SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. CC9424
This Dennis GL with Roberts toastrack body, CC9424, was new to Llandudno UDC in 1929.
Photo taken Saturday 13 August 2016, North Parade, Llandudno
2. CC9424
New to Llandudno UDC in 1930, this Dennis GL carries a 19 seat toastrack body by Charles Roberts who would go on to build a number of bodies in the post war era as well as Sheffields last trams. When photographed CC9424 was hard at work on the Whitby town tour.
Photo taken Tuesday 24 May 2005, Whitby
3. CC9424
Latest addition to the English Riviera Sightseeing fleet is CC9424, a 1930 Dennis GL with Roberts T20 body new to Llandudno Corporation.
Photo taken Tuesday 5 June 2018, Belgrave Road, Torquay
4. HE7776
In 1937 Yorkshire Traction placed thirty Leyland TS7s in service with a mixture of B32F bodies by Roe (551-560, 565-574) and Eastern Coachworks (561-564) or with Burlingham C31F bodies (575-580). The Burlingham bodied ones originally had petrol engines and received Leyland 8.6 litre diesel engines and new Roberts B34F bodies to the B.E.T. Federation specification in 1947/8. HE7776, the last of the Burlingham bodied ones received its new body in March 1948 and was withdrawn in 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 5 August 1956, near Barnsley Bus Station
5. FBC546
Leon, Finningley 60, FBC546, was the last of three Daimler CVD6s with Roberts H32/28R bodies acquired from Leicester in October 1961. This one, seen in Glasgow Paddocks, Doncaster, was withdrawn in July 1966.
Photo taken Monday 16 July 1962, Glasgow Paddocks bus station, Doncaster
6. FBC548
Ex-Leicester City Daimler CVD6 73, FBC548, with Roberts H60R body, new in 1948, seen here with contractor Taylor Woodrow.
Photo taken Sunday 28 June 1964, Lowestoft
7. GWY157
Samuel Ledgard GWY157, ex-Felix Motors 26, an AEC Regent III with Roberts H30/26R body of 1948.
Photo taken 1965, Troydale Terminus, Pudsey
8. JTB806
New in 1948, Leigh Corporation 21, JTB806, was a Leyland PD2/1 with a Roberts L27/26R body, seen at the Leigh garage.
Photo taken Sunday 10 September 1967, Leigh Garage
9. KWB926
Seen on the parking area at Bridge Street Bus Station is Sheffield 326, KWB926, which was an A.E.C. O961 Regent III with a Roberts H30/26R body, new in 1948.
Photo taken Saturday 21 February 1959, Bridge Street Bus Station, Sheffield
10. NVX305
What is almost certainly an official pre-delivery shot of City Coach Company LD8, NVX305, a Leyland PD1A with Roberts L27/26R body, new in 1948 - clues are the absence of any licenses in the license holder in the cab and missing unladen weight figures.
11. FNR273
Brown's Blue, Markfield FNR273 was a Daimler CVD6 with a Roberts H30/26R body new to Brown in September 1949. Platform doors were fitted in September 1958. It passed to Ronsway, Hemel Hempstead in March 1963.
Photo taken Saturday 9 February 1963, St Margaret's Bus Station, Leicester
12. KNN959
Seen at the garage is Gash, Newark DD6, KNN959, which had a Roberts H30/26R body on its Daimler CVD6 chassis when new in August 1949, platform doors being fitted in July 1957.
Photo taken Sunday 13 August 1967, Gash's Garage, Bowbridge Road, Newark
13. KNN959
Seen at their garage is Gash. Newark KNN959, which was numbered DD6, and which had a Roberts H30/26R body, new in 1949, to which platform doors had been fitted in July 1957 to become H30/26RD.
Photo taken Sunday 17 May 1970, Garage, Newark
14. NVX173
City Coach Company Daimler CVD6 D3, NVX173, new to them in 1949 with a Roberts L53R body. Numbered 1218 by EN and withdrawn in 1962.
Photo taken London Wood Green Depot
15. NVX175
Eastern National 1220, NVX175, a Daimler CVD6 with Roberts L53R body, originally in the City Coach fleet.
Photo taken London Road, Victoria Circus, Southend
16. NVX176
Eastern National 1221, NVX176, a Daimler CVD6 with Roberts L53R body, originally in the City Coach fleet.
