SCT '61 Photo Index
Daimler Single Deckers
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1. DUX655
DUX655 is a 1947 Daimler CVD6 originally equipped with ACB 35F half-cab bodywork. It was barely two years old when rebodied with this elegant fully-fronted design by Metalcraft FC33F. Withdrawn from use in August 1966, the vehicle has been preserved in its original “Smith’s Eagle” livery by a group of enthusiasts.
Photo taken Sunday 14 July 2013, Toddington, Glos
2. GPT60
Venture of Consett 127, GPT60, a Willowbrook B35F bodied Daimler CVD6
Photo taken John Street, Consett
3. BMS415
Alexander bought a small batch of Daimler CVD6 coaches with Burlingham bodies in 1948. When the Alexander company was split in the early sixties, this one went to Alexander Northern. It is preserved in their attractive cream and yellow livery ND20, BMS415.
Photo taken 1988, Halifax
4. BMS420
Alexander Midland D25, BMS420, seen at Falkirk was a Burlingham C33F bodied Daimler CVD6SD new in 1948, which was sold in October 1965.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
5. CAG818
Tumilty (AA, Ayr), Irvine CAG818, a Daimler CVD6SD with a Willowbrook DP35F body is seen opposite their garage in Irvine.
Photo taken Tuesday 3 August 1965, Irvine
6. CUD373
Worth, Enstone CUD373, a Daimler CVD6 with Wilks & Meade C33F body was new to him in January 1948 and, after withdrawal in December 1960 was sold to P.V.D. (Dealer), Dunchurch. Alongside is Jarvis, Middle Barton CTL652, a Dennis Lancet III with a Yeates C35F body dating from February 1948 which had been acquired from Judd, Byfield in December 1957.
Photo taken Wednesday 20 August 1958, Gloucester Green, Oxford
7. DVH114
Willowbrook advertising sent to the Trent Company circa 1949/50 when Derek worked in the Works Office.
Photo taken c.1949
8. GWX168
Burrows 58, GWX168, seen in Wakefield Bus Station was one of two Daimler CVD6s new in March 1948 with Wilks & Meade C33F bodies. Both were withdrawn in December 1963.
Photo taken Saturday 2 February 1957, Wakefield Bus Station
9. JPT551
Venture bought sixty Daimler CVD6 buses with Willowbrook B35F bodies between 1946 and 1948. JPT551, number 163, was one of the last ten to be delivered and had by the time of this photograph been fitted with a two piece door and modified cab for one man operation.
Photo taken Wednesday 20 May 1964, Venture's Blackhill garage, Back Park Road, Blackhill
10. MCE201
Seen at Cheltenham Coach Station is MCE201 of Parkin, Borrowash, Derbyshire. It was a Heaver FC35C bodied Daimler CVD6SD.
Photo taken Saturday 11 August 1962, Cheltenham Coach Station
11. GKV101
Seen at the Sandy Lane garage, Coventry 101, GKV101, was the first of sixteen Daimler CVD6s with Brush B34F bodies which were new in 1949.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Sandy Lane Garage
12. HKV110
Coventry 110, HKV110, was one of sixteen Brush B34F bodied Daimler CVD6s new in 1949 and was seen at the Harnall Lane garage.
Photo taken Sunday 10 May 1964, Harnall Lane Garage
13. HWW768
Burrows 62, HWW768, their third new vehicle in 1949 was a Daimler CVD6 with Wilks & Meade C33F body and is seen on hire to West Yorkshire.
Photo taken Monday 25 August 1958, parking area between Castle Street and Lisbon Street, Leeds
14. HWX40
HWX40 was a Daimler CVD6SD with a Plaxton C33F body new in April 1949 to Kitchin, Pudsey . It is seen here at Elland Road, Leeds when with O'Neill, Spennymoor.
Photo taken Saturday 2 January 1965, Elland Road, Leeds
15. HWX40
A rear view of HWX40 which was a Daimler CVD6SD with a Plaxton C33F body new in April 1949 to Kitchin, Pudsey. It is seen here at Elland Road, Leeds when with O'Neill, Spennymoor.
