SCT '61 Photo Index
Wilks & Meade
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1. JAX354
Preserved(?) Davies Bros, Pencader, JAX354, a Leyland Tiger PS1 built 1947 with Wilks & Meade B35F bodywork. New to Jersey Motor Traction and registered J8535, not to be confused with another JAX354 in the Davies fleet as taken by John Kaye.
2. YSL334
Originally in the JMT fleet, this Leyland Tiger PS1 with Wilks and Mead bodywork was exported to Guernsey where it was re-registered 12523 and converted to open top for tourist use. When photographed in 2000, it was working for Macs Tours of Edinburgh and had been re-registered yet again to YSL334.
Photo taken Friday 6 July 2001, Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh
3. CUD373
Worth, Enstone CUD373, a Daimler CVD6 with Wilks & Meade C33F body was new to him in January 1948 and, after withdrawal in December 1960 was sold to P.V.D. (Dealer), Dunchurch. Alongside is Jarvis, Middle Barton CTL652, a Dennis Lancet III with a Yeates C35F body dating from February 1948 which had been acquired from Judd, Byfield in December 1957.
Photo taken Wednesday 20 August 1958, Gloucester Green, Oxford
4. GWX168
Burrows 58, GWX168, seen in Wakefield Bus Station was one of two Daimler CVD6s new in March 1948 with Wilks & Meade C33F bodies. Both were withdrawn in December 1963.
Photo taken Saturday 2 February 1957, Wakefield Bus Station
5. GER835
Premier Travel, Cambridge put into service in 1949 three Leyland PS1/1s with Wilks & Meade C33F bodies and the last one numbered 35, GER835, which entered service in April is seen here.
Photo taken Sunday 5 July 1959, Drummer Street Bus Station, Cambridge
6. HWW768
Burrows 62, HWW768, their third new vehicle in 1949 was a Daimler CVD6 with Wilks & Meade C33F body and is seen on hire to West Yorkshire.
Photo taken Monday 25 August 1958, parking area between Castle Street and Lisbon Street, Leeds
7. MNW300
MNW300, a Bedford OB with Wilks and Meade bespoke special build of 1949.
Photo taken Thursday 15 August 1963, Middleham Moors, North Yorkshire
8. HVE401
Premier Travel, Cambridge 72, HVE401, was the first of three Daimler CVD6s with Wilks & Meade FCL27/26RD bodies to enter service in April, June and July 1950 respectively.
Photo taken Sunday 5 July 1959, Depot, Camps Road, Haverhill
9. HVE402
Premier Travel 73, HVE402, a Daimler CVD6 with Wilks & Meade FCL27/26RD body new in 1950.
Photo taken c.1959, Pentonville Road Coach Station, London Kings Cross
10. HVE403
Premier Travel, Cambridge 74, HVE403, was the third of the Daimler CVD6s with Wilks & Meade FCL27/26RD bodies and was new in July 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 12 August 1962, Harston Depot
11. J8539
Jersey Motor Transport 61, a Leyland Tiger PS1 built in 1951 with Wilks and Meade B34R body, seen here moving towards St. Helier from the Coast Road. Photo taken from A1/A2 road split.
Photo taken July 1968, Victoria Avenue, St. Helier, Jersey