SCT '61 Photo Index
Bristol LH
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1. MBO1F
Thornes of Bubwith own the prototype Bristol LHS MBO1F which has a 1961 Weymann body from a 1961 Western Welsh Albion Nimbus
Photo taken 1997, Marley Keighley
2. RAH687F
Eastern Counties LH 687, RAH687F, Bristol LH / ECW with a Bristol RE behind.
Photo taken July 1972, Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Ipswich
3. LDL263F
United AS 1491, LDL263F, a Bristol LH6L built in 1968 with ECW B43F bodywork. New as Southern Vectis 826 it must have been wishing it was back there on this wet and miserable day in Scarborough.
Photo taken August 1977, Scarborough Bus Station
4. OSF323G
Where East met West: Inveraray, Loch Fyne and Western SMT Bristol RELH6G, DSD710D, joins Eastern Scottish Bristol LH OSF323G for a "comfort stop" at the pier. The X26 was the long distance stage carriage service from Glasgow to Tarbert/Campbeltown and the LH appears to be on an extended tour. Note the box placed to aid passengers on and off the coach. No sign of ECW bodies up here, both are Falkirk products.
Photo taken Saturday 19 May 1973, Inveraray
5. THN602F
United AS LH2, THN602F, a Bristol LH6L built in 1968 with ECW B41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1968, Bishop Auckland Market Place
6. AWR886G
West Yorkshire 1168, AWR886G, a Bristol LH6L built in 1969 with ECW B45F bodywork. New as LH18 and operating on local services in Harrogate.
Photo taken August 1973, Harrogate Bus Station
7. AWY239G
West Yorkshire 1170, AWY239G, a Bristol LH6L built in 1969 with ECW B45F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1973, Harrogate Bus Station
8. BNU674G
Hampson, Oswestry, BNU674G, a Bristol LH6L built in 1969 with ECW B41F bodywork. Loading on the Oswestry Town Service, it was former Midland General 112.
Photo taken late 1970s?, Salop Road, Oswestry
9. CFM144G
Crosville SLP144, CFM144G, a Bristol LH6P built in 1969 with 7' 10" wide ECW B45F bodywork. This was withdrawn in 1980.
Photo taken July 1978, Plough Country Inn/Market Street, Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant
10. EPT444G
Select Coaches of Horden, EPT444G, a Bristol LHL6L built in 1969 with Plaxton Panorama Elite C53F bodywork.
Photo taken August 1972, Thirsk
11. JVL614G
Lincolnshire Road Car bought several batches of Bristol LHs with ECW bodywork. 1660, JVL614G, was a 1969 example delivered with coach seats in a bus shell one of several dual purpose LHs bought by Lincolnshire.
Photo taken Thursday 12 February 1981, Newark Bus Station
12. JVL615H
Lincolnshire 1661, JVL615H, a Bristol LH6P with an Eastern Coachworks DP41F body, has arrived in Victoria Coach Station on "Service D".
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1971, Victoria Coach Station, London
13. NDL769G
United Automobile 1452, NDL769G, was a 1969 Bristol LHS6L with unusually styled Marshall bodywork. This bus carries a special livery for town service in Newton Aycliffe. The bus was originally 833 in the Soutern Vectis fleet. This style of Marshall body was also bought by Devon General and Western National.
Photo taken Sunday 12 October 2008, Bolton Abbey Station
14. POD809H
Western National Bristol LH 750, POD809H , heading for Kingsbridge passing local coach operators who have brought passengers in for the market from surrounding villages. Springtime in Plymouth!
Photo taken Tuesday 23 March 1976, Bretonside, Plymouth
15. PTA759G
Southern National 729, PTA759G, a Bristol LH6L with ECW B45F body, new in 1969.
Photo taken July 1969, Ilfracombe Bus Station
16. PTA762G
Western National 734, PTA762G, was a Bristol LH with ECW B43F body, new in 1969.
Photo taken 1969, Newquay Bus Station
17. RDE660G
New in July 1969, RDE660G was a Bristol LH6L with a Plaxton Derwent II DP43F body and was number 88 in the Silcox, Pembroke Dock fleet as seen here at the garage.
Photo taken Tuesday 3 August 1971, Silcox Garage, Pembroke Dock
18. RRX994G
United AS 1495, RRX994G, A Bristol LH6L built in 1969 with ECW B45F bodywork. New as Thames Valley 514, waiting at a battered stand in Bishop Auckland.
Photo taken June 1977, North Bondgate, Bishop Auckland
19. UMO689G
Thames Valley (South Midland) 433, UMO689G, a Bristol LH6L with Duple (Northern) Commander IV C41F body, new in May 1969.
Photo taken Summer 1969, Woolacombe, Devon
20. UTD284H
Lancashire United 321, UTD284H, a Bristol LH with Northern Counties B39D body, new in 1969.
Photo taken c.1972, The Avenue, Leigh
21. UTD285H
Lonsdale Coaches, Heysham, UTD285H, a Bristol LH6L built in 1969 with Northern Counties B39D bodywork.
Photo taken September 1981, Heysham depot
22. VOY12G
Drew of Guisborough 9, VOY12G, a Bristol LH6L built in 1969 with Plaxton Panorama Elite C41F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1976, Guisborough
23. WNG101H
Eastern Counties, LHS595, WNG101H, Bristol LHS / ECW, part of a diverted order from Luton Corporation, with red seats.
Photo taken October 1972, Hadleigh Market Place
24. XWD200H
Smith, Tysoe XWD200H was a Bristol LH6L with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C45F body seen at Stratford-upon-Avon.
Photo taken Saturday 10 April 1971, Stratford-upon-Avon
25. YYG768G
West Yorkshire 1969 built ECW B41F bodied Bristol LH6L LH11, YYG768G, travelling down Vicar Lane in Leeds circa 1970
Photo taken c. 1970, Vicar Lane, Leeds
26. AHN315H
United AS 1515, AHN315H, a Bristol LH6L built in 1970 with ECW B45F bodywork. Resting inside the depot at Berwick, alongside similar vehicle, 1520. Still quite new and looking smart in United's traditional livery.
Photo taken June 1970, Berwick Depot
27. AHN316H
United AS 1516, AHN316H, a Bristol LH6L built in 1970 with ECW B45F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1970, Berwick Bus Station
28. AMO235J
United AS 1499, AMO235J, a Bristol LH6L built in 1970 with ECW B41F bodywork.
Photo taken April 1977, North Road, Durham
29. DWT635H
Millward's Coaches, Hanley, DWT635H, a Bristol LHL6L built in 1970 with Plaxton Panorama Elite C44F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1977, Redcar Racecourse
30. DWT639H
DWT639H was a Bristol LHL6L with a Plaxton Panorama Elite C53F body dating from 1970 operated by Spiller, Peasedown-St-John which was seen at Spiller's garage.
Photo taken Tuesday 27 July 1971, Peasedown-St-John
31. DWT641H
Stanley Gath of Dewsbury DWT641H, a Bristol LHL6L with Plaxton Panorama Elite C53F body, new to them in 1970.
Photo taken 1972, Great Albion Street, Halifax
32. JRB770J
JRB770J was a Bristol LH6L with Eastern Coachworks B45F body, new in 1970. It was numbered 119 in the Midland General fleet but was in the joint Mansfield District/Midland General cream and black fleet livery that had been introduced in 1966.
Photo taken October 1970, Eastern Way, Lowestoft
33. KPT527J
Scarlet Band, West Cornforth, 80, KPT527J, a Bristol LH6L built in 1970 with Plaxton Derwent DP45F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1971, Saltburn-by-the-Sea
34. KVL454H
Lincolnshire Road Car were one of the minority of companies who had dual purpose Bristol LHs. Seen in Newark is 1668, KVL454H, a 1970 Bristol LH6P with 41 coach seats in a bus shell.
Photo taken Thursday 12 February 1981, Newark Bus Station
35. OSF328G
Eastern Scottish A328A, OSF328G, a Bristol LH6P built in April 1970 with Alexander Y bodywork. It was new as YA328 with a C38F body and was rebuilt to B45F as seen in the mid 1970s.
Photo taken July 1977, St. Andrew Square Bus Station, Edinburgh
36. POD813H
Hooks POD813H, Bristol LH6L / ECW B45F, in DFDS Seaways Livery. Ex-Western National, new to them in February 1970, number 754.
Photo taken June 1982, Southend
37. SMS671H
Some doubt about the location of the previous Midland LH on site, but no doubt here as MLH1, SMS671H, a Bristol LH with Perkins engine (one of 75 supplied to the SBG) leaves the parking area at Killermont Street with some rather well-heeled passengers on a day tour to the "Five Lochs". I will leave it to the team to identify which ones were on the itinerary?
Photo taken May 1970, Killermont Street, Glasgow
38. SWG672H
Alexander Midland MLH12, SWG672H, a Bristol LH6P built in 1970 with Alexander Y C41F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1977, Balfron Depot
39. VVF702H
Eastern Counties LH702, VVF702H, a Bristol LH6P with E.C.W. B45F body, new in 1970.
Photo taken Saturday 11 July 1970, Drummer Street Bus Station, Cambridge
40. XXE134H
Luton 134, XXE134H, a Bristol LHS with ECW B37F body, new in 1970. This batch of five never operated with Luton as they were delivered as the Corporation's operations were taken over by United Counties and in February 1970 the five were transferred to Eastern Counties (where they were reregistered). 134 became Eastern Counties LHS598 with registration number WNG104H.
Photo taken 1970
41. AMO238J
Thames Valley 223, AMO238J, a 1971 Bristol LH6L with ECW body is seen parked alongside a former London Transport Daimler Fleetline which is sporting an early Daimler badge that had been fitted by the then current owner Griffiths of Porthdinorwig
Photo taken June 1986, Porthdinorwig
42. FBU778K
Stott, Oldham FBU778K was a Bristol LH6L with a Plaxton Panorama Elite II C45F body which was seen on Madeira Drive at Brighton whilst taking part in the 18th British Coach Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 23 April 1972, Madeira Drive, Brighton
43. FVA624K
Roy Cawthorne of Barugh near Barnsley, FVA624K, a Bristol LHL6L built in 1972 with Plaxton Panorama Elite II C53F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1977, Redcar Racecourse
44. RVL249L
Lincolnshire old and new awaiting ferry passengers from Hull at New Holland Town Station in 1973. 2345, PBE124, is a Bristol Lodekka LD6G with ECW H33/27RD new in March 1957 retaining Tilling green livery with NBC fleetname. It contrasts with NBC green 1021, RVL249L, a Bristol LH6P with ECW B43F coachwork of September 1972.
Photo taken Thursday 14 June 1973, New Holland Town Station
45. VOD122K
Western National 1252, VOD122K, one of a batch of six Bristol LHS6Ls with Marshall B33F bodywork new in 1972, approaching the harbour at Mousehole from Penzance and showing why the operators on the route had to use short vehicles!
Photo taken c. 1973, Mousehole, Cornwall
46. VOD123K
Western National 1253, VOD123K, was one of the unusual Marshall B33F-bodied Bristol LHS6Ls which were purchased in February 1972 in order to cope with the narrow Cornish lanes. It is seen here outside Land's End outstation. Service 501 between Penzance and Land's End, whilst including the steep descent to Sennen Cove, reversal and back up, didn't require such a small vehicle and was sometimes worked by full-size 'deckers.
Photo taken mid 1970s, Land's End Hotel
47. VOD125K
Western National 1255, VOD125K, a Bristol LHS6L built in 1972 with Marshall B33F bodywork.
Photo taken June 1974, Parade Hill, Mousehole
48. VOD254K
Western National bought a number of Marshall bodied Bristol LHs in the early seventies. Dating from 1972, 1254, VOD254K, is now preserved and shows what the buses looked like when new
Photo taken mid 1990s, off Charlestown Road, Halifax
49. VOD90K
New to Western National in 1972 as their 90, VOD90K, this Bristol LHS6L with unusual Marshall bodywork is seen in Exeter working a Devon General route to Newton Abbott.
Photo taken Thursday 21 June 1984, Exeter
50. VOD90K
Not previously illustrated in Devon General livery, VOD90K, one of the batch of Bristol LHs with Marshall body stands at Newton Abbot bus station.
Photo taken Monday 22 March 1976, Newton Abbot
51. FOI1628
Ulsterbus 1628, FOI1628, a Bristol LH6L built in 1973 with Alexander (Belfast) B45F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1979, Castlewellan Road, Rathfriland
52. RDE567M
Silcox, Pembroke Dock 131, RDE567M, was a Bristol LHL6L with a Plaxton Elite Express III C51F body fitted with the "Bristol Dome" destination box. Seen at Victoria Coach Station presumably on hire to Associated Motorways.
Photo taken Sunday 22 June 1975, London Victoria Coach Station
53. VHN869M
Recent threads have discussed the cross-border services between Edinburgh and Newcastle. United 1569, VHN869M, a Bristol LH6L with ECW B43F body new in 1973 heels over as it leaves St Andrew Square bus station, looking very much like a 7'6" wide chassis with an 8' wide body!
Photo taken Saturday 13 September 1975, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh
54. FOI1672
Ulsterbus 1672, FOI1672, a Bristol LH6L built in 1974 with Alexander (Belfast) B45F bodywork.
Photo taken July 1979, Bundoran, Eire
55. ORU539M
Hannts & Dorset 3539, ORU539M, a Bristol LH, a slide of a bus actually on the Sandbanks Ferry on service 147, by this time through working to Swanage.
Photo taken Friday 10 October 1975, between Sandbanks and Shell Bay
56. PTT605M
Western National 1605, PTT605M, a Bristol LH6L with ECW B43F body new in May 1974.
Photo taken 1980, Wool Station, Dorset
57. GNM232N
H.R. Richmond, Epsom (t/a Epsom Coaches) GNM232N was a Bristol LHS6L with a Plaxton Supreme C33F body seen at Wembley Stadium. This was one of three new in 1975.
Photo taken Saturday 10 May 1980, Wembley Stadium
58. HJT41N
Ex-Hants & Dorset Bristol LH HJT41N, new in 1975 and withdrawn in May 1982
Photo taken May 1986, London Trafalgar Square
59. KPM429P
KPM429P was a Bristol LH6L with a Plaxton Elite Express III C45F body operating on one of the stage carriage services of J. Lambley (A.B.C. Taxis), Guildford.
Photo taken Guildford
60. XUP690R
United AS 1690, XUP690R, a Bristol LH6L built in 1977 with ECW B43F bodywork (though not for much longer).
Photo taken May 1982, Newport Road, Middlesbrough
61. VOD627S
Devon General VOD627S, a Bristol LH with Plaxton Supreme Express bodywork new in 1978.
Photo taken in 1982, Drewsteignton, Devon