Photo taken Saturday 2 January 1965, Elland Road, Leeds
16. JFJ873
JFJ873, a Daimler CVD6 with Weymann B35F body, new to Exeter Corporation in 1949 as fleet number 73, becoming 173 after a livery change. Withdrawn in 1966, bought and restored by John Handford in 1995.
Photo taken Saturday 12 May 2012, Sandy Lane, Coventry
17. JFJ873
The two preserved Exeter Daimler CVD6s with Weymann B35F bodies were together at the G & W Railway running day. There was a formal photo shoot in the morning and this more relaxed one in the afternoon where passengers were allowed to also take their pictures. JFJ873 was one of the first 3 built in 1949 whereas JFJ875 was built as part of the second batch of three in 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 10 July 2016, Broadway
18. CRJ446
One of Salford's ten Daimler CVG6 single deckers new in 1950 which were fitted with Burlingham B33R bodies, 446, CRJ446, waits in Victoria Bus Station for a trip to Peel Green.
Photo taken Monday 26 May 1958, Victoria Bus Station
19. FEA156
West Bromwich 156, FEA156, a Daimler CVG5SD with a Metro Cammell B38R body. The chassis was built in 1950 but was not bodied until March 1952.
Photo taken Sunday 8 July 2012, near AMRTM in Aldridge
20. JFJ873
Preserved Exeter Corporation 173, JFJ873, a Daimler CVD6 with Weymann B35F body, new in 1950
Photo taken Sunday 27 September 2009, Duxford
21. JFJ875
Exeter 175, JFJ875, a Daimler CVD6 with a Weymann B35F body new in 1950 is seen here leaving Exeter bus station but had passed, after withdrawal early the following year, to Whipton Chapel, Exeter as a non-P.S.V. by March 1969. The other five in the batch had been withdrawn in 1966.
Photo taken Sunday 19 May 1968, Exeter Bus & Coach Station
22. JTD830
Morley, Whittleseea JTD830 was a Trans United C33F bodied Daimler CVD6 seen at Bishop's Road Bus Station, Peterborough. It had been acquired in December 1956 from Forder, Bingley and it passed to Webster, Pattishall in July 1959.
Photo taken Saturday 24 January 1959, Bishop's Road Bus Station, Peterborough
23. LAL558
Gash, Newark D05, LAL558, was a Daimler CVD6 with a Burlingham C35F body which had been new in March 1950 seen behind Gash's garage with a Timpson. London S.E.6 Duple Northern bodied A.E.C. Reliance in the background.
Photo taken Sunday 13 August 1967, Gash's Garage, Bowbridge Road, Newark
24. MMA57
One of S.H.M.D.'s single-decker Northern Counties bodied Daimlers, 57, MMA57, parked in Hamnett Street, Hyde next to the store building that once housed the town's Woolworth's store. Until a bus station was built in the early '60s, this street allowed buses to enter the town's central market area or to leave it (as with this service to 'Walker Fold') for the suburbs.
Photo taken mid 1950s, Hamnett Street, Hyde
25. BTS490
Dundee 10, BTS490, a Daimler CVD6SD with Brush B39R body seen in Dundee was one of ten new in 1951.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 July 1965, Crichton Street, Dundee
26. DMS550
Eastern Coachworks FC37F bodywork conceals the Daimler CVD6SD chassis of Alexander Midland D37, DMS550 seen at the Falkirk garage. One of thirteen such coaches new in 1951 it was sold in December 1965.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1965, Falkirk
27. LRW377
Samuel Ledgard LRW377 was an ex-demonstrator Daimler Freeline with a Duple B36D body new in 1951 and is seen at the Weston Estate terminus of the service from Otley Bus Station on which it was a regular performer with Ledgard arriving in 1956 and serving until 1960.
Photo taken Sunday 30 June 1957, Weston Estate Terminus, Otley
28. LRW377
Ledgard, Armley LRW377, a Daimler G6HS Freeline with a Duple B36D body, is seen in Otley on the Weston Estate service. This had been a Daimler demonstrator new in October 1951 and was acquired in July 1956 from Transport Vehicles (Daimler) Ltd.
