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Daimler CO
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1. AOG674
Service vehicles are non-frequent visitors to these pages. When this picture was taken, I hadn't realised the significance of AOG674 as being formerly a 1935 Daimler COG5 with NCME body (674) in the Birmingham City Transport Fleet.
Photo taken August 1968, Perry Barr Garage
2. CVP207
Seen on the A23, Brighton Road, taking part in the H.C.V.C. Rally is ex-Birmingham 1107, CVP207, a Daimler COG5 with Metro-Cammell H30/24R, new in 1937.
Photo taken Sunday 1 May 1966, A23, Brighton Road, south of Crawley
3. CVP207
Birmingham's standard double decker in the late nineteen thirties was the Daimler COG5 with Birmingham designed MCW body. Dating from 1937, 1107, CVP207, had a twenty two year career with Birmingham before being eventually purchased for preservation.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 2010, Chatsworth
4. DMB738
A rear view of DMB738, a Daimler COG5 with a Northern Counties B38R body, which was number 178 in the S.H.M.D. fleet and was new in 1937. It is seen in Calder Street adjacent to Lower Mosley Street Bus Station in Manchester.
Photo taken Saturday 7 February 1959, Calder Street, Manchester
5. DMB738
Seen in Calder Street at the side of Lower Mosley Street Bus Station in Manchester is DMB738, a Daimler COG5 with a Northern Counties B38R body, which was number 178 in the S.H.M.D. fleet and was new in 1937.
Photo taken Saturday 7 February 1959, Calder Street, Manchester
6. DRA735
Blue Bus Willington DRA735, a Daimler COG5/40 with Willowbrook DP39F body new in 1937 withdrawn in March 1962 sold to Lloyds of Nuneaton.
Photo taken 1950s, Derby Bus Station
7. HL8060
West Riding 213, HL8060, was a Barnaby DP35F bodied Daimler COG5/40 new in 1937 to Bullock & Sons when it was fitted with a Willowbrook DP39F body. The Barnaby body was fitted in May 1950 shortly before the fleet passed to West Riding
Photo taken Monday 16 July 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
8. RC5984
RC5984, a 1938 Daimler COG5 new to Trent and rebodied by Willowbrook in 1943. Sold to a dealer in Nottingham in April 1953 and passed to an unknown showman in 1953.
Photo taken Dover?
9. RC5992
Trent RC5992, a Daimler COG5 with a 1938 Duple body. Later in 1942, rebodied by Willowbrook H56R and broken up 1953/4
Photo taken 1938/9
10. RC5995
Trent 1046, RC5995, a Daimler COG5 with Weymann 54 seat Highbridge body new to Trent in April 1938. Rebodied by Brush in February 1948. Sold to Frank Cowley April 1957 then to Egerton (Dealer) in February 1959.
Photo taken approx 1948, Kingsway, Derby
11. RC5995
Trent RC5995, a 1938 Daimler COG5, fleet number 1046, with Willowbrook H28/26F body. Rebodied by Brush in 2/48 to H30/26R. Withdrawn in 4/57 and sold to Frank Cowley, sold to Egerton (Contractor) in 2/59
Photo taken 1950s, Derby Cattle Market parking area
12. RC5998
Trent 1050, RC5998, a Daimler new in 1938 rebodied by Willowbrook in 1946.
Photo taken Thursday 30 June 1949, bus parking, Derby Bus Station
13. FOF171
Say, Gloucester, FOF171, a Ex-Birmingham City Transport M.C.C.W. bodied Daimler COG5 new in 1939 seen at Say's garage after withdrawal.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Gloucester
14. FTU132
An undated (probably mid-fifties) image of a 1939-vintage S.H.M.D. Daimler COG6, fleet-number 2, FTU132. The bus is seen leaving Hamnett Street in Hyde town-centre on the '15' service from Hyde to the Shaw Hall estate in the mill-town's Newton district. The streets around Hyde's market area had to make do as an improvised bus-station until one was built in the early '60s.
Photo taken mid 1950s, Hamnett Street, Hyde
15. GNU750
Former Tailby & George (Blue Bus) of Willington GNU750, a Daimler COG5/40 with Willowbrook C35F body, new in 1939.
Photo taken Sunday 5 May 1968, somewhere on the A23!
16. GNU750
GNU750, the longest serving Blue Bus Daimler COG5, new in 1939 and withdrawn in 1965.
17. GNU750
Tailby & George (Blue Bus Service), Willington DR5, GNU750, a Daimler COG5/40 with a Willowbrook C35F body new in May 1939 was seen on the A23 on the way to Brighton during an H.C.V.C. Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 1 May 1966, A23, Brighton Road, south of Crawley
18. BEA37
With a Jensen B38F body, West Bromwich 107, BEA37, was a Daimler COG6, one of two new in 1940. After withdrawal in 1958 it was rebuilt as a handicapped persons bus, with a hydraulic lift at the rear and entered service as such in July 1959 with West Bromwich Corporation Welfare Services as seen in this view taken at Oak Lane garage.
Photo taken Sunday 22 March 1964, Oak Lane Garage, West Bromwich
19. EVC244
Preserved 1940 Daimler COG5/40, EVC244, with Park Royal body newly restored. New to Coventry in April 1940, it was sold in October 1949 to to Derby where it was mostly used for driver training; it was not licensed as a PSV.
Photo taken Sunday 8 July 2012, Aldridge Transport Museum
20. GLG933
GLG933 seen inside the garage at Tame Street, Stalybridge was number 13 in the fleet of the S.H.M.D. and was a Daimler COG6 new in 1940, one of ten with Northern Counties H30/26R bodies.
Photo taken Saturday 6 June 1959, Tame Street Garage, Stalybridge
21. GNA453
Manchester 4305, GNA453, Daimler COG5 / English Electric H28/26R body in Piccadilly Bus Station preparing for a Football Match journey to Old Trafford.
Photo taken Saturday 16 November 1957, Piccadilly Bus Station, Manchester
22. GNB491
Manchester 4357, GNB491, Daimler COG5 with English Electric H28/26R body in Picaddilly Bus Station. This batch suffered due to the war and, although 33 were ordered, only 15 were delivered as complete vehicles with 4357 entering service in October 1940 and being withdrawn in March 1959.
Photo taken Saturday 2 November 1957, Piccadilly Bus Station, Manchester
23. GNC57
Manchester 4259, GNC57, a 1940 Daimler COG5 with Crossley H28/26R body seen in May 1959 at Cheetham Hill Road on a short working to Brooks's Bar on the 53 service from Cheetham Hill Road to Old Trafford.
Photo taken Saturday 23 May 1959, Cheetham Hill Road
24. GNC60
Manchester 4265, GNC60, Daimler COG5 - Metro Cammell H28/26R at Warwick Road, Old Trafford was from a batch of 83 vehicles ordered. Due to the war only 58 chassis were delivered with bodywork split between Metro Cammell and English Electric - the other chassis were destroyed by enemy action at the Daimler works before delivery.
Photo taken Saturday 19 October 1957, Warwick Road, Old Trafford
25. GNC61
Daimler COG5 4266, GNC61, with Metro Cammell H28/26R body new to Manchester in 1940, as 1266, seen adjacent to the construction work for the 'new' Piccadilly bus station (you can see more in the higher resolution picture) - now long since gone!
Photo taken Saturday 15 March 1958, Piccadilly Bus Station, Manchester