SCT '61 Photo Index
Crossley Trolleybus
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1. ERH45
Photographed on Chanterlands Avenue North and about to pass the crematorium is Hull Corporation Transport Department Trolley Bus No 45, ERH45, working service 61. No 45 was one of a batch of 20 Crossley TDD4s with Cravens bodies introduced in 1938.
Photo taken Saturday 20 May 1961, Chanterlands Avenue North, Hull
2. GNA87
Manchester 1169 and 1167, GNA 87 and GNA85, Crossley TDD4s with Crossley H28/26R bodies, new in 1941, seen in 1167 was withdrawn later in the month but 1169 lasted another year.Portland Street at the terminus of the routes from Ashton and Stalybridge in May 1959
Photo taken Friday 15 May 1959, Portland Street, Manchester
3. JVU709
Manchester 1202, JVU709, seen in Aytoun Street, was a Crossley TDD42/1 with a Crossley H32/26R body, new in May 1949.
Photo taken Sunday 1 February 1959, Aytoun Street, Manchester
4. LTC771
Ashton-under-Lyne 77, LTC771, a Crossley TDD42/2 with Crossley H30/26R body turns from its terminus in Portland Street into Aytoun Street on its way to Stalybridge in May 1959.
Photo taken Saturday 16 May 1959, Portland Street, Manchester
5. LTC774
Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation trolleybus fleetnumber 80 registered LTC774, an all-Crossley Empire TDD42/2 of H30/26R layout with Metropolitan Vickers MV209NO motor is being restored at the Manchester Museum of Transport.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2016, Manchester Museum of Transport, Boyle Street, Cheetham
6. HBE541
HBE541, a Crossley Empire TDD42/3 built in 1951 with Roe H54R body as Cleethorpes 163 but shown here as part of the Walsall Corporation fleet (850) on driver training duties nearing the bus station.
Photo taken Aug 1968, Walsall, near bus station
7. HBE541
New as Cleethorpes 63 in 1951, HBE541 became Walsall 850 when acquired in 1960 from Grimsby-Cleethorpes 163 to whom it had passed in January 1957. It was a Crossley TDD42/3 with a Roe H29/25R body.
Photo taken Sunday 13 April 1969, Garage, Bloxwich Road, Walsall
8. JVU746
Manchester 1241, JVU746, Crossley TDD64/1 with Crossley H36/30R body was from a batch of sixteen delivered in 1951 which were used mainly on peak hour duties. This batch represented the only post war 6-wheel Crossley trolleybuses built.
Photo taken Wednesday 2 October 1957, Aytoun Street
9. JVU758
In 1951 Manchester Corporation Transport took delivery of the only Crossley TDD64 chassis built, complete with Crossley H36/30R 8-feet wide bodywork, numbered 1240 to 1255 JVU745-760. 1253 JVU758 is seen in Miller Street on 23 April 1959 on service 213 to Greenhays.
Photo taken Thursday 23 April 1959, Miller Street