Photo taken Sunday 30 June 1957, Otley
29. LWR840
Seen on the parking area at the Coliseum Bus Station in Blackpool is Pyne, Harrogate LWR840, a Daimler D650HS Freeline with a Burlingham Seagull C39C body which had been new in July 1952.
Photo taken Monday 15 April 1963, Coliseum Bus Station, Blackpool
30. LWW571
LWW571 was a Daimler G6HS Freeline with a Burlingham DP44F body and was number 15 in the fleet of Pepper, Thurnscoe to whom it was new in October 1952. It was the third bus body to be built by Burlingham on an underfloor engined chassis and is seen in Barnsley Bus Station having just arrived from Thurnscoe.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1959, Barnsley Bus Station
31. LWW571
A nearside rear view of LWW571, a Daimler G6HS Freeline with a Burlingham DP44F body, seen on the parking ground close to Barnsley Bus Station. This was the third bus body built by Burlingham on an underfloor engined chassis and was number 15 in the fleet of Pepper, Thurnscoe to whom it was new in October 1952.
Photo taken Saturday 24 August 1963, near Barnsley Bus Station
32. NAL782
Gash, Newark D06, NAL782, was the first of a pair of Daimler D650HS coaches with Burlingham Seagull C41C bodies new in May and July 1952 respectively, seen on a visit to Gash's garage.
Photo taken Sunday 13 August 1967, Gash's Garage, Bowbridge Road, Newark
33. NTF466
Lancaster City Council 466, NTF466, a Daimler CVG6 / Northern Counties B35F. This bus probably needs no introduction, known locally as the "prison bus" and subsequently preserved by LCT. At one time it ran in blue livery, whether before or after this shot to be clarified.
Photo taken Sunday 6 July 1980, LCT Morecambe depot
34. FHS883
When I took this photograph back in 1975 I thought it would remain a mystery for ever until it came up in comments on a totally unrelated vehicle. I had noted the registration as FHS883 on a previous visit without my camera, and it was recognisable as a Daimler Freeline from the wheel trims, with obviously a Burlingham Seagull body, but that was as far as I got at the time.
Photo taken Sunday 30 March 1975, Dewsbury Road, Gomersal, West Yorkshire
35. PLG967
S.H.M.D. 67, PLG967, a Daimler G6HS Freeline with a Northern Counties B34+27C standee body new in 1953 seen at St. Michaels' Square, Ashton.
Photo taken Saturday 14 March 1959, St. Michael's Square, Ashton
36. KHR782
Rare bird Swindon Corporation 82, KHR782, was the second of four Daimler Freeline D650HS with Park Royal B34C body new in January 1954, though delivered the previous month.
Photo taken Saturday 12 September 1970, Corporation Street Depot, Swindon
37. NVE1
A rear view of NVE1, a Willowbrook C41C bodied Daimler D650HS Freeline, new in 1954, in the fleet of Mansfield, Burling & Welsh, Burwell (t/a Burwell & District).
Photo taken Sunday 11 September 1966
38. NVE1
Burwell & District Motor Services of Burwell, Cambridgeshire had three Daimler Freelines. NVE1 was a D650HS model & was new in March 1955 with this rather stubby looking Willowbrook C41C coachwork.
Photo taken Thursday 1 April 1971, Depot, Burwell
39. UHY211
Not quite what it seems! UHY211 was a Daimler D650HS Freeline with a Heaver C41C body seen here at Victoria Coach Station with Monarch, Bristol to whom it was new in 1955.
Photo taken Saturday 10 June 1961, London Victoria Coach Station
40. UVE101
To add to recent excellent Burwell & District photographs, here is UVE101 at the Little Eversden terminus awaiting return leg of route 3 to Drummer Street Bus Station, Cambridge. It was a rare combination of late Daimler Freeline D650H/S and early Plaxton Panorama C41F body which served purely the Burwell company for just over fifteen years from June 1959.
