SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. CUL804
CUL804 was City Coach Company LT10, a six-wheel Leyland TS7T from 1936 rebodied as shown by Heaver in 1947. Later WMS/EN 108 and withdrawn in 1955.
2. CUL804
A second view of City Coach Company LT10, CUL804, a six-wheel Leyland TS7T from 1936 rebodied by Heaver in 1947. Later WMS/EN 108 and withdrawn in 1955.
Photo taken Tylers Avenue, Southend
3. DUC901
A line up of City Coach Leyland TS7Ds LT25, DUC901, and LT22, CYO194, alongside Regal MV2272
Photo taken Brentwood Depot
4. EFJ92
Vic's Tours EFJ92, a Bedford WTB with Heaver body, built in 1938 for Taylor of Exeter.
Photo taken 1968, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
5. CYO190
City Coach LT18, CYO190, rebodied Leyland Tiger TS7T/Heaver, still in City livery in 1955 - thought to have been one of the last 3 vehicles in their brown and cream
Photo taken 1955, Ingrave Road, Brentwood
6. EFJ92
Vics Tours of St Marys, Scilly Isles, EFJ92, is the famous Bedford WTB with a Heaver C25F body, delivered to Taylors' of Exeter in 1939.
Photo taken circa 1974, Trans-Pennine Rally, Harrogate Stray
7. LPU690
City Coach C7, LPU690, a Commer Commando with Perkins P6 engine and Heaver B33F body new in February 1948, one of a batch of 7 new in 1947/8.
Photo taken 1950, opposite Newbury Park Underground/Bus Station, London Ilford
8. LPU690
One of the later City Coach Commers, C7, LPU690, with Heaver body is parked outside Laindon Railway Station. It appears still to be in City brown livery.
Photo taken Laindon Station
9. LPU691
City Coach Commer Q4 (P6 engined)/Heaver LPU691, believed to show one of only two single deckers still in City livery in 1955.
Photo taken Monday 28 February 1955, High Street, Brentwood
10. MCE201
Seen at Cheltenham Coach Station is MCE201 of Parkin, Borrowash, Derbyshire. It was a Heaver FC35C bodied Daimler CVD6SD.
Photo taken Saturday 11 August 1962, Cheltenham Coach Station
11. NVX170
NVX170 was City Coach Company G7, a unique Leyland PS2/11 with Heaver B39C body which had to have an extra axle as it was 30ft long but had this removed when the law changed in 1950.
12. 6436
Guernsey Railway Company towing vehicle on trade plate T145, was an Albion FT39N Victor with a Heaver B35F body, originally 36, 6436, in the Guernsey Motors fleet.
Photo taken Friday 27 April 1979, Rue De Bouillon, Guernsey
13. LAD380
Daimler LAD380 was a CVD6SD with Heaver FC40C body new in 1951 as fleet number 6 with Say, Gloucester at whose garage it is seen. It was burnt out early in 1961.
Photo taken Sunday 13 July 1958, Gloucester
14. UHW343
The Transport Appreciation Society of Oldham owned UHW343, an Albion Victor FT39AL with Heaver B37F bodywork which had been new to Glenside Hospital in Bristol. It was similar in design and colour to vehicles supplied to Guernsey Railways and was mistaken by many (including me) for a vehicle from that fleet.
Photo taken Sunday 10 June 1979, Chester
15. 6768
Guernsey Railway 66, and Guernsey 57,, Albion Victor FT39ANs with Heaver B35F body, 66 new in May 1955 and 57 in 1956.
Photo taken August 1978, St. Peter Port Bus Station, Guernsey
16. 6769
Guernsey 55, and Guernsey 60, 55 was an Albion Victor FT39AN with a Heaver B35F body new in May 1955 while 60 was an Albion NS3N with a Reading B35F body, new in 1960.
Photo taken August 1978, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
17. UHY211
Not quite what it seems! UHY211 was a Daimler D650HS Freeline with a Heaver C41C body seen here at Victoria Coach Station with Monarch, Bristol to whom it was new in 1955.
Photo taken Saturday 10 June 1961, London Victoria Coach Station
18. 1982
Guernsey Motors 70 an Albion Victor FT39AN with Heaver B35F body new about 1956 seen in St Peter Port Bus Station.
Photo taken 1976, St. Peter Port Bus Station, Guernsey
19. 1982
Guernsey Motors and Guernsey Railways were a jointly run company who for a number of years used different liveries for the two branches of the company. Seen at St Peter Port in 1977 is a red Albion Victor with Heaver bodywork of the Motors fleet, 70, 1982, and a Bedford J4E25 with Reading body which has more than a passing resemblance to the Victor, 105, 19663. The Albion dates from the late fifties and the Bedford from the mid sixties
Photo taken 1978, St. Peter Port, Guernsey