SCT '61 Photo Index
Bedford A/D/C/J types
Primarily a goods chassis but many were adapted for P.S.V. use by converting the chassis to forward control.

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1. MWU749K
New to the R.A.F. as 02 AC 48 in 1956, this Bedford A3LZG had a Harrington body which had been B10F with the R.A.F. as a crew carrier but had been upseated to B22F and re-registered MWU749K when sold in December 1971 to Darfield Foulstone High School, Darfield.
2. PUT659
Brown, Markfield PUT659 seen at Ascot was a Bedford C5Z1 with a Duple C29F body new in March 1958.
Photo taken Saturday 21 June 1958, Ascot
3. OTY208
GH Williams, Llithfaen, OTY208, a Bedford C5Z1 built in 1959 with Duple B30F bodywork. Subsequently preserved and new to Tait, Morpeth.
Photo taken August 1987, Garage, Llithfaen
4. UHJ842
A rear view of preserved UHJ842, a Bedford C4Z2 with Duple Super Vista C29F body, new in 1959 to Rochford Hospital, and latterly with BJS Travel of Southend-on-Sea.
Photo taken Sunday 3 August 1986, The Stray, Harrogate
5. VHO444
One of the smaller size entrants in the British Coach Rally was VHO444, a Bedford C5Z1 with a Duple C29F body belonging to Durrant, Alfold, seen in Sutherland Street before starting the journey to Brighton from Victoria Coach Station.
Photo taken Saturday 18 April 1959, Sutherland Street, London
6. VOR153
Seen at the Regents Park car park was VOR153 a Bedford J4LZ1 with a Plaxton Consort III C29F body new to Glider & Blue, Bishops Waltham in June 1959 and seen here in its last year with them.
Photo taken Monday 30 August 1971, Regents Park, London
7. WGG624
Macbrayne 23, WGG624, was a Bedford C5Z1 with a Duple Midland B28F body dating from 1959.
Photo taken August, 1962, Fort William Pier Terminal
8. WGG630
Preserved MacBraynes 36, WGG630, a Bedford C5Z1 with Duple body new in 1959 and currently under restoration. Seen on the premises of Hebridean Coaches in August 2013.
Photo taken August 2013, Howmore, South Uist, Hebrides
9. WGG631
The now defunct Carruthers of New Abbey operated from there to Dumfries with a wide slection of vehicles over the years. Seen at the outer terminus in New Abbey in August 1973 is this former MacBrayne Bedford C5 with Duple bus body, WGG631, dating from 1959
Photo taken Tuesday 14 August 1973, New Abbey
10. WXX512
JD Peace, Kirkwall, Orkney, WXX512, a Bedford C4Z1 from 1959 with Dennis B30C bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Kirkwall, Orkney
11. 534BGD
534BGD, a Duple Midland bodied Bedford J4LZ1 with mail compartment is seen loading passengers and mail for Tongue.
Photo taken c.1970, Lairg, Post Office
12. 5421CR
Bexleyheath Transport Co 5421CR was a Bedford J4LZ1 with a Plaxton Consort III C29F body originally new to Easson, Southampton in May 1960. It is seen at the garage at Bexleyheath..
Photo taken Bexleyheath
13. 932AGG
Bendelow, Cockfield, County Durham, 932AGG, a Bedford C4Z2 built in 1960 with Duple Super Vista C29F bodywork, new to Bingham, Girvan.
Photo taken June 1976, College Square, Stokesley
14. NS3924
David MacBrayne's bus services and shipping activities hadn't been accounted for separately and, soon after acquiring most of the mainland services, Highland Omnibuses began to divest themselves of the more unremunerative (or geographically inconvenient) routes. One of these was that between Kyle of Lochalsh and Glenelg via the Old Military Road over Mam Ratagan pass (Bealach Ratagan in Gaelic) which was stunningly beautiful but not for the faint-hearted! The service was infrequent, little-used and disconnected from the rest of the network and, although Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye was only a few hundred yards away, it was separated from the mainland by a stretch of water.
Photo taken September 1971, Kyle of Lochalsh Station
15. VGV473
Morley, West Row VGV473, a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy C18F body at King’s Cross Coach Station, Pentonville Road.
Photo taken Saturday 28 September 1963, Pentonville Road Coach Station, London Kings Cross
16. 386DD
Marsh's Coaches, Wincanton, 386DD,a Bedford J2SZ2 built in 1961 with Plaxton Consort III C18F bodywork.
