SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. LPH429
LPH429, seen in Reading, was a Maudslay Marathon III with a Whitson FC33F body operated by Chiltern Queens, Woodcote. An A.E.C. Mark V grille has been added at some time.
Photo taken Saturday 12 October 1963, Blagrave Street, Reading
2. JPO631
Mitchell, Warnham JPO631, a Maudslay Marathon III with a Whitson C33F body (later reseated to C31F) new in March 1948 seen at Horsham Carfax on one of Mitchell's three services.
Photo taken Saturday 7 February 1959, Carfax, Horsham
3. GDL25
Vic's Tours GDL25, an Austin K4SL with a Whitson C29F body, new to Shotter, Brighstone, Isle of Wight, in 1949, then to Seaview, also Isle of Wight, in 1959 and finally to Vic Trenwith (Vic's Tours), St Mary's, Scilly Isles in 1960.
Photo taken 1968, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
4. GDL25
Second shot of Vic's Tours GDL25, an Austin K4SL with a Whitson C29F body from 1949
Photo taken 1968, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
5. GDL33
Preserved Southern Vectis 103, GDL33, a Crossley SD42/7 with Whitson C33F body, one of two new in June 1949 to Nash of Ventnor (GDL32/33) who were taken over by Southern Vectis, the Crossleys becoming their 102 and 103.
Photo taken Sunday 27 September 2009, Duxford
6. LWE163
Burrows 76, LWE163, was a Whitson C33F bodied Crossley SD42/7 new to Sansam, Sheffield in June 1949 and acquired in January 1952, seen here, in Leeds, in the Wellington Street coach station of West Yorkshire to whom it was on hire.
Photo taken Saturday 26 July 1958, Wellington Street Coach Station, Leeds
7. NPF110
Blue Bus, Slough NPF110 was a Whitson C29F bodied Austin CXB dating from 1949 which Blue Bus had acquired in 1956.
Photo taken Saturday 21 June 1958, Ascot
8. FNV557
Leyland single decker FNV557, a Leyland PS2 with Whitson body, originally operated by a Northamptonshire operator who traded as Royal Blue. Part of the Roger Burdett collection.
Photo taken Sunday 21 June 2009, Norden Park and Ride
9. FNV557
Leyland single decker FNV557, a Leyland PS2/3 with Whitson FC33F body new in February 1950, originally operated by a Northamptonshire operator who traded as Royal Blue, the Royal Blue Coach & Transport Co. Ltd., The Garage, 1 Shaw Road, Pytchley, Kettering, Northants.
Photo taken Wednesday 1 January 2014, Winchester Bus Station
10. GBU9
Mannsway, Beaconsfield GBU9 was an A.E.C. 9621A Regal III with a Whitson FC33F body which was seen at Gilwell Park on the occasion of the annual scout/cub weekend jamboree. It had been one of six new in April 1950 to Happiways Tours, Oldham, passing to Shearings Tours, Hollinwood in June 1957 before reaching Mannsway in June 1959.
Photo taken Saturday 20 June 1964, Gilwell Park
11. MRL865
Former Rowe of Dobwells MRL865, an Austin K4SL with Whitson C29F body of 1950, spent many years on the Isle of Scilly. It was saved for preservation, spending some time at the East Anglian Transport Museum and is now undergoing restoration in Norfolk.
Photo taken 1968, St Marys, Isle of Scilly
12. MNN339
Bullocks, Cheadle MNN339 was a 1951 Foden PVRF6 with Whitson C41C bodywork new to Fuller, Netherfield.
Photo taken early 1950s?, Unknown location
13. LWT147
Norfolk, Nayland LWT147 was an A.E.C. 9821E Regal IV with a Whitson C41C body which had been new to Ripponden & District. It is seen here in Montague Place, off Russell Square in London.
Photo taken Saturday 12 June 1965, Montague Place, London Russell Square
14. 657CMT
Best & Sons, Wembley operated 657CMT which was a Sentinel SLC6/30 with Whitson C40C body seen on Ebury Bridge awaiting the start of the the 1959 British Coach Rally. Best had entered this coach previously in the 1955 Clacton Rally, the 1956 Brighton, the 1957 Battersea Park and the 1958 Brighton Rallies and subsequently also in at least the 1962 Brighton Rally.
Photo taken Saturday 18 April 1959, Ebury Bridge, near London Victoria Coach Station
15. MAW627
Smith, Harold Hill (t/a Hornchurch Coaches) ran this 1955 Commer T85A Avenger III, MAW627, with a Whitson C41F body which was seen in the coach park at Wembley Stadium.
Photo taken Saturday 29 April 1961, Wembley Stadium