SCT '61 Photo Index
Daimler CD
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1. CCP605
Halifax 85, CCP605, one of six Daimler CD650s with East Lancs H30/26R bodies new in 1951 seen in the centre of Halifax.
Photo taken Sunday 9 September 1956, Commercial Street
2. MWU750
Rossie Motors, Rossington ran this Daimler CD650 with a Burlingham H30/26R body registered MWU750 which is seen at Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station in Doncaster.
Photo taken Friday 2 June 1961, Glasgow Paddocks Bus Station, Doncaster
3. PRA387
PRA387, a Daimler CD650 new to Blue Bus Services Willington in 1951. The gentleman on the right is Percy Tailby one of owners of Blue Bus. It was withdrawn in December 1971 and the body went to a dealer in Derby and the engine to a Marine Co in Jersey.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 March 1951, Willowbrook Works, Loughborough
4. PRA387
Blue Bus Services of Willington, PRA387, one of their fleet of rare Daimler CD650s fitted with Willowbrook bodies, built in 1952. To the right is Stevensons of Uttoxeter, 10 (HLW203), being ex-London Transport RT203.
Photo taken 1968, Burton
5. SRB424
Blue Bus Services (Tailby & George) were famous for operating four of the rare Daimler CD650's, each with a Willowbrook lowbridge body, PRA387/8 new in 1951 and SRB424/5 new in 1953 with fleet numbers DR13-16 respectively. SRB424, dating from 1953, makes a speedy departure from an eerily quiet Derby bus station.
Photo taken 1966, Derby Bus Station