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Daimler Roadliner
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1. CVC124C
1965 Marshall B50F bodied Daimler Roadliner SRC6 demonstrator CVC124C unloading in Wakefield Bus Station. It was on hire to West Riding at the time possibly in connection with the reliability problems of the native batch.
Photo taken late 1960s, Wakefield Bus Station
2. FHL823D
In 1962 West Riding had taken delivery of the first Plaxton Derwent bodied buses and in 1966 they took delivery of ten Daimler SRC6 Roadliners which had the first examples of the revised version of the Derwent body. 130, FHL823D, seen here in Leeds Central Bus Station was the fifth in the batch of ten and was to B50F configuration.
Photo taken Monday 31 July 1967, Leeds Central Bus Station
3. KEH449D
Potteries MT, S1049, KEH449D, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 built in 1966 with Plaxton Derwent 2 B50F bodywork.
Photo taken February 1969, Newcastle under Lyme depot
4. DHC786E
Eastbourne Corporation 86, DHC786E, a Daimler 'Roadliner' SRC6 with East Lancashire B45D body seen in The Goffs, Eastbourne in February 1969.
Photo taken Saturday 22 February 1969, The Goffs, Eastbourne
5. KDD276E
Black & White 276, KDD276E is a 1967 Daimler Roadliner SRC6 with Plaxton Panorama C44F Body. This vehicle was 'Coach of the Year' at the 13th British Coach Rally the same year, and is seen here after receiving the award on Madeira Drive, Brighton.
Photo taken Sunday 16 April 1967, Madeira Drive, Brighton
6. KDD276E
Black & White 276, KDD276E, was a 1967 Daimler Roadliner SRC6 with Plaxton Panorama C44F bodywork. Not only was this vehicle 'Coach of the Year' at the 13th British Coach Rally at Brighton, it won the Blackpool Coach Rally earlier in the year.
Photo taken Sunday 2 April 1967, Lower Promenade, Blackpool
7. KDD276E
Black & White 276, KDD276E, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 with Plaxton Panorama I C44F body, new in 1967. Seen taking part in the 1967 Blackpool Coach Rally where it won the overall Concours d'Elegance. A couple of weeks later it went on to take the same honour at the Brighton Coach Rally also.
Photo taken Sunday 2 April 1967, Lower Promenade, Blackpool
8. KDD276E
Black & White Daimler SRC6 Roadliner 276, KDD276E with a Plaxton Panorama I C44F body is seen whilst taking part in the British Coach Rally at Brighton driving along Madeira Drive to collect the trophy for having been judged "Coach of the Year" after it had won the premiere award at Blackpool two weeks earlier.
Photo taken Sunday 16 April 1967, Madeira Drive, Brighton
9. KDD277E
Harris (International Progressive), Cambridge KDD277E seen at Gilwell Park on the occasion of a Scout/Cub weekend jamboree was a 1967 Daimler SRC6 Roadliner with Plaxton Panorama I C47F body which had been acquired from Black & White, Cheltenham the previous year.
Photo taken Saturday 1 July 1972, Gilwell Park
10. KKV800G
City of Oxford 639, KKV800G, the Plaxton Derwent DP53F bodied Daimler Roadliner is seen in Victoria Coach Station. The Daimler SRC6 chassis was built in 1967 for experimental purposes. In 1968 it was fitted with a Perkins V8 engine to replace the Cummins V6 and then bodied and exhibited at the 1968 Commercial Motor Show before being used as a Daimler demonstrator. It was then acquired by City of Oxford in March 1970.
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1971, London Victoria Coach Station
11. KRU51F
Bournemouth 51, KRU51F, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 with Willowbrook B49F body proves that they actually ran in service with operators!. I remember it sounded like a DMU on a run to Columbia Road. Ashley Road was a terminal point for Boscombe services, off Christchurch Road.
Photo taken Sunday 3 August 1969, Ashley Road, Boscombe
12. KVT167E
Potteries S1067, KVT167E, was a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 with a Plaxton B50F body dating from 1967.
Photo taken Tuesday 11 July 1972, Hanley Bus Station
13. KVT172E
Potteries MT S1072, KVT172E, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 built in 1967 with Marshall B50F bodywork.
Photo taken March 1969, Hassell Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme Bus Station
14. KVT198E
Potteries MT C1098, KVT198E, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 built in 1967 with Plaxton Panorama I C49F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1969, Newcastle under Lyme Garage
15. MHN313E
Darlington Corporation 13, MHN313E, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 built in 1967 with Roe B47D+18 bodywork (UW 7-15-1 in old money).
Photo taken May 1972, Tubwell Row
16. MHN316E
Darlington Corporation 16, MHN316E, a Daimler Roadliner SRC6 built in 1967 with Roe B47D+19 standing bodywork.
Photo taken September 1972, West Row
17. NJW715E
Wolverhampton 715, NJW715E, a Daimler SRC6 with Strachans B54D body new in 1967.
Photo taken Summer 1967, A41 Tettenhall terminus
18. ORA78E
Like a number of operators Chesterfield were seduced by the charms of the Daimler Roadliner but were quickly disillusioned by its tempremental behaviour. Seen in central Chesterfield is 78, ORA78E, an East Lancs bodied SRC6 chassis one of ten bought in 1967.
Photo taken Monday 24 April 1972, Elder Way, Chesterfield
19. ORA80E
Chesterfield 80, ORA80E, a 1967 Neepsend B49D Daimler Roadliner passes a local shop displaying no doubt "local produce for local people".
Photo taken June 1972, Chesterfield
20. UQB010
M.T.T., Perth 10, UQB-010, was a Daimler SRC6 Roadliner (c/n 36101) with an MTT/Boltons B43D body new in 1967 and was seen in Perth, operating on one of the City Clipper services, buses on another one being in a red livery. This was the sole Roadliner in the MTT Perth fleet although 35 were delivered in 1969 to MTT, Adelaide with Freighter B46D bodies along with one chassis for use for spares.
Photo taken 1975, Perth
21. WEH135G
Carver's Coaches, Ellesmere Port, WEH135G, a Daimler Roadliner SRP8 built in 1969 with Plaxton Derwent B46D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1978, City Road, opposite Chester Station
22. RAR678J
A rear view of a Plaxton Panorama Elite C51F body on Best, London W.5 Daimler SRP8 Roadliner RAR678H. It was licensed as a P.S.V. on 27th July 1970. Although still carrying 'H' plates at the time of the photograph the tax disc had been issued as RAR678J on 20th September, and the plates were altered later. The ventilation louvres for the engine compartment are clearly visible in the nearside body panel.
Photo taken Saturday 26 September 1970, Abingdon Street, Westminster
23. RAR678J
Seen at the start, in Wigan, of the 1971 National Coach Rally is Daimler SRP8 Roadliner RAR678J of Best, London, W.5, with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C51F body.
Photo taken Saturday 17 April 1971, Mesnes Park Terrace, Wigan
24. UAD313H
Seen in Victoria Coach Station is Black & White, Cheltenham 313, UAD313H, which was a Daimler SRP8 Roadliner with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C47F body.
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1971, Victoria Coach Station, London