Photo taken October 1983, Wincanton
17. 603CYS
P W Isbister, Walls, Shetland 603CYS, a Bedford C5C1 from 1961 with Duple C29F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Esplanade, Lerwick, Shetland
18. 606CYS
MacBraynes 182, 606CYS was a Bedford C5 with a Duple coach body from 1961. One of its sisters (179) has been preserved.
Photo taken 1962, Fort William Pier Terminal
19. 606CYS
David MacBrayne 182, 606CYS, was a Bedford C5C1 with Duple C29F bodywork which had been new in May 1961. It is seen here at Fort William Bus Station.
Photo taken c.1969, Fort William Bus Station
20. 72BXT
Seen on Madeira Drive is Motorways Overseas, London S.W.1., 72BXT, taking part in the Seventh British Coach Rally at Brighton. It was a Bedford J2SZ7 with a Duple Midland C10F body.
Photo taken Sunday 23 April 1961, Madeira Drive, Brighton
21. 953ALR
British European Airways C519, 953ALR, was a Bedford J4A2 tractor unit coupled to a B.T.C. Semi-trailer chassis with a Samlesbury B24C (originally B44C) body new in 1961. These had centre entrances on both sides.
Photo taken Heathrow Airport
22. VPM730
Gale, Haslemere VPM730 was a Bedford J2SZ7 with a Willowbrook Compact C19F body new in 1961 which is seen at Wembley Stadium.
Photo taken Saturday 12 May 1962, Wembley Stadium
23. WNT245
Roberts (Pioneer) of Newport, Pembrokeshire, WNT245, a Bedford J4LZ1 built in 1961 with Duple B30F bodywork. This had been new as Salopia 145, Whitchurch.
Photo taken June 1973, Fishguard
24. 10152
Educational Holidays 10152, was a Bedford J2SZ10 with a Duple Midland C19F body which had been acquired in October 1977.
Photo taken Friday 27 April 1979, Guernsey
25. 160FYV
United AS 1000, 160FYV, a Bedford J2SZ10 built in 1963 with Plaxton C16F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1974, Teesside Airport Terminal
26. 160FYV
Timpsons, Catford 160FYV, a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton C16F new in 1963. Known in the fleet as Tonibell - the name of a local ice cream company.
Photo taken Saturday 31 July 1965, Rushey Green Depot, Catford
27. 522CER
A composite shot of Moody's "garage" in Rose Street Northfleet with 522CER, a Plaxton bodied Bedford J2 which went with the family to Scotland in 1977 and is, I understand, now in preservation.
Photo taken 1968, Rose Street, Northfleet
28. CD059
CD059 is a Bedford J5, which is originally from Cyprus. It was new in 1963 and used from new to transport passengers and goods to the nearest district centre which was Famagusta.
Photo taken Sunday 22 July 2018, SYTT Rotherham
29. TJX835
Abbeyways TJX835, a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton C20F body, fleetnumber 10, new in 1964.
Photo taken Wednesday 21 October 1964, outside Crossfield Bus Station, Halifax
30. 14531
Guernsey Railways moved from Albion chassis to Bedford in the mid sixties, using the truck based J4 chassis. The early ones carried Reading bodywork very similar to bodies they had supplied on Albion chassis. 100, 14531, stands in the bus station in St Peter Port.
Photo taken Tuesday 21 August 1979, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
31. EMH822B
Dr. H.N. Heffernan started a business in West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks in 1962 using a Commer LB with a Kenex 12 seat body on two routes (1) Sevenoaks - Gravesend (Weekdays) and (2) Southfleet - Meopham (Sunday). A limited company, Thames Weald Limited, was formed in 1964 and EMH822B, a Plaxton Embassy C20F bodied Bedford J2SZ10, complete with destination box was delivered in January 1964.
Photo taken Saturday 19 June 1965, Ascot Racecourse
32. BCP833C
Abbeyways of Halifax 12, BCP833C, a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy C20F body, new in 1965.
Photo taken Bull Close Lane, Halifax
33. BVO902C
Operated by Moxon, Oldcotes this Bedford J2SZ10, BVO902C, with a Plaxton Embassy C20F body was taking part in the British Coach Rally when seen on Madeira Drive in Brighton.
Photo taken Sunday 25 April 1965, Madeira Drive, Brighton
34. DPY582C
Saltburn MS 40, DPY582C, a Bedford J2SZ10 built in 1965 with Duple C19F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1970, Saltburn MS Guisborough Garage
35. EPM473C
Roy and Margaret Kirk, Bridlington, EPM473C, a Bedford J2SZ10 built in 1965 with Duple C20F .
