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I apologise for the quality of this obviously damaged photograph but I have included it because it typifies small operators in 50s/60s, in particular the small yards and garages where vehicles were parked when not in use.
These are the premises of Tremains, Zelah, Cornwall who ran from Zelah to Truro, Crantock and Goonhavern and other villages.
The first vehicle on the left is Bedford OB/ Duple HHO164, new in 1949 to Hants & Sussex (I always assumed it ran in their colours, maroon, red with cream relief which were Tremains colours as well) it had 29 seats and was with Tremains from 4/51 until 6/68 a creditable 17 years.
Next reversed into the garage and nearly scraping its roof on the garage roof is Bedford SB3/Duple 70RME with a C41F body that was new in 1958 and came to Zelah from Monico, London in 5/60 until 4/69. The livery was maroon with a grey roof.
The final vehicle, facing the camera is Bedford SB/ Duple AJK521, new in 1951 and with Tremains from 2/59 until 5/64, this coach came from Jackson, Eastbourne. The livery was cream, maroon lower panels and a red roof.

Photo taken by John Rentell collection, c.1961/2, Tremains garage, Zelah

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