SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. NJ6603
A shot taken at the Beckley premises of Dengates and shows fleet No11, NJ6603, a 1935 Dennis Lancet with a Thurgood B32F body. It was purchased new by Dengates and was withdrawn in 1954 when it became a static office as seen here. It remained in this capacity until the early 60s when it was scrapped. The double decker is DCT486, the 1948 Crossley DD42/5 with Willowbrook H28/26R bodywork. New to Delaine, Bourne, it was acquired by Dengates in 1959 and withdrawn in 1963. It was sold to Cowleys in 1965.
Photo taken early 1960s?, Beckley
2. ACF181
Norfolk, Nayland ACF181, a Thurgood C29F bodied Bedford OB new in August 1946 is seen at the garage in Nayland.
Photo taken Sunday 14 February 1965, Bear Street/Mill Street, Nayland
3. ETM649
Reliance, Newbury 43, ETM649, a 1946 Guy Arab with a Thurgood B35F body acquired from Lansdowne, London E.11 had been United Counties 142 and is seen at the Wharf in Newbury
Photo taken Saturday 28 June 1958, The Wharf, Newbury
4. ETM650
Reliance, Newbury 42, ETM650, a 1946 Guy Arab with a Thurgood B35F body acquired from Lansdowne, London E.11 had been United Counties 143.
Photo taken Saturday 25 October 1958, The Wharf, Newbury
5. GV9970
Bought new in 1946, GV9970 a Bedford OB with a 30 seat bus body by Thurgood of Ware had recently been withdrawn and put out to grass on Theobald's estate, a field on the edge of Hartest. This would have been quite a rarity had it been preserved. Behind is Duple coach bodied GPT207.
Photo taken Saturday 5 June 1965, Hartest
6. LBH757
Seen at Wembley Arena was LBH757, a Bedford OB with a Thurgood C29F body new in June 1948 which was number 12 in the fleet of Dell (Rover), Chesham.
Photo taken Saturday 18 April 1959, Wembley
7. KNK751
Letch, Sible Hedingham KNK751, a Commer Q4 with a Thurgood C33F body was acquired in November 1958 from B. & B., Potten End and passed to McGregor, Sible Hedingham in June 1960 when the Letch business was acquired.
Photo taken Saturday 6 December 1958, Braintree Bus Park
8. LNK22
Another splendid vehicle used during this tour was Dye's of Hertford LNK22, a 33 seater Albion Valkyrie locally bodied by Thurgood of Ware new at the end of 1949.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1965, Welwyn
9. CGV70
CGV70, a Dennis Lancet III with a Thurgood C35F body in the small fleet of W.Norfolk and Sons of Nayland, new to Norfolk in June 1950.
Photo taken Saturday 17 April 1965, Colchester Bus Station
10. CGV70
Seen near the garage of Norfolk, Nayland is CGV70, a Dennis J3 Lancet with a Thurgood C35F body new to him in June 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 14 February 1965, Bear Street, Nayland
11. GCE413
Moore, Saffron Walden acquired GCE413, a Bedford OB with a Thurgood C29F body in June 1955 and withdrew it in April 1958. It came from Harris, Cambridge.
Photo taken Sunday 5 July 1959, Saffron Walden
12. GWN432
When it was new in 1950, this Dennis Lancet J3, GWN432, carried a half cab body by Yeates. In 1960 it was rebodied with this neat affair by the small coach builder Thurgood of Ware. It carries the livery of of Horseshoe Coaches of Tottenham.
Photo taken Sunday 19 September 2010, Meadowhall, Sheffield
13. GWN432
GWN432 is a 1950 Dennis Lancet J3. When new it carried a Yeates half cab body which was destroyed by fire and it was subsequently rebodied with this Thurgood coach body in 1960.
Photo taken Sunday 20 July 2014, Normanby Hall Country Park, near Scunthorpe
14. JMJ586
Seamarks, Westoning operated JMJ586, a Thurgood C41F bodied Leyland PSU1/9 Royal Tiger dating from 1951, seen at Wembley. Thurgood were unusual in offering a front entrance coach body on early Royal Tigers.
Photo taken Saturday 22 April 1961, Wembley
15. NJH150
Dyes of Hertford NJH150, a 1951 Albion HD61N with locally built Thurgood FC37F coachwork seen at Hertford bus station during the same enthusiasts tour described on other postings in June 1965.
Photo taken Sunday 13 June 1965, Hertford Bus Station
16. NKR250
NKR250 was an early Bedford SB with a Thurgood C35F body new in June 1951 to Moody, Northfleet which was seen at Alexandra Avenue in Battersea Park Road, south west London still with him twenty-one years later.
Photo taken Saturday 16 September 1972, Alexandra Avenue, Battersea Park Road
17. SEV814
SEV814, a Leyland PSU1/15 with a Thurgood 41 seat coach was new to Rose Brothers of Chelmsford in 1951. When Rose Brothers were purchased by Eastern National in 1958 it was transferred to their fleet.
Photo taken Sunday 4 March 1962, near New Road Garage, Tollesbury
18. SEV814
Eastern National 015, SEV814, ex Rose Bros., Chelmsford in June 1958, was a Thurgood C41F bodied Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger new in 1951 and is seen at Ascot a month later still carrying Rose's livery of primrose with black mudguards and roof as well as its Rose fleet number 3
Photo taken Saturday 19 July 1958, Ascot
19. SEV814
Eastern National, Chelmsford 015, SEV814, seen at Ascot, was a Leyland PSU1/15 Royal Tiger with a Thurgood C41F body which had been new in 1951 to Rose Bros., Chelmsford and which was acquired by Eastern National in 1958.
Photo taken Saturday 18 July 1959, Ascot
20. NXL800
NXL800, a Bedford SB with Thurgood C33F body, new to Evan Evans Tours in 1953 and seen here in service with Moody, Northfleet.
Photo taken 1968, Echo Square, Gravesend
21. 953DCV
Blundell of Marazion operated 953DCV, this 1957 Thurgood C37F bodied Bedford SB3, which was acquired from Jenkins, Penzance.
Photo taken Monday 28 May 1973, Depot, Marazion
22. 271ERO
Dyes of Hertford 271ERO, a Thurgood C41F bodied Bedford SB3 which was the last new coach delivered to this operator in December 1958. It is seen at the old Susans Road coach station in Eastbourne in August 1965.
Photo taken Thursday 19 August 1965, Susans Road Coach Station, Eastbourne
23. 554DNK
Norfolk's 554DNK, a Thurgood C39F bodied Bedford SB1, new in July 1958 to Knight, Hemel Hempstead.
Photo taken Wednesday 25 October 1972, Mill Street, Nayland
24. YWC986
Thurgood C28F bodywork was carried by Ford 530E YWC986 in the fleet of Super, Upminster in whose yard it is seen. It had been new in February 1963. It passed to Finchley Coaches, London N.20 in January 1965.
Photo taken Sunday 15 November 1964, Upminster Road, Hornchurch
25. OUC658F
Cheek (t/a Elms Coaches), Kenton bought the last Thurgood bodied coach and OUC658F, a Bedford VAS5 with Thurgood C29F body new in July 1967 and registered from August 1967 is seen at the garage. It joined, among others in Cheek's fleet, UKN 200/8/9 ex- Maidstone & District Harrington-Commer Contenders with B42F bodies dating from 1955 which Cheek used on the 98b service between Rayners Lane and Ruislip Station via Hatch End and Pinner.
Photo taken Saturday 2 September 1967, Kenton