SCT '61 Photo Index
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1. HL6584
New to Bullock, Featherstone in 1935 as number 173, HL6584, a Leyland TD3, had a Leyland L27/24R body. It was rebodied with a Barnaby L27/28R body during the war and passed to West Riding, Wakefield, still as number 173 in September 1950.
Photo taken Saturday 14 April 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
2. DUB82
Samuel Ledgard DUB82, a 1936 Leyland Cheetah LZ with delightfully "traditional" Barnaby bodywork.
Photo taken mid 1952, Crossgate, Otley
3. HL8060
West Riding 213, HL8060, was a Barnaby DP35F bodied Daimler COG5/40 new in 1937 to Bullock & Sons when it was fitted with a Willowbrook DP39F body. The Barnaby body was fitted in May 1950 shortly before the fleet passed to West Riding
Photo taken Monday 16 July 1956, Leeds Central Bus Station
4. ABE957
Seen at The Wharf, Newbury is Reliance, Newbury 47, ABE957, which was an A.E.C. O662 Regal which had a Plaxton DP35F body when new as Enterprise & Silver Dawn 99 in June 1938.
Photo taken Saturday 28 June 1958, The Wharf, Newbury
5. ABE957
Reliance of Newbury, 47, ABE957, an AEC Regal 0662/Barnaby B37F, a regular bus on the Newbury/Brightwalton service. Seen here in shadow outside the garage in the village.
Photo taken early 1960s, Brightwalton
6. HL8815
West Riding 223, HL8815, was a Leyland TS8 with Barnaby C32F body new to Bullock & Sons in 1938 and was acquired with the Bullock operation in 1950. Fitted originally with a Barnaby C32F body the one illustrated was an early post war replacement by the same builder.
Photo taken Saturday 7 April 1956, Wakefield Bus Station
7. HL9882
West Riding 247, HL9882, was a Leyland TS11 with Barnaby B32F body, new to Bullock & Sons in 1940. It passed to West Riding in 1950 and is seen here at Pontefract.
Photo taken Saturday 8 September 1956, Horse Fair, Pontefract
8. AHL694
Bullock and Sons and West Riding 284, AHL694, a 1947 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Barnaby B35F body, seen here when being prepared for rescue by the West Riding Omnibus Preservation Society in September 1976.
Photo taken September 1976, Gliding Club near Grantham
9. AHL696
West Riding 286, AHL696, a Leyland Tiger PS/1 with Barnaby B35F body, new to Bullocks in 1947
Photo taken Saturday 6 March 1965, Castleford Bus Station
10. HBT457
East Yorkshire Motor Services 657, HBT457, and 658, HWF658, were AEC Regal IIIs with Barnaby body, inherited from the Pocklington company Everingham Bros.
Photo taken 1961, Filey Bus Station
11. HWX3
Store, Stainforth HWX3 was a Guy Arab III 6DC with a Barnaby H30/26R body (some sources quote H31/25R) new in April 1949. Fitted with a 5LW engine by March 1955 it is seen leaving the Christ Church terminus in Doncaster.
Photo taken Wednesday 31 July 1957, Christ Church, Doncaster
12. AHL694
This Leyland Tiger PS1 with a 35 seat Barnaby body, AHL694, was new to Bullock of Featherstone in 1950 as their number 284 and then passed to West Riding when they bought Bullock out.
Photo taken Sunday 27 March 2005, Kirkby Stephen
13. AHL694
Barnaby bodied Leyland PS1 AHL694 is used by Greenway Ferry Co. on a connecting service from Torquay and Paignton to Greenway House, home of the late Agatha Christie and now owned by the National Trust. It is seen here in Sands Road, Paignton, on its way to Torquay to take up duty.
Photo taken Sunday 15 September 2013, Sands Road, Paignton
14. EVY710
Reliance of York (Sheriff's) EVY710, was a Daimler CVD6 with a coach-like Barnaby B35F body of 1950, and remained in service until 1966.
Photo taken 1959, Helmsley Market Place
15. JWR184
Wilson (Premier), Stainforth was the operator of Guy Arab III JWR184 with a Barnaby H31/25R body seen in Thorne Road, Doncaster.
Photo taken Sunday 15 June 1958, Thorne Road, Doncaster
16. KWF761
East Yorkshire 661, KWF761, a Barnaby C37C bodied AEC 9822E Regal IV new to Everingham Bros., Pocklington is seen in Burnley Cattle Market Bus Station on its way to Hull from Blackpool.
Photo taken Sunday 8 September 1957, Cattle Market Bus Station, Burnley
17. KWF761
Seen at Hull is East Yorkshire 661, KWF761, one of the two Barnaby C37C bodied AEC 9822E Regal IVs dating from September 1952 which were acquired with the Everingham Bros. business in November 1953.
Photo taken Saturday 26 June 1965, Ferensway Bus Park, Hull
18. KWF761
A rear view of East Yorkshire 661, KWF761, seen in Leeds on the parking area between Lisbon Street and Castle Street used on Saturdays as the overflow from the West Yorkshire Wellington Street Coach Station. KWF761 was an A.E.C. 9822E Regal IV with a Barnaby C37C body which had been new to Everingham Bros., Pocklington in September 1952.
Photo taken Saturday 16 May 1964, Lisbon Street/Castle Street, Leeds
19. KWF762
East Yorkshire 662, KWF762, branded for the Hull-Blackpool service and named "Holderness Star" is seen in the Cattle Market Bus Station in Burnley and was a Barnaby C37C bodied AEC 9822E Regal IV new to Everingham Bros., Pocklington.
Photo taken Sunday 14 September 1958, Cattle Market Bus Station, Burnley
20. JVY516
York Pullman AEC Regal III 66, JVY516, a 1954 example with bodywork by Barnaby. This was amongst the last bodies built by Barnaby as they ceased production in the mid fifties.
Photo taken Sunday 27 March 2005, Brough
21. NDT997
T.D. Alexander (Greyhound), Arbroath acquired NDT997, a Leyland PD2/12 with a Barnaby H31/28R body from British Ropes, Doncaster who had bought it new in 1953 as a non-P.S.V. for staff transport.
Photo taken Arbroath