and was redesignated PS1/B before being fitted with a Northern Counties FL33/30F body in 1959.
Photo taken Sunday 15 August 1965, Chilwell
33. 878LRR
Barton were well known for rebuilding and rebodying buses. Seen here is 878, 878LRR, a 1961 rebuild of an early post war Leyland Tiger with a full front lowbridge Northern Counties body.
Photo taken 1972, Nottingham
34. RMS685
Alexander Midland no MRB253, RMS685, a Leyland PD3/3C with Alexander L35/32R bodywork. Built in 1961 from older Leyland Tiger Chassis
Photo taken c. 1973, Great Western Road, Glasgow
35. YHE243
Yorkshire Traction 794, YHE243, was a Leyland Tiger PS2/3 which was rebuilt in 1963 as a double decker. A neat Northern Counties front entrance body was fitted.
Photo taken 1974, Barnsley Bus Station
36. YHE248
Yorkshire Traction 799, YHE248, was originally numbered 1248 and was numerically the last of nine former Yorkshire Woollen District Leyland Tiger PS2s rebuilt with Northern Counties H35/28F bodies in 1963.
Photo taken Saturday 1 August 1970, Upper Sheffield Road Depot, Barnsley