SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. FOT200
Wilts & Dorset 479, FOT200, was the first of three H30/26R, Lydney assembled bodies, to Weymann design new to Venture, Basingstoke in 1947 on A.E.C. O961 Regent III chassis and it is seen here at Basingstoke alongside GAA832, a 1947 A.E.C. Regal.
Photo taken Thursday 21 August 1958, Basingstoke
2. FOT201
Wilts & Dorset 480, FOT201, an AEC Regent III new in 1947 with Lydney H56R body, ex-Venture in 1951.
Photo taken c.1960, Wote Street, Basingstoke
3. HAD132
Cheltenham District 63, HAD132, was a 1947 AEC Regent III with Lydney H30/26R body on Weymann frames and is seen at the garage at Cheltenham. It was withdrawn in 1960 and passed to Hale Trent Cakes Limited, Clevedon no. 324 for staff transport.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Cheltenham Garage
4. EJB521
Wilts & Dorset 322, GMW912, a Bristol LL6B with ECW B39R body and Wilts & Dorset 500, EJB521, an AEC Regent with Lydney H56R body ex-Newbury & District.
Photo taken c.1960, Basingstoke
5. GCG814
Seen in Basingstoke, Wilts & Dorset 493, GCG814, was an A.E.C. O961 Regent III with an H30/26R body to Weymann design assembled by Lydney which had been new as Venture, Basingstoke 93 in 1948.
Photo taken Thursday 21 August 1958, Basingstoke
6. GWO865
Contract Bus Services, Caerwent GWO865 was an Albion CX13 with a Lydney B35F body, one of ten which were new to Red & White, Chepstow in 1948. Numbered 865, it was withdrawn in 1950 and passed to Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company as 2609 in May 1950 with the Stroud area services.
Photo taken Saturday 24 August 1963, Rotherham
7. EU9722
Preserved Red & White S1449, EU9722, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 built in 1949 with Lydney B35F bodywork.
Photo taken September 1977, Canon's Marsh, Bristol
8. EU9726
EU9726, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with Lydney B35F body, new to Griffin, Brynmawr (126), passing to Red & White, but seen here as an unidentified contractor's (or even ex-contractor's) bus.
Photo taken late 1971, New Bank, Halifax
9. KTD759
Leigh Corporation 7, KTD759, was a Leyland PD2/1 with an unusual Lydney L27/26R body of 1949.
Photo taken 1967, Leigh Depot
10. HWO323
Preserved Red & White HWO323, a 1950 Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with a Lydney Coaches C33F body, new in 1950.
Photo taken Sunday 4 September 2011, Rhydycar Leisure Centre, Merthyr Tydfil
11. HWO323
Preserved former Red & White C350, HWO323, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with Lydney C33F body, new in 1950, and former Lancashire United Transport 440, MTJ84, a Guy Arab III (6LW) with Roe body (originally C35F, but here with reduced seating) new in 1951.
Photo taken Sunday 26 August 1973, Crich Tramway Museum
12. KTD768
Preserved former Leigh Corporation 16, KTD768, a Leyland Titan PD2/1 with Lydney L27/26R body, new in 1950.
Photo taken Monday 21 February 1977
13. GWN564
Red & White, Chepstow U.6151, GWN564, a Leyland PSU1/9 with a Lydney B45F body was new in February 1951 as United Welsh 994, and was acquired in January 1962.
Photo taken Monday 5 June 1967, R&W Bulwark Depot, Chepstow
14. JWO122
JWO122, a Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/9 with Lydney B45F body, new in 3/51 to Red & White Services, Chepstow, as no. 1002 with B43D body, this was soon rebuilt to B45F and renumbered U251.
Photo taken July 1968, Carrick-a-Rede
15. JWO213
Red & White UC951, JWO213, was a Leyland PSU1/13 Royal Tiger with Lydney C41F body new in 1951, numbered 1013 when new and being renumbered later in 1951.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Gloucester
16. GWN565
Red & White acquired GWN565 from United Welsh 995 and numbered it U6251. The Leyland PSU1/9 Royal Tiger carried Lydney B45F bodywork and is seen at Pontypridd.
Photo taken Thursday 16 August 1962, Chapel Street, Pontypridd
17. JWO214
Red & White, Chepstow U.4651, JWO214, a Leyland PSU1/13, had a Lydney C41F body and was new in February 1952 as UC1051.
Photo taken Monday 5 June 1967, R&W Bulwark Depot, Chepstow
18. SFC503
South Midland 88, SFC503, the third of four Guy Arab UFs (6HLW) with Lydney/BBW C41C bodies, is seen at Victoria Coach Station. New in 1953, all four passed to Red & White in July 1960.
Photo taken Wednesday 3 June 1959, London Victoria Coach Station
19. SFC504
South Midland 89, SFC504, was a Guy Arab UF with a Lydney/BBW C41C body new in 1953. The last of four such coaches, it is seen at Victoria Coach Station. All four passed to Red & White, in July 1960.
Photo taken Saturday 9 May 1959, Victoria Coach Station, London
20. JWO217
Red & White DS4951, JWO217, a Lydney C41F bodied Leyland PSU1/13 Royal Tiger at a relatively deserted Cheltenham Coach Station.
Photo taken Saturday 5 September 1964, Cheltenham Coach Station