SCT '61 Photo Index
Karrier Bus
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1. TP4812
An earlier 38 in the Portsmouth fleet was TP4812, one of two Karrier CL6/ Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies B39F single deckers new 6/27. 38 served until 10/34, 39 lasted until 9/35.
2. TP4835
A much earlier 46 in the Portsmouth fleet - it would take a real man to handle this beast. TP4835 was a Karrier WL6/2 with a Brush H32/28R body new 8/27 which lasted in the Portsmouth fleet until 8/35, going for scrap to Forest (dealer), North End, Portsmouth the following November.
Photo taken South Parade Pier, Southsea
3. TE5780
Former Ashton-U-Lyne Corporation 8, TE5780, a 1928/9 Karrier WL6 with English Electric B32F body.
Photo taken Thursday 3 May 2012
4. CDT625
CDT625, Doncaster 373, a Karrier W, had been new as 73 in 1945, when it had a Brush H30/26R body.
Photo taken Thursday 27 June 1963, Doncaster
5. LWP313
Diadem, Luton, LWP313 is seen having a break at the Nags Head PH in Bishop's Stortford. It was a Karrier Q25 with Auto-Cellulose 14-seat body, new to Imperial Motorways, Bromsgrove in June 1953 and sold to Farrow, Melton in November 1953
Photo taken May 1959, The Nags Head PH, Dunmow Road, Bishop's Stortford
6. OYL220
OYL220, a Karrier Q25 with Reading C14F body, was the Karrier Demonstrator in 7/54 and then went to Hackney Council (presumably as a welfare bus).
Photo taken Tuesday 7 September 1954, Lynn Road,Ely
7. OYL220
OYL220 was a preserved Karrier Q25 built in 1954 with Reading C14F bodywork and was initially a Karrier demonstrator.
Photo taken Sunday 4 August 1974, Harrogate Stray
8. 6666U
Brocksbank, Bramley (Leeds) 6666U was a Karrier BFD3023 D98A new in January 1958 with a Plaxton C14F body seen here in one of the the carparks/coachparks off Portland Street in Manchester, the Cafe Major being in Major Street which runs parallel to Portland Street.
Photo taken Saturday 25 October 1958, off Portland Street, Manchester
9. 6666U
OSK831 is a 1958 Karrier BFD which started life as 6666U and was later registered BVH157A. It is a Karrier BFD3023 D98A new in January 1958 with a Plaxton C14F body.
Photo taken Sunday 5 April 2015, Brough
10. 6666U
Karrier BFD3023 with Plaxton C14F body, BVH157A. New as 6666U in 1958 to Brocksbank, Leeds it is seen here at the Dunbar rally around 1985. It now carries the registration OSK831.
Photo taken 1985, Dunbar, East Lothian
11. YAL202
Seen arriving at Wembley Stadium is YAL202, a Karrier BF3023 with a Plaxton C14F body new in February 1958 to Sherwood Coaches, Worksop.
Photo taken Wembley Stadium
12. PFR727
PFR727 is a Karrier BFD3023 with Plaxton C14F body new to Abbott, Blackpool in early 1959, seen leaving the POPS rally.
Photo taken Sunday 22 May 2016, Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent
13. 2677WW
2677WW, a Karrier BF3023 with a Plaxton Consort III C14F body seen in an official photograph at Scarborough, whilst carrying the incorrect registration 2677NW, before delivery to Parkinson, Heckmondwike in May 1960.
Photo taken May 1960, Scarborough
14. 2677WW
A rear view of 2677WW, a Karrier BF3023 with a Plaxton Consort III C14F body seen in an official photograph in Scarborough before delivery to Parkinson, Heckmondwike in May 1960 and carrying the incorrect registration 2677NW.
Photo taken May 1960, Scarborough
15. 362ALU
362ALU, a rare surviving example of a C14F Plaxton Embassy bodied Karrier BFD3023 mini-coach, appeared at the Trans Lancs rally in 2016 after being off the road for 34 years.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2016, Heaton Park, Manchester
16. J15767
J15767 of Holiday Tours, St. Helier was a Karrier BFD3023 with a Reading C14F body. New as 696BGO to El Al, Heathrow (non-P.S.V.) in 1960, it was acquired in October 1967 but did not enter service until May 1969 and is seen at their garage at Wheatlands, St. Peter.
Photo taken Friday 25 May 1973, Wheatlands, St. Peter, Jersey
17. 14PKR
14PKR is a Karrier BFD with Plaxton C14F body new in July 1961 to Davis, Sevenoaks, seen here tucked away awaiting restoration.
Photo taken Thursday 20 February 2014, Huddersfield
18. KRW531F
This must count as one of the most unusual vehicles to be found in a Municipal bus fleet. Coventry City Transport KRW531F was actually one of six similar vehicles in the fleet which were bought to expand the special schools services taken over by the undertaking from other departments of the Corporation.
Photo taken Saturday 23 June 1973, Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry