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Bristol VR
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1. GGM431D
Prototype Bristol VRL, GGM431D, chassis number VRX-1, is seen in Colchester Bus Station whilst working for Osbornes of Tollesbury during the late 1970s.
Photo taken late 1970s, Colchester Bus Station
2. HHW933D
Osbornes HHW933D, Bristol VRL / ECW. The prototype VRL with chassis number VRX-2, exhibited at 1966 Commercial Motor Show, then used as a demonstrator, to Bristol in 1970 and to Osbornes in September 1973.
Photo taken Sunday 12 May 1974, Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe
3. CPU979G
ENOC's first Bristol VRT, 3000, CPU979G, was exhibited as a chassis at the 1968 Earls Court Commercial Motor Show as it was the first production Bristol VRT chassis. It was then bodied by ECW to become ENOC 3000, entering service early in 1969, and serving as a bus, then as a trainer until the late 1980s.
Photo taken June 1997, Southend
4. CPU979G
Line up in Southend Seaway car park before the off for the 251 running day with
Photo taken Sunday 29 April 2012, Seaway Car Park, Southend
5. CPU979G
Former Eastern National VR 3000, CPU979G, in Maldon High Street on the way to the Clacton Rally, first time back to its home town being based for sometime at Maldon.
Photo taken Sunday 3 June 2012, High Street, Maldon
6. CPU979G
A pair of preserved VRs, Former Eastern National CPU979G alongside former Lincolnshire JVL619H.
Photo taken Sunday 16 September 2012, Duxford
7. LFS280F
Eastern Counties VR307, LFS280F, Bristol VRLL / ECW. Ex Eastern Scottish, still in their livery. Destination box has been transposed 180 degrees.
Photo taken April 1973, Ipswich Garage
8. LFS286F
Eastern Counties VR311, LFS286F a 1968 Bristol VRTLL6G with ECW H47/36F bodywork.
Photo taken Saturday 6 November 1982, University of East Anglia, Norwich
9. LFS288F
Former Eastern Scottish Bristol VRTLL6G with ECW 82 seat body new in 1968 as AA288, LFS288F, is seen working for Viking Tours in York on one the sightingseeing tours of the city.
Photo taken Tuesday 28 June 1994, Tower Street, York
10. LFS288F
In 1968 Eastern Scottish took delivery of their first 25 Bristol VRTs; 18 of these were allocated to Baillieston, the remaining 7 going to Dalkeith. Never popular North of the Border, the VRTs lasted barely five years before being exchanged for FLFs from NBC companies. AA288C, LFS288F, was a VRTLL6G with an ECW H47/36F body which arrived in December 1968.
Photo taken 1969, Killermont Street, Glasgow
11. LFS290F
Recent comments on Eastern Scottish Bristol VR prompted me to send this view of LFS290F taken in early 1969 at Easterhouse when this Baillieston Garage example was operating the 211 service.
Photo taken Jan 1969, Easterhouse terminus, Glasgow
12. LFS292F
Hedingham & District L104, LFS292F, ex-Eastern National 3043, acquired by EN from Eastern Scottish (AA292) in November 1973 via Eastern Counties.
Photo taken June 1982, Southend
13. LFS295F
Eastern National 3044, LFS295F, Bristol VRTLL / ECW. New to Eastern Scottish as AA295 in December 1968, acquired by EN via Eastern Counties in December 1973. Built as H47/36F but reseated by EN to H42/28F before entry into service in January 1974. Withdrawn April 1982.
Photo taken Sunday 23 June 1974, Central Bus Station, York Road, Southend
14. LFS296F
Preserved Bristol VRTLL6G, LFS296F, Alder Valley, ex Scottish Bus Group & Southdown. Pictured after restoration to Alder Valley livery and now owned by the Southdown Historic Vehicle Group.
Photo taken Summer 2002, Southsea
15. LFS297F
Ex Eastern Scottish VR/ECW LFS297F which came south as part of the FLF/VR exchange. Now Eastern National 9018 and in blue driver training livery. Parked in the yard at the back of London Road, Southend depot.
Photo taken 1980s, rear of EN Depot/Bus Station, London Road, Southend
16. LFS298F
Eastern Scottish AA298G, LFS298F, a Bristol VRTLL6G built in 1968 with ECW H47/35F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Dalkeith Depot
17. LFS303F
LFS303F, Bristol VRTLL6G/ECW H47/35F new to Scottish Omnibuses in December 1968 as AA303. Seen here in July 1983 in Norwich as Eastern Counties VR308 having been one of those transferred from SBG to NBC in exchange for Bristol FLFs.
Photo taken July 1983, Castle Meadow, Norwich
18. XWY973G
The intending passenger appears to be engaging the driver of West Yorkshire 1919 (originally VR19) XWY973G a 1968 Bristol VRTSL6G, in conversation prior to boarding.
Photo taken Thursday 23 October 1975, Keighley Bus Station
19. BNU679G
Midland General 315, BNU679G, a 1969 Bristol VRTSL with ECW body, seen in service with British Rail Engineering. It has been preserved.
Photo taken 1989, Leeds City Station
20. BNU680G
Trent 755, BNU680G, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken April 1980, Ripley
21. BYG853H
West Yorkshire RC 1946, BYG853H, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW H39/31 bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Middlesbrough Bus Station
22. CHN624H
Scarborough Corner Café in 1976, and no sign of social distancing! Bristol VRTSL 624 loaded up for a run to South Sands. On the original slide, the registration number appears to be CHN224H but I think it should be CHN624H. The Lodekka behind, 5107HN is displaying "UNITED", perhaps drafted in for the peak season.
Photo taken Sunday 22 August 1976, Scarborough Corner Cafe
23. CPU979G
At Dinnington in 1994 was NorthernBus flat screened VR CPU979G, previously ENOC 3000 (the fleet number is still on show) and now preserved by Paul Harrison.
Photo taken 1994, Dinnington
24. CPU979G
ENOC Bristol VRT 3000, CPU979G, which had the distinction of being the first VRT SL - the chassis was shown at the Earls Court Show in 1968
Photo taken November 1969, Basildon Bus Station
25. CPU980G
Rear view of ENOC Bristol VRT 3001, CPU980G, in dual-purpose livery
Photo taken March 1969, Basildon Bus Station
26. CPU981G
A great shot here of ENOC Bristol VRT BN3002, CPU981G, taken by Bill Cansick at Basildon Cherrydown Garage. This was one of the first ENOC VRs delivered in Tilling Green and cream then painted into dual purpose livery at Chelmsford by ENOC - note the different shades of Tilling Green, the lower part being the ECW original. This shot was taken before she went into service.
Photo taken April 1969, Basildon Depot
27. CPU982G
ENOC Bristol VRT CN3003, CPU982G
Photo taken October 1970, Clacton
28. CPU982G
Rear view of ENOC Bristol VRT CN3003, CPU982G
Photo taken October 1970, Clacton
29. CPU983G
Eastern National BE3004, CPU983G, Bristol VR / ECW. New January 1969. In this photo still in original dual purpose livery for the X10.
Photo taken Wednesday 3 November 1971, Braintree Bus Park
30. CWR272H
West Yorkshire RC 1949, CWR272H, Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken March 1977, Park Street, Middlesbrough
31. DRB308H
Midland General 319, DRB308H, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F body, new in 1969.
Photo taken 1972, Underwood, Nottinghamshire
32. JVL619H
A pair of preserved VRs, Former Eastern National CPU979G alongside former Lincolnshire JVL619H.
Photo taken Sunday 16 September 2012, Duxford
33. JVL619H
Ex Lincolnshire Road Car Co. 1904, JVL619H. a 1969 Bristol VR/ECW.
Photo taken Sunday 4 November 2012, LRCC Depot, Lincoln
34. LFS287F
ENOC VRT, LFS287F, in NBC green/white, ex-Eastern Scottish AA287, and with curiously small "T" box front destination box fitted by ENOC
Photo taken August 1974, Basildon Bus Station
35. NAG586G
Eastern National HH3046, NAG586G, Bristol VR / ECW, ex- Western SMT number 2265 in October 1973 via Eastern Counties.
Photo taken April 1975, Hadleigh Garage Yard
36. NGM161G
Top Deck Travel were better known for operating Bristol Lodekkas so this was an unusual sighting (for me anyway). NGM161G was a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW bodywork, new to Central SMT as BN361 with H43/34F seating.
Photo taken August 1984
37. NGM163G
Lincolnshire Road Car 1980, NGM163G, a 1969 Bristol VRT new as Central SMT BN363.
Photo taken c. 1981, St Marks Bus Station, Lincoln
38. NGM173G
Lincolnshire RC 1984, NGM173G, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW H43/31F bodywork. New as Central SMT BN373, this headed south to Lincolnshire in the VRT/FLF exchanges.
Photo taken September 1977, Grimsby Bus Station
39. OCD768G
Southdown MS 2098, OCD768G, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW H39/31F bodywork. One of several loaned to Devon General in 1983.
Photo taken October 1983, High Street, Exeter
40. OCD770G
Southdown Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW 2100, OCD770G, in Brighton in April 1972. One of ten VRs ordered by BH&D, but (with the exception of 2093) actually delivered in March 1969 to Southdown. For the first three years of their lives the OCD-G batch were operated in full BH&D livery.
Photo taken Saturday 8 April 1972, King's Road, Brighton
41. OCS577H
Former Western SMT Bristol VR OCS577H with ECW body, seen here participating in the 2015 Kirkby Stephen Easter Sunday running day.
Photo taken Sunday 5 April 2015, Kirkby Stephen
42. OCS577H
Following its recent debut at the Kirkby Stephen rally, Western SMT Bristol VRTSL6G, OCS577H, has had further work done on it and now has standard opening upper deck bulkhead windows and a livery that is a deeper shade of red than it wore in April.
Photo taken Sunday 21 August 2016, York Street, Leeds
43. OCS579H
Eastern Counties VR317, OCS579H, Bristol VR / ECW H43/32F. Ex Western SMT, new to them in October 1969.
Photo taken Thursday 30 August 1973, Surrey Street Bus Station, Norwich
44. OCS584H
United AS 644, OCS584H, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1969 with ECW O43/34F bodywork.
Photo taken October 1982, Middlesbrough Bus Station
45. OSF307G
Preserved Bristol VR OSF307G, new to Eastern Scottish in June 1969 but then transferred to Southern Vectis in March 1973 as their number 621.
Photo taken Sunday 15 July 2007, Alton
46. OSF307G
Preserved Bristol VR OSF307G, new to Eastern Scottish in June 1969 but then transferred to Southern Vectis in March 1973 as their number 621.
Photo taken Sunday 16 October 2011, Newport Quay, Isle of Wight
47. OSF307G
The early VRs delivered to the Scottish Bus Group were quickly disposed of to NBC operators. In contrast to their early life many went on to have long careers south of the border. One such is the former Eastern Scottish AA307, OSF307G, a 1969 example that went to Southern Vectis in 1973.
Photo taken September 2003, Meadowhall, Sheffield
48. OTA290G
OTA290G is a Bristol VRT/SL6G/ECW H39/31F new in 1969 to Western National as their 1056. It was one of the first batch of VRs that WN put into service. It remained in Devon mainly based at Plymouth.
Photo taken Friday 19 September 2014, private site in Devon
49. SMS32H
Another of the 15 Bristol VRTs swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, SMS32H, in Alexander blue with no number scrolls
Photo taken September 1971, Basildon Depot
50. SMS32H
Another Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, SMS32H, in Alexander blue but now with number scrolls
51. SMS32H
Another Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, SMS32H, in Alexander blue
Photo taken Chelmsford Depot
52. SMS33H
Eastern National Bristol VR 3007, SMS33H.
Photo taken September 1981, outside Ipswich Station
53. SMS34H
Another of the 15 Bristol VRTs swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, Eastern National 3008, SMS34H, after repaint into NBC Green and white, but missing the NBC-style fleetnames and grey wheels
Photo taken September 1972, Basildon Bus Station
54. SMS35H
Another Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, ENOC 3009, SMS35H
Photo taken June 1974, Basildon Depot
55. SMS36H
Another Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, ENOC BN3010, SMS36H
Photo taken Saturday 26 August 1972, Seaway, Southend
56. SMS36H
Another Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, ENOC BN3010, SMS36H
57. SMS36H
Eastern National 3010, SMS36H, one of the ECW bodied Bristol VRTs acquired from the Scottish Bus Group in exchange for Bristol FLFs. Seen here at Victoria Coach Station operating on route 400 it was still in the blue livery of Alexander, Falkirk.
Photo taken Saturday 2 October 1971, London Victoria Coach Station
58. SMS41H
Another Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, 3015, SMS41H, previously MRT 11.
Photo taken Monday 28 October 1974, Central Bus Station, York Road, Southend
59. SMS43H
In 1971, Eastern National arranged to swop 15 of their Bristol FLF buses for a similar number of Bristol VRT buses from the W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd. fleet. SD3017, SMS43H is seen here, still in the Alexander blue on its first day in use with ENOC.
Photo taken Sunday 5 September 1971, EN Depot/Bus Station, London Road, Southend
60. SMS45H
Another ENOC Bristol VRT swopped for FLFs with W. Alexander and Sons (Midland) Ltd, SMS45H, in Alexander blue with interim scrolls (no numbers)
Photo taken September 1971, Basildon Bus Station
61. TNG366G
Eastern Counties VR366, TNG366G, a 1969 Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F bodywork in original 'Tilling' livery.
Photo taken April 1974, Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Ipswich
62. UAH375G
Eastern Counties VR375, UAH375G, Bristol VR / ECW, seen a month after delivery.
Photo taken July 1969, Clacton Bus Station
63. WHN411G
United bought their first Bristol VR in 1969, 601 WHN411G. After withdrawal in 1980 the bus had a number of owners including Crosville and Lincolnshire before joining the fleet of Silcox of Pembroke Dock in 1986 who ran it for 11 years until 1997 when it was acquired for preservation.
Photo taken Sunday 9 August 1992, Tenby
64. WHN411G
WHN411G a 1969 Bristol VRTSL6G with ECW H39/31F bodywork originally UAS601 (but according to BLOTW ordered by Bristol Omnibus)
Photo taken Friday 29 May 1981, High Street, Sheffield City Centre
65. WHN421G
United Automobile 611, WHN421G, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with E.C.W. H39/31F body, new in 1969.
Photo taken August 1974, Sandside, South Bay, Scarborough
66. XWX56G
West Yorkshire Road Car VR11, XWX56G, a 1969 Bristol VRT/SL6G with an ECW H39/31F body turning into Chester Street bus station at Bradford.
Photo taken April/May 1969, Little Horton Lane, Bradford
67. YWW593G
West Yorkshire VR24, YWW593G, an early Bristol VR/ECW dating from 1969. Early VRs had T type indicators as used on later Lodekkas although was soon changed to the familiar in line display that most VRs carried.
Photo taken 3 August 1969, Vicar Lane Bus Station, Leeds
68. DHN228H
United AS 628, DHN228H, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1970 with ECW H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken September 1970, Redcar Bus Sstation
69. DWU839H
New to York-West Yorkshire as their YVR54, DWU839H, in 1970, this Bristol VR was later converted to open top for York sight seeing tours. It was sold to Guide Friday and is seen in their green livery.
Photo taken 1988, Pavement, York
70. DWU839H
York-West Yorkshire 3954, DWU839H a 1970 Bristol VRTSL6G with ECW H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken Saturday 17 August 1974, York Railway Station
71. EHN632J
United Automobile 632, EHN632J, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with E.C.W. H39/31F bodywork, new in 1970.
Photo taken April 1974, Foreshore Road, South Bay, Scarborough
72. FRB211H
FRB211H is a Bristol VRT/SL2 with Gardner 6LX 10.45 litre diesel engine new in 1970 to Midland General. It has a semi-automatic gearbox and ECW body with 70 seats.
Photo taken Monday 26 August 2013, Wythall Transport Museum
73. FRB211H
From left to right, Midland General 761, FRB211H, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F body, new in 1970 as 322, then Trent 665, 569ERR, a Bristol Lodekka FS6G with ECW H33/27RD body, new to Mansfield District in 1961 as 533, and similar Mansfield District 8526 & 8531 (562ERR & 567ERR).
Photo taken March 1973, Mansfield District/Midland General Garage, Sutton Road, Mansfield
74. FRB213H
Cambus 601, FRB213H, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F body. Ex-Eastern Counties, still in EC livery with Cambus fleetnames.
Photo taken June 1986, Cambridge
75. FRB214H
A line up of VRs, from left to right Mansfield 315, FRB214H, and 313, FRB212H, and Southdown 512, UUF112J.
Photo taken Thursday 12 August 1982, Rougier Street, York
76. FRB214H
On the left, Trent 682, 446SNU, a Bristol Lodekka FSF6G with ECW H34/26F body, new in 1962 as Midland General 506: on the right, Mansfield District 325, FRB214H, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F body, new in 1970.
Photo taken April 1973, Mansfield Station Forecourt
77. FWT956J
Guide Friday FWT956J, a Bristol VRTSL2/6G built in 1970 with ECW O39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken May 1990, York Station
78. FWT956J
West Yorkshire RC 1956, FWT956J, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1970 with ECW O36/31F bodywork. New as York-West Yorkshire YVR56, it was still based in York when seen on sightseeing duties.
Photo taken early 1980s, George Hudson Street, York
79. FWT957J
York-West Yorkshire 3957, FWT957J, a 1970 ECW bodied Bristol VRTSL6G, originally YVR57 passes the former North Eastern Railway headquarters in York in 1981.
Photo taken Sunday 14 June 1981, York
80. FWT957J
Former York - West Yorkshire Bristol VR YVR57, FWT957J, of 1970 was sold to BBC Radio York as a publicity vehicle. It is seen at the 1991 Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate.
Photo taken Tuesday 9 July 1991, Great Yorkshire Showground, Wetherby Road, Harrogate
81. FWY955J
West Yorkshire Bristol VR FWY955J, a 1970 example delivered to the York-West Yorkshire fleet as YVR55, is seen after withdrawal from passenger service in use as a driver trainer.
Photo taken August 1984
82. LRN60J
Standerwick 60, LRN60J, was a Bristol VRL with ECW CH42/18CT body new in 1970.
Photo taken Sunday 26 May 2013, Marine Road Central, Morecambe
83. MO3819
Stockport had ordered a batch of ten Bristol VRTSL6Gs with East Lancs bodies which were destroyed in the fire at the bodybuilders at Easter 1970. One of the chassis escaped to be bodied in Australia and is seen here at Broken Hill with Murton, Broken Hill. It entered service in 1973 with Smithfield B47F bodywork as m/o6219 with Hill, Wollongong but had been re-registered MO3819 by the time of this photograph with Murton.
Photo taken Saturday 1 May 1976, Broken Hill, Australia
84. NCK980J
Eastern Counties OT4, NCK980J, Bristol VR / ECW open top. Ex-Ribble, converted by ECOC, and seen here at Ipswich for Suffolk Show duties.
Photo taken May 1986, Ipswich
85. OCS583H
Western SMT were early users of Bristol VRs. However the honeymoon period was short and they were swapped for NBC Bristol FLFs. New to Western as their 2253, OCS583H, this bus went south in the great NBC/SBG VR/FLF swap.
Photo taken 1996, York
86. OCS583H
United 643, OCS583H, ex Western SMT Bristol VR seen on Scarborough Sea front , not quite the traditional vehicles that one could expect to see serving the "109" route along the coast. Possibly spent more time open top as it did in Scotland.
Photo taken Saturday 25 May 1985, Scarborough, Foreshore Road
87. OCS584H
United Auto 644, OCS584H, was a Bristol VRTSL6G with ECW O43/32F bodywork. It had originally been 2254 in the Western SMT fleet but had been exchanged in 1973 for a Bristol FLF and, after running initially with a normal body, was converted to open-top for the Scarborough seafront service 109 between the Corner Cafe and the Spa.
Photo taken mid 1980s, Spa, Cleveland Way, Scarborough
88. OCS597H
OCS597H, Alder Valley 889, ex-Western SMT Bristol VR/ECW leaves Reading bus station displaying the hopelessly inadequate SBG destination equipment which in some cases was replaced with "Tilling type" displays in due course.
Photo taken Oct 1975, Station Hill, Reading
89. OFC901H
City of Oxford 901, OFC901H, was a Bristol VRTSL6G with an Eastern Coachworks H39/31F body seen at Gloucester Green Bus Station in Oxford. It was one of three which had been ordered by Southern Vectis, chassis number VRT/SL2/101
Photo taken Sunday 23 May 1971, Gloucester Green Bus Station, Oxford
90. SCD500H
Crosville DVG540, SCD500H, a 1970 Bristol VRTSL2/6G/ECW H39/31F originally Southdown 500.
Photo taken Saturday 28 August 1982, Victoria Road, Y Ffrith, Prestatyn
91. TCD506J
Southdown 506, TCD506J, a Bristol VRTSL6G with E.C.W. H39/31F body, new in 1970.
Photo taken Sunday 6 May 1973, William Street, Brighton
92. UKD532J
Merseyside Transport 2038, UKD532J, a Bristol VRT/LH6G built in 1970 with East Lancashire H49/31D bodywork.
Photo taken July 1975, Derby Square, Liverpool
93. XMO541H
Seen in service with Northern Bus of Dinnington near Sheffield is XMO541H, a Bristol VRT dating from 1970. When new this was 513 in the Thames Valley fleet.
Photo taken Thursday 12 June 1997, Meadowhall, Sheffield
94. BTX539J
Gelligaer 53, BTX539J, a Bristol VRTSL6G with Northern Counties body leaves Newport Bus Station for Rhymney Bridge.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 August 1974, Newport Bus Station
95. BTX540J
Stevensons of Uttoxeter, 48 BTX540J, aBristol VRTSL6G built in 1971 with Northern Counties H44/33F bodywork. This had been new as Gelligaer UDC 40.
Photo taken August 1983, Derby Bus Station parking area
96. DAH391K
Eastern Counties VR391, DAH391K, a 1971 Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW bodywork is seen in Cambus blue in Cambridge after ECOC lost the Cambridge area services during the NBC sell off.
Photo taken 1985, Cambridge
97. DNG394K
Eastern Counties VR394, DNG394K, a Bristol VRTSL2/6G built in 1971 with ECW H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken October 1982, Norwich Bus Station
98. HAL105K
Crosville's Machynlleth depot (MH) is time-honoured but the double-decker awaiting return to its home town of Aberystwyth isn't. DVG568, HAL105K, an early Bristol VR Mark 2 with ECW H39/31F body had only been acquired in June 1984 from East Midland, to whom it had served as D105 from November 1971, losing its D prefix in January 1976.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 May 1985, Doll Street Depot, Machynlleth
99. LRN55J
Another ex-Ribble VR coach which saw later use was LRN55J, seen here as a publicity vehicle for Voluntary Service Overseas at a show in Hyde Park in May 1989.
Photo taken May 1989, London Hyde Park
100. MFE492J
Lincolnshire RC 1910, MFE492J, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1971 with ECW H39/31F bodywork. On extended hire to United and given their fleetname.
Photo taken April 1977, North Road, Durham
101. NCK979J
Ribble used a fleet of low height ECW bodied Bristol VRTSL6G to intoduce one man operation with fareboxes to Carlisle town services in 1971. 1979, NCK979J, was the first of the batch.
Photo taken 1991, Skipton Bus Station
102. OCK65K
Standerwick 65, OCK65K, a Bristol VRL with ECW CH42/18Ct body built in 1971 waits at the back of the Coliseum bus station before loading for a journey south. This was a handy place to view the comings and goings at the bus station and tram depot as long as you didn't stray too far into the premises of BCT.
Photo taken Monday 10 July 1972, Coliseum Bus Station, Blackpool
103. OCK65K
Standerwick, Blackpool 65, OCK65K, a Bristol VRLLH6L with an Eastern Coachworks CH42/18CT body, was seen in Eccleston Place, London S.W.1.
Photo taken Saturday 16 June 1973, Eccleston Place, London SW1
104. OCK66K
Tyne & Wear PTE 36, OCK66K, a Bristol VRLLH6L built in 1971 with ECW CH42/18Ct bodywork.
Photo taken August 1977, Newcastle Central Station
105. OCK67K
Ribble replaced their famous Gay Hostess Atlanteans with a batch of Bristol VRL/LH6L with impressive ECW double deck coach bodywork. Seen here is OCK67K, a 1971 example, delivered as Standerwick 67.
Photo taken 1976, Byker PTE Depot, Newcastle
106. OCK67K
Ribble were the only buyer of production Bristol VRL chassis. They were fitted with ECW double deck coach bodywork for use on the M6 motorway services. They were very unreliable and Ribble quickly disposed of them.
Photo taken Saturday 1 January 1994, Horsforth, Leeds
107. OCK67K
Former Hulme Hall College, Manchester OCK67K & OCK62K, Bristol VRL/LH6L's with ECW CH42/18Ct bodies, new to Standerwick, Blackpool (67 & 62) in 1971.
Photo taken Wednesday 23 December 1987, Simmonite's Garage, Thornton Road, Bradford
108. OCK995K
Eastern Counties OT5, OCK995K, Bristol VR / ECW Open Top. Ex Ribble, converted to open top by ECOC and seen here in Ipswich for Suffolk Show duties.
Photo taken May 1986, Ipswich
109. OWC294K
Eastern National BN3021, OWC294K, Bristol VR / ECW H39/31F, new in September 1971, withdrawn exactly 16 years later.
Photo taken Saturday 22 July 1972, Basildon Bus Station
110. SDL636J
Southern Vectis 636, SDL636J, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F body new in March 1971, seen in the sunshine at Newport Bus Station in June 1984.
Photo taken June 1984, Newport (Isle of Wight), Bus Station
111. SMS45H
Eastern National VR 3019, SMS45H
Photo taken 1970s, London Kings Cross
112. TCD509J
Crosville DVG545, TCD509J, a 1971 Bristol VRTSL26G with ECW bodywork was originally 509 in the Southdown fleet. It was accquired by Crosville in 1981 and is seen in typical North Welsh scenery in Llangollen in 1986.
Photo taken June 1986, Llangollen
113. UUF110J
I suspect that, after the Southdown Centenary Rally, early flat screen Bristol VR 510 UUF110J, here departing from The Hard, was making a positioning journey to Petersfield, as it used a different stand at The Hard and had the blinds set for Petersfield.
Photo taken Sunday 7 June 2015, Southdown Centenary Rally, The Hard, Portsmouth
114. UUF111J
Southdown 511, UUF111J, a Bristol VRTSL2/6G built in 1971 with ECW H39/31F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1982, Exhibition Square, York
115. UUF116J
Preserved ex Southdown car 516, UUF116J, a 1971 Bristol VRSTL6LX / ECW H39/31F, seen here at the 2009 Worthing Bus Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 26 July 2009, Marine Parade, Worthing
116. VOD549K
Looking rather "tired" on an Exeter city service, Devon General VOD549K, ex Western National Bristol VRT wearing the usual adverts for tourist attractions in Torbay adjacent to the destination box.
Photo taken Wednesday 24 March 1976, Sidwell Street, Exeter
117. ATA162L
Western National 1062, ATA162L, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1972 with ECW H43/34F bodywork.
Photo taken September 1977, The Strand, Barnstaple
118. DKH972L
East Yorkshire 927, DKH927L, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1972 with ECW H39/31F bodywork, loading up at Scarborough bus station before heading off to Hull via Bridlington and Filey on route 12.
Photo taken May 1974, Scarborough Bus Station
119. OCK995K
New as Ribble 1995 in 1972, OCK995K was later sold to Eastern Counties and eventually became an open top vehicle with them. It was used by Guide Friday on the Norwich city tour being withdrawn by them in 1999.
Photo taken Wednesday 18 August 1999, Norwich
120. OCK995K
Former Ribble 1995, OCK995K, has worn many liveries since it entered service in 1972. A more recent one was this Ribble-style livery carried from 2007 until 2010 for the Classic Bus Lancashire service 12 from Lytham to St Annes.
Photo taken Saturday 7 November 2009, Fleetwood
121. OCK995K
This Ribble Bristol VRT has worn many liveries in a long career. Now resident with the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust, 1995, OCK995K, dates from 1972. It has recently been turned out in this version of NBC Venetian Blind colours.
Photo taken Sunday 1 July 2018, Esholt Village
122. OCK998K
Eastern Counties VR 389, OCK998K, Bristol VRT / ECW H39/31F. Ex-Ribble, new to them in May 1972 as fleet number 1998.
Photo taken October 1985, Ipswich
123. OWE271K
Sheffield bought a batch of Bristol VRs with East Lancs 73 seat bodies in 1972, one of which, 271 OWE271K, is now preserved. The VRs were withdrawn in the late seventies as non-standard. They were sold to the NBC some went to Crosville while 271 ended up with Maidstone and District and served in Hastings until 1993.
Photo taken Sunday 20 September 2009, at Meadowhall, Sheffield
124. OWE271K
OWE271K, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with East Lancs H43/30F body was new to Sheffield (271) in August 1972, one of a batch of 18. Several were acquired by Maidstone & District in 1979 from South Yorkshire PTE, and OWE271K was transferred to Hastings & District in March 1983.
Photo taken August 1984, Bexhill
125. OWE279K
Sheffield Transport 279, OWE279K, a Bristol VRTSL6G built in 1972 with East Lancashire H43/30F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1974, Sheffield Pond Street Bus Station
126. OWE281K
Sheffield bought East Lancs bodied Bristol VRs in 1972 after many years of buying Atlanteans and Fleetlines. 281, OWE281K, is seen in 1973 in Sheffield bus station
Photo taken Thursday 14 June 1973, Pond Street Bus Station
127. RCH629L
Trent Bristol VR 629, RCH629L, alongside Fleetline 568, OCH568L, both bodied by ECW, in the parking area near the old bus station in Derby.
Photo taken 1972, Derby
128. WNO546L
Eastern National CN3500, WNO546L, Bristol VR / ECW O39/31F, new in December 1972 as 3026 and converted to open top in June 1986. Entered service on Clacton Coastliner routes in this red and yellow livery, but, due to competition from Coastal Red, the red areas were repainted green in May 1987, one month after this photo was taken.
Photo taken April 1987, Colchester Bus Station
129. WUF533K
Conway Street, Hove with Bristol VR (WUF533K) Southdown 533 and the rear of 271 (BUF271C) parked outside the garage. There were "Preserved" vehicles parked on the waste ground opposite the garage doors.
Photo taken Saturday 11 September 1976, Conway Street, Hove
130. AJA402L
Slightly too new for the site really but we can bring the photos from the WRS archive of the North Western fleet to a conclusion with an image of Greater Manchester Buses 1402 AJA402L one of a batch of 25 Bristol VRT with ECW H43/32F bodywork that were on order at the time of the takeover.
Photo taken Saturday 10 September 1983, Stockport Bus Station
131. AJA421L
Ordered by North Western but delivered to SELNEC after they took over the Stockport based operation was this Bristol VRT/SL2/6LX with ECW bodywork, AJA421L. It is seen in service with committed Bristol afficianado Silcox of Pembroke Dock.
Photo taken Sunday 9 August 1992, Tenby
132. BFJ176L
Western National 1076, BFJ176L, a Bristol VRTSL6G new in July 1973 with ECW H43/34F bodywork, awaits departure time outside the outstation at Land's End.
Photo taken mid 1970s, Land's End Hotel
133. DKH932L
East Yorkshire 932, DKH932L, seen in Wellington Street Coach Station in Leeds, was a Bristol VRTSL6G with an Eastern Coachworks H39/31F body.
Photo taken Monday 15 April 1974, Wellington Street Coach Station, Leeds
134. HKE690L
Another Seaford & District vehicle was open top ex-Maidstone & District Bristol VR/ECW HKE690L. Was this converted to open top by M&D, if not by whom and when?
Photo taken Sunday 28 July 2013, Marine Parade, Worthing
135. KPW405L
Eastern Counties VR405, KPW405L, a Bristol VRT/SL6G with ECW H39/31F body, new in March 1973, and the 1st VR at Ipswich in post NBC livery.
Photo taken January-April 1987, Woodbridge
136. NPU975M
Eastern National SD3028, NPU975M, Bristol VR / ECW with broadside advert for Savacentre, Basildon. New September 1973, withdrawn December 1988.
Photo taken Sunday 1 June 1980, EN Depot/Bus Station, London Road, Southend
137. NPU975M
Eastern National VR 3028, NPU975M, new in 1973
Photo taken 1970s, London Kings Cross
An unidentified Wilts & Dorset VR crossing the railway line at Ludgershall while 4930 departs with a special for Andover.
Photo taken Sunday 23 March 1986, Ludgershall
139. PWC514M
Paul could not resist this shot of former ENOC VRT 3039, PWC514M, which he found resting in Pasadena, California, in 1993. The owner is "LA London Omnibus" of Sherman Oaks, near Los Angeles. PWC was only recently arrived, and not "in service" due to engine trouble.
Photo taken 1993, Pasadena, California
140. RAH127M
Eastern Counties VR127, RAH127M, Bristol VR / ECW H43/31F, new in March 1974.
Photo taken October 1984, Martlesham
141. RNV808M
United Counties 808, RNV808M, is on hire to United Automobile Services, still in green livery but with United fleetnames.
Photo taken March 1977, County Hall, Durham
142. JNO189N
In 1980 this Bristol VR, 3048, JNO189N, was painted into 1930s Eastern National livery to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary (ENOC had commenced trading in 1930 as successor to the National Omnibus & Transport Company).
Photo taken Saturday 23 May 1981, The White Horse, Southchurch, Southend
143. NAH135P
Eastern Counties VR172, NAH135P, Bristol VR / ECW H43/31F, new in 1975. VR172 has been preserved.
Photo taken September 1978, Great Yarmouth
144. OPW179P
Eastern Counties VR179, OPW179P, a Bristol VRTSL3/6LX built in 1976 with ECW H43/31F bodywork, on extended hire to United AS in 1977.
Photo taken May 1977, Middlesbrough Bus Station
145. OWW905P
West Riding 761, OWW905P, in the 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee livery.
Photo taken 1977, Wakefield Bus Station
146. HUD480S
Former City of Oxford 480, HUD480S, a Bristol VR/ECW, is seen operating for The Big Bus Company, Philadelphia with fleet number 330. Prior to this, it saw service with Midland Red (South) and Autobus Galland, Quebec.
Photo taken Monday 16 July 2012, Arch Street, Philadelphia
147. ODL658R
Eastern Counties VR185, ODL658R, Bristol VRT/ECW H43/31F, new to Southern Vectis in May 1977, withdrawn by them in April 1991, then to Eastern Counties before being scrapped in early 1998.
Photo taken 1990s, Colchester Bus Station
148. RYG392R
Yorkshire Woollen District Bristol VR 838, RYG392R, seen at Dewsbury Bus Station in May 1984
Photo taken May 1984, Dewsbury Bus Station
149. UVX1S
Eastern National SD3064, UVX1S, Bristol VR / ECW. New in 1977, this vehicle carried the first Essex S registration issued. Remained with EN upon the July 1990 Thamesway split but unfortunately it was later burnt out.
Photo taken Saturday 26 August 1978, EN Depot/Bus Station, London Road, Southend
150. KOO794V
Eastern National Bristol VR / ECW 3076, KOO794V, new in April 1980.
Photo taken June 1982, Central Bus Station, York Road, Southend
151. PCL256W
Eastern Counties VR256, PCL256W, new in September 1980 and seen here in all over Radio Orwell livery on Sunday route 4.
Photo taken August 1987, Crown Street, Ipswich
152. PCL256W
Rear view of Eastern Counties VR256, PCL256W.
Photo taken April 1986, Colchester Bus Station
153. RAH258W
Eastern Counties VR258, RAH258W, Bristol VR / ECW H43/31F, new in November 1980.
Photo taken August 1988, High Street, Colchester
154. STW22W
Eastern National Bristol VR / ECW 3078, STW22W, new in 1980.
Photo taken June 1981, Southend
155. STW33W
A Christmassy shot of Eastern National VR SD3089, STW33W, when these buses were new on the 251.
Photo taken Winter 1981/2, Brentwood
156. UAR587W
Eastern National Bristol VR / ECW 3097, UAR587W.
Photo taken June 1981, Southchurch Park East, Southend
157. UVT49X
Stevensons UVT49X, Bristol VR / ECW with coach seats, new in October 1981.
Photo taken October 1981, Eastern Coach Works, Lowestoft
158. XHK234X
XHK234X was the last new Bristol VR purchased by Eastern National in 1981 as fleet number 3129, and was also one of the last VRs built. It is now the latest acquisition in the Paul Harrison fleet for preservation, joining the last ENOC Lodekka AVX975G and the first ENOC VR CPU979G. Passing to Thamesway upon formation, it was withdrawn in October 1991, moving to United Welsh Coaches in January 1992, then to Brewers in August 1992, the South Wales Transport Company in April 1998, and finally to First Cymru in March 1999.
Photo taken July 2000, Membury Service Station, M4