Photo taken Saturday 15 April 1972, Little Eversden, Cambridgeshire
41. UVE101
New in June 1959, this Burwell and District Daimler Freeline D650H/S reg no. UVE101 was taken from the front nearside seat of an ENOC Bristol K on service 105 from Colchester to Walton in August 1959.
Photo taken Friday 7 August 1959, at the junction with The Street, Weeley, Essex
42. UVE101
UVE101, a Daimler D650HS Freeline in the fleet of Mansfield, Burling & Welsh (Burwell & District), Burwell, had a Plaxton Panorama C41F body and was new in June 1959.
Photo taken Sunday 5 September 1971, High Street, Burwell
43. FEX121
Rear view of Great Yarmouth 21, FEX121, a relatively rare Daimler Freeline 6HLW with Roe B43F body, new in 1962.
Photo taken Tuesday 30 June 1964, Sea Front, Great Yarmouth
44. AEX19B
Great Yarmouth Corporation 19, AEX19B, Daimler Freeline / Roe DP43F, new in April 1964.
Photo taken September 1971, Great Yarmouth
45. BON451C
West Midlands PTE 3451, BON451C, a Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXSD built in 1965 with Marshall B37F bodywork. This had been new to Birmingham. Later Fleetline single deckers would have the more familiar SRG designation.
Photo taken April 1977, Dale End
46. BON472C
Rear view of preserved Birmingham City Transport 3472, BON472C, a Daimler Fleetline with Marshall B37F body new in 1965
Photo taken Sunday 1 July 2012, North Weald
47. BON472C
Birmingham became the first operator to run single deck Daimler Fleetlines when it took delivery of a batch with Marshall bodywork in 1965. Seen here is 3472, BON472C. The body seated 37 which was much lower than later examples which were designed as single deckers from the off rather than adapted double deck chassis as is the case here. Later examples would have the engine enclosed and be designated SRG (for Saloon rear Gardener) rather than the CRG of the double deck chassis.
Photo taken Saturday 1 December 2012, Manchester Museum of Transport
48. VHN527G
Darlington Borough Transport bought Roadliners in the mid sixties, then quickly turned to single deck Fleetlines when these became available. 27, VHN527G, of 1968 is a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW with a 43 seat Roe body.
Photo taken Sunday 19 July 2009, at Elland Road, Leeds
49. VHN529G
Darlington Corporation 29, VHN529G, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW built 1968 with Roe B43D bodywork.
Photo taken September 1973, Tubwell Row
50. VHN535G
Darlington Borough Transport 35, VHN535G, a 1968 Daimler Fleetline with Roe bodywork
Photo taken July 1969, Tubwell Row
51. AOI787
Ulsterbus/Citybus 2787, AOI787, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1969/70 with Alexander (Belfast) B43D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1979, Donegall Square East, Belfast
52. KCP380G
Waiting in Crossfield Bus Station is Calderdale 110, KCP380G, a Daimler SRG6LX Fleetline with Pennine B45F body.
Photo taken Monday 17 April 1972, Crossfield Bus Station, Halifax
53. KCP422G
Seen in the somewhat grim surroundings of the bus park at Halifax Crossfield bus station is Halifax 112, KCP422G, a corporation owned 1969 Daimler Fleetline with Willowbrook 45 seat body. Next to it is 274, KCP874G, a Halifax Joint Committee AEC Reliance with Plaxton coach body also dating from 1969.
Photo taken Thursday 12 April 1973, parking adjacent to Crossfield Bus Station
54. MFA703G
Preserved Burton Corporation 103, MFA703G, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW built in 1969 with Willowbrook B44F bodywork.
Photo taken Monday 21 April 2003, at Coors Bass Museum, Burton
55. MFA703G
Burton joined the trend to saloons in the late sixties when they bought Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW chassis, although later deliveries would revert to double deckers. Single deck Fleetline 103, MFA703G, carries Willowbrook bodywork and dates from 1969.
Photo taken Sunday 19 June 2011, Rowsley
56. MFA704G
East Staffordshire DC 104, MFA704G, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW built in 1969 with Willowbrook B44F bodywork. This had been new to Burton Corporation.