Photo taken April 1981, Bridlington
36. HPN487D
Colwyn Bay Borough Council HPN487D was a Bedford J2SZ10 with a Plaxton Embassy C20F body.
37. PYY28D
The Queen Mothers Royal Household PYY28D, a 1966 Bedford J2 with a Duple Midland C10F + corgis at Brough during the Brough & Kirkby Stephen Rally on April 19th 2014. It was formerly used for transport Her Majesty's household staff between Clarence house & Sandringham
Photo taken Saturday 19 April 2014, Brough
38. 18262
Guernseybus 102, 18262, a Bedford J4EZ1 built in 1967 with Reading bodywork. New to Guernsey Railway and weighed 4tons 4cwt. At the time I was there most of the fleet was imported Bristol LHs or younger Bedfords than this one.
Photo taken July 1989, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
39. KHA292E
Guide Friday KHA292E, a Bedford J2SZ10 built in 1967 with Plaxton C20F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1980, Stratford-upon-Avon
40. RPO34E
This Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton bodywork was new to Southern Counties of Crawley. RPO34E dates from 1967 and is seen in service with Reliance of Stockton on the Forest
Photo taken 1990, Harrogate
41. RPO34E
Harold Wilson (Premier), Stainforth RPO34E, a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy C20F body, new to Southern Counties, Crawley in 1967.
42. EXS569F
EXS569F is a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy C20F body dating from 1968 and now carrying the livery of Empress Coaches
Photo taken Saturday 1 April 2017, Kent Showground Detling
43. GSY385F
Maude's Coaches, Barnard Castle, GSY385F, a Bedford J2SZ10 built in 1968 with Plaxton Embassy C20F bodywork. This had been new to Hunter of Loanhead. The coach weighed just 2 tons and 12 hundredweight.
Photo taken July 1985, Barnard Castle
44. KEN381G
This early Bedford minibus was new to Bury as their 81 in 1969, whose livery it still carries, although now 6081, KEN381G, in the SELNEC fleet. It was a Bedford J25Z10 with Duple B21C body and is seen here in the centre of Bury, showing the destination Topping Fold.
Photo taken Willow Street, Bury
45. MUR202H
MUR202H, a Bedford J2Z10/Plaxton Embassy C20F (?) at the time belonging to Hamps Valley Coaches of Waterhouses, Staffordshire and apparently used for schools services.
Photo taken Wednesday 15 March 2000, West of Waterhouses, Staffs.
46. MUR204H
MUR204H, a 1969 Bedford J2SZ10 with a Plaxton Embassy body at the Kirkby Stephen Classic Vehicle Rally on April 15th 2017.
Photo taken Saturday 15 April 2017, Grand Prix Coaches site, Main Street, Brough
47. YWU677G
Premier (Harold Wilson) of Stainforth YWU677G, a 1969 Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton C20F bodywork.
Photo taken c. 1973, Premier Depot, East Lane, Stainforth
48. KNK373H
Bedford J2 KNK373H with Plaxton body was new to Rickards in 1970
Photo taken Saturday 26 May 2012
49. MVE400H
The smallest Bedford PSV chassis in the 1960s was the J2. This 1969 example, MVE400H, is a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy 20 seat bodywork, bought new by Ely Hospital in 1970
Photo taken Sunday 19 June 2011, Rowsley
50. MVE400H
Thomas Newby, Almondbury, Bedford Coach, MVE400H a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy 20 seat bodywork, new in 1970.
Photo taken Sunday 17 June 2012, Peak Rail Centre, Rowsley
51. MVE400H
Rear view of Thomas Newby, Almondbury, Bedford Coach, MVE400H a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy 20 seat bodywork, new in 1970.
Photo taken Sunday 17 June 2012, Peak Rail Centre, Rowsley
52. AUM912J
Central Motors (Glenway), Ripponden AUM912J, a Bedford J2SZ10 with Plaxton Embassy C20F body, new to Wallace Arnold (Devon) in 1971, and acquired by Glenway from Butler, Kirby-in-Ashfield in 1979. Withdrawn by 1987 it passed to Booth's of Bury.
Photo taken Wednesday 9 March 1983, Sowerby New Road, Sowerby
53. CBA996L
Bedford J2 Coach CBA996L with a Plaxton C17F body, new in 1973 to Salford C.C.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1997, Aston Transport Museum, Birmingham