Photo taken London Wood Green Depot
17. NVX176
A great photo, taken in the June sunshine, of Eastern National SD1221, NVX176, a Daimler CVD6 with Roberts L27/26R body, one of a batch of six new to City Coach in 1949.
Photo taken Sunday 14 June 1959, Victoria Station, Southend
18. NVX302
Eastern National 1122, NVX302, a Leyland PD1A with Roberts L53R body, new to City Coach Co in 1948, then to Westcliff, then to ENOC.
Photo taken Leigh Beck Garage, Canvey Island
19. NVX303
T.D. Alexander (Greyhound), Arbroath ran NVX303 a Roberts L27/26R bodied Leyland PD1A which had previously been Eastern National 1123 and before that Westcliff-on-Sea 1123, having been new in 1949 as City Coach Co. LD6.
Photo taken Wednesday 28 July 1965, Hill Place, Arbroath
20. NVX303
Eastern National 1123, NVX303, a Leyland PD1A with Roberts L53R body new to City Coach as their LD6 and first registered on 1st January 1949.
Photo taken 1959/60, Brentwood Garage Yard
21. NVX305
City Coach Co Leyland PD1/Roberts LD8, NVX305, seen on 28 February 1955 outside the Yorkshire Grey PH in Brentwood, with an all-Leyland PD2 behind - one of the FJN batch ordered by City and delivered in their livery, but here repainted Tilling green with Westcliff fleetnames. This is believed to have been the last double deck in City livery.
Photo taken Monday 28 February 1955, High Street, Brentwood
22. OHK432
Colchester Corporation 4, OHK432, a 1949 Daimler CVD6 with Roberts H30/26R body, seen here at Brighton after being preserved.
Photo taken Sunday 2 May 1971, at Madeira Drive, Brighton
23. OHK432
Colchester Coporation bought a mixture of chassis after the second world war. Amongst these were a small batch of five Daimler CVD6 with body by Roberts of Wakefield which were delivered in 1949. The batch was withdrawn between 1966 and 1968. Number 4, OHK432, was saved for posterity and has been restored to its original colour scheme
Photo taken 2003, Meadowhall, Sheffield
24. OHK432
OHK432 is Colchester number 4, a 1949 Daimler CVD6 with Roberts H30/26R body, part of the LVVS collection.
Photo taken Sunday 1 November 2009, near LVVS Road Transport Museum, Lincoln
25. OHK432
Colchester 4, OHK432, was a Daimler CVD6 new in April 1949 with a Roberts H30/26R body and was seen in Brighton on the H.C.V.C. Rally.
Photo taken Sunday 2 May 1971, Madeira Drive, Brighton
26. OHK432
Colchester Corporation No.4, OHK432, a Daimler CVD6/Roberts H56R, new 1949 and withdrawn in 1968.
Photo taken Saturday 2 June 2018
27. OHK433
A selection of cars of the period and a bus. This Colchester Corporation H30/26R Daimler CVD6 with Roberts body arrived at Colchester in 1949 and was believed to have been withdrawn in 1966. 5, OHK433 is seen climbing North Hill, Colchester, a hill I learnt to drive on.
Photo taken Sunday 13 March 1960, North Hill, Colchester
28. KTV330
Seen in the small bus station/parking area? off Granby Street is Nottingham 330, KTV330.
Photo taken Saturday 6 October 1962, off Granby Street, Nottingham
29. KTV339
Nottingham 339, KTV339, crossing Trent Bridge was a Roberts H30/26R bodied AEC Regent III.
Photo taken Saturday 27 March 1965, Trent Bridge, Nottingham
30. OHN496
Darlington Corporation 86, OHN496, a Guy Arab III from 1951 with Roberts H30/26R bodywork.
Photo taken March 1970, Haughton Road Depot
31. OHN497
Darlington Corporation 87, OHN497, a Guy Arab III built in 1951 with Roberts H30/26R bodywork.
Photo taken April 1968, Tubwell Row, Darlington
32. OHN501
Darlington Corporation 91, OHN501, a Guy Arab III built in 1951 with Roberts H30/26R bodywork.
Photo taken April 1968, Tubwell Row, Darlington
Blackpool 315 (latterly 651) was one of the twenty-five Roberts-bodied "Coronation" cars of 1953. They were fitted with the infamously unreliable and expensive Vambac control system - replaced with conventional equipment in the late 1960s.
Photo taken Saturday 1 June 1963, South Promenade, Blackpool