Photo taken November 1977, Station Street, Burton
57. BEH147H
PMT 147, BEH147H, Alexander B40D bodied Daimler SRG6LX new in 1970 on route 61 to Stafford.
Photo taken Station Road, Stafford
58. CHN737H
Darlington 37, CHN737H, a 1970 Daimler Fleetline with Marshall bodywork.
Photo taken 1989, at Halifax
59. CHN741H
Darlington Corporation 41, CHN741H, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1970 with Marshall B48D bodywork
Photo taken October 1970, Darlington Market Place
60. KTS215H
Tayside Regional Council were the successors to Dundee Corporation who in 1970 took a batch of Daimler Fleetline single decks with Alexander W type B46D bodywork. By 1977 a number of these vehicles were already withdrawn with severe bodywork issues, but some were heavily rebuilt to try and remedy a noticeable rear end sag. 215 KTS215H was one such rebuild and is seen in Dundee city centre.
Photo taken Friday 12 August 1977, Dundee
61. KTS232H
Tayside Regional Council 232 KTS232H Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1970 with Alexander W B46D bodywork. This had been new to Dundee Corporation.
Photo taken July 1977, Dundee Depot
62. NET169J
Rotherham Corporation bought Daimler Fleetlines from 1967 until it became part of South Yorkshire PTE in 1974. Most of these were Roe bodied double deckers however in 1970 a trio of Willowbrook bodied Fleetline saloons entered service. The first of these 169, NET169J, is seen wearing the unusual coffee and cream PTE livery and its PTE fleet number 69.
Photo taken Tuesday 13 May 1975, Leeds Central Bus Station
63. UNW205H
Leeds bought one batch of single deck Daimler Fleetlines in addition to large numbers of AEC Swifts in order to spread one man operation in the late sixties and early seventies. The Fleetline dated from 1970 and carried Park Royal bodywork. 1205, UNW205H, passes East End Park in 1971 while out of service.
Photo taken Friday 25 June 1971, East End Park
64. UNW206H
Leeds City Transport 1206, UNW206H, a 1970 Park Royal bodied Daimler Fleetline CRG6LXB/36. One of 30 similar vehicles, it is carrying the early version of the WYPTE livery which would date the photo to the mid 70s.
Photo taken mid 1970s
65. UNW208H
Leeds City Transport 1208, UNW208H, Daimler Fleetline SRG6LXB with Park Royal B48D body, new in 1970.
Photo taken 1972, Leeds Central Bus Station
66. KCN16J
Northern General 2716, KCN16J, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1971 with Alexander W B44D+23 bodywork.
Photo taken March 1971, Carliol Square, Newcastle
67. KCN8J
Northern General 2708, KCN8J, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1971 with Alexander W B44D+23 bodywork. The destination seemed to sum up the future for many companies.
Photo taken December 1971, Park Lane Bus Station, Sunderland
68. YAY701J
Mid Warwickshire Motors, Balsall Common, YAY701J, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1971 with Willowbrook B50F bodywork. This had been acquired in October 1978 and had been new to the Road Transport Industry Training Board, so had probably been well cared for.
Photo taken August 1980, Balsall Common
69. LCN502K
Northern General 2802, LCN502K, a Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX built in 1972 with Willowbrook B44D bodywork. Newly delivered and still looking very smart.
Photo taken June 1972, Carliol Square, Newcastle
70. NHN250K
Darlington Borough Transport 50, NHN250K, a 1972 Daimler Fleetline SRG6LX with Roe dual door 48 seat bodywork. The bus was some 22 years old when seen in 1994 just prior to the undertaking being taken over by Stagecoach.
Photo taken June 1994, West Row
71. NHN257K
Darlington bought a number of batches of single deck Fleetlines with bodywork by both Marshall and Roe. Seen in a wet Darlington centre is 57, NHN257K, a 1972 Roe bodied bodied example
Photo taken June 1994, Prebend Row/Priestgate Corner
72. UNH19L
Northampton 19, UNH19L, a Daimler Fleetline with Willowbrook B45D body, new in April 1973, part of a batch of 20.
Photo taken 1